November 1, 2013

How to Reinstall Microsoft Office without Product Key

After installing some software, such as Microsoft Office, we always think everything has been OK and probably don’t save its product key. So when we want to reinstall Microsoft Office again on another computer, we find we have forgotten or lost office product key. Can we install it again? How to reinstall Office without product key?

For these series problems, I think what we have to solve is to find Office product key. Once we find it out, everything will be OK.  And there is just such a tool designed for this function.  iSunshare Product Key Finder is an easy and effective product key finder tool. With it, only two clicks and few seconds are needed.  Now follow me to learn how it does these.

1. Download iSunshare Product Key Finder.

Search “isunshare product key finder” on Google, and you will find this software. Click the link and download it from website. And this is trial version, only finding part of product key. If you want to get all product keys, you should get product key finder full version.

2. Install it on the computer you have installed Microsoft Office.

Only you install it on the computer you have installed Microsoft Office, could you find product key for Office.

3. Run it and click “Start Recovery”.

After you run product key finder, you will find there are only three buttons at the bottom of software screen. And only one really does work for finding product key, “Start Recovery”. Click it, and the tool will work. Few seconds later, product keys for Windows, Office, IE, VMWare Station etc will appear in a form of product key finder software screen. 

find office product key

4. Click “Save to File” or “Save” menu to save product keys.

When the above works are finished, Microsoft Office product key has been found. Now you can prepare to reinstall Microsoft Office on another computer.

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