November 10, 2013

How to Get a Windows 7 Reset Disk without Access – Windows 7 Administrator Password Reset

If you have ever forgotten Windows 7 administrator password, and looked for some ways to reset Windows 7 admin password, believe you have known that password reset disk is a general and effective recovery way for Windows operational systems, including Windows 8/7/Vista/XP and Windows server 2000/2003/2008/2012. 

And there are two methods creating password reset disk. One is to create one when you can access Windows computer. The other is to create it with password recovery tool. Now when you couldn’t access Windows 7 computer, the only way you can choose is get a Windows 7 reset disk with recovery tool

But how to choose one effective even powerful tool for reset disk creation? Here, take Windows 7 Password Genius to go on. Why we choose it? 
  1. It is a small but effective Windows password reset tool for Windows 7, all kinds of password can be removed.
  2. It is easy for everyone to use, even for computer newbie.
  3. Besides these, once this password reset disk is created, it can be used to recover Windows 7 password for other computers.
Let’s see how does it help us to get Windows 7 reset disk for Windows 7 administrator password reset?

Step 1: Find Windows 7 Password Genius.
Get a trial one to have a try. Just search “Windows 7 Password Genius” and download it. 

Step 2: Look for an accessible computer and install Windows 7 Password Genius on this computer.
When it finishes installation, let it run and insert bootable USB drive or CD/DVD ROM for Windows password reset disk creation.

Step 3: Choose inserted USB drive or CD/DVD ROM into optical drive of computer. And then click “Begin burning” to burn password reset disk into it. Be patient to wait for several seconds, a bootable drive with Windows reset disk will be burned successfully. Exit it from computer to prepare for Windows 7 admin password reset.

So far, you have gotten a Windows 7 reset disk successfully. But if you want to reset Windows 7 forgotten administrator password really, you have to insert it into locked Windows 7 computer and boot it from reset disk in order to run Windows 7 Password Genius.

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