August 12, 2015

Six Options to Sign in Locked Windows 10 PC/Laptop/Tablet

When windows 10 login password forgot or lost, how can you sign in Windows 10? Now the article summarizes six options you can choose to login Windows 10 before or after resetting Windows 10 login password?

Before resetting Windows 10 password, three sign-in options are available if you have them before locked out of Windows 10 computer.
  1. PIN code or picture password for Windows 10 login user.
  2. Another local admin account. If there is, it should appear at the bottom of Windows 10 logon screen. Just choose it and type password to enter Windows 10.
  3. Built-in Administrator. Unless you have enabled it, it would not be available for Windows 10 logon.
sign in windows 10 before windows password reset

After resetting Windows 10 password, you would get more three options to sign in Windows 10 PC/laptop/tablet.
  1. Sign in Windows 10 without password.
  2. Access Windows 10 with login user and new password.
  3. Login Windows 10 with new administrator.
Believe it's easy for everyone to sign in Windows 10 before resetting Windows 10 password, because all of the sign-in options are shown in Windows 10 logon screen for you to choose.

But how can we create new Windows 10 sign-in options and how to login into Windows 10 after password reset? This is a question worth to considering sincerely, especially while Windows user has no PIN code or picture password, and another administrator, and built-in administrator has not been enabled.

Now the follow three ways would answer this question about creating new Windows 10 sign-in options. And while you have no choices without resetting windows 10 password, you could only use ways below if you want to sign in Windows 10.
1. Password Reset Wizard. If password reset disk has been created, you can click "Reset Password" on Windows logon screen after typing wrong password, to run Password Reset Wizard to reset Windows 10 forgotten password. Then sign in Windows 10 without password or new password.

sign in windows 10 by resetting windows 10 password with reset disk

2. Windows password recovery tool, which can create reset disk and remove forgotten password, create new administrator, so you can sign in windows 10 without password, with new administrator after using windows password recovery tool.

sign in windows 10 after removing password with tool

3. Windows 10 installation CD and command prompt also could reset windows 10 password.
While you reboot windows 10 computer from installation cd, and replace utilman.exe with cmd.exe, you could restart windows 10 and run command prompt to reset windows 10 user password, even though windows 10 computer is locked at that time.

sign in windows 10 by resetting password with installation cd

With command, you can remove windows 10 password, reset windows 10 password, create new administrator. So with this way, you can sign in windows 10 without password, new user password or new administrator.

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