April 20, 2020

Forgot iPhone Passcode without Restore-How to Unlock It

It is terribly bad when you forgot iPhone passcode and cannot restore it via iTunes due to kinds of reasons, such as cannot get into iTunes with no verification code. Is it possible to unlock iPhone without passcode without restore? This article will share you two methods to unlock iPhone without restore.

forgot iPhone passcode without restore how to unlock it

Method 1: Use iCloud to Unlock iPhone without Restore

iCloud is the product developed by Apple, which aims to help users control the iPhone remotely. Find iPhone function from iCloud can help you detect where you iPhone is and erase all iPhone data which is linked to this Apple ID account. For those whose iPhone has enabled Find My iPhone, they can use iCloud on any accessible devices, including smartphones, Windows and Mac computer, to erase the forgotten passcode iPhone and use it again. The whole process is going to wipe all personal data in the iPhone, with no restore operation, and no iOS update.

Step 1: Navigate to icloud.com and sign in your account which is used in the locked iPhone.

Step 2: After you successfully get into icloud.com, you will see Find iPhone option in the main interface. Click it and view “All Devices” which has been connected to this iCloud account. You should click the device that your locked iPhone belongs to.

icloud Find iPhone

Step 3: Next, you will check the settings for your locked iPhone. Click the Erase iPhone and click all the positive answer for the coming box. Finally, all personal data in the locked iPhone will be erased. Of course, the iPhone will be restart and with no lock screen and passcode. You can activate it again for usage.

Erase iPhone

Method 2: Utilize iPhone Passcode Genius to Unlock iPhone without Restore

If you forgot iPhone passcode and enter several wrong passcode to make the iPhone disabled, in spite of the Find My iPhone is on or off, iPhone Passcode Genius would be one of the best ways to unlock the iPhone without restore. With the professional software, you can easily reset iPhone with a few clicks in minutes. Also, this software will update the iPhone to the newest compatible iOS version.

Step 1: Launch iPhone Passcode Genius and choose “Unlock Lock Screen”. If you do not have the software installed on your Windows computer, you need to download and complete the installed firstly.

click unlock lock screen

Step 2: Click Start. And connect the locked iPhone to the computer. When you make sure it is well connected, click Next to enter download firmware package interface.

click Start

Step 3: Here in this interface, the software has recognized your iPhone version. You just need to click the Download button and wait for few minutes.

download firmware package online

Step 4: Minutes later, the firmware package is downloaded and verified for your iPhone. Finally, you just need to click the Unlock button to remove the lock screen passcode. During the process, make sure the iPhone is connected to the computer. When it is done, your iPhone will be restart automatically to the Hello window. This means the unlocking process ends and you will also get notification from the software.

click Unlock to remove forgotten passcode

How to avoid data loss if you forgot iPhone passcode?

From the above two methods, you know that all the iPhone data will be deleted after the iPhone is unlocked without passcode and without restore. So how can you avoid data loss? It is better for you to backup iPhonedata via iTunes/iCloud or third-party tools regularly. If you have made the iPhone backup, even you unlock the iPhone with a password and lose the iPhone data, you can still make good use of the backup to find out what you want. Besides, as the technology developing, you will find a third-party software that is said to recover the data from the disabled iPhone.  Of course, it is necessary to create the backup from iPhone data as iPhone plays a more and more important role in our lives.

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April 8, 2020

How to Clean up HP Laptop to Run Faster

The HP laptop runs slowly? It is time to clean up your laptop and make it run faster. Now we share 3 options to clean up HP laptop for faster and better performance.

  • Option 1: Manually Delete the Temporary Files
  • Option 2: Use Disk Cleanup to Clean Computer Disk
  • Option 3: Clear HP Laptop with iSunshare System Genius
clean up HP laptop to run faster

Option 1: Manually Delete the Temporary Files

The temporary files can take up a large space and slow down the HP laptop performance. Every time you search online, it will generate a temporary file on your computer. Such files will lie in your computer forever if you do not delete it. So if your computer runs slowly, you can delete the temporary files manually.

Step 1: Find the files of your temporary files.

On Windows computer, you can find a great number of temporary files in this location: C:\Windows\Temp

Step 2: Hold down the Shift key and select the temporary files you want to delete. Or you can use Ctrl + A key to select all. After that, you can press the Delete key to clear the temp files.

delete temp files manually

Option 2: Use Disk Cleanup to Clean Computer Disk

Windows has the built-in utility Disk Cleanup which can help you to free up space when you get a slow using experience.  Disk Cleanup enables you to remove temporary files, empty recycle bins and other files that are useless for your computer.

Step 1: On your Windows computer search box, enter “disk cleanup” and select Disk Cleanup app/program.  After that, it will pop out a Window to calculate how much space you will be able to free.

Step 2: In Disk Cleanup interface, you are offered multiple options that you can choose to delete. You can tick those files that you no longer need or select all to delete.

Step 3: After you finish the selection, you can see the total amount of space you gain. After that, you can click the OK button to delete all the selected files.

disk cleanup to clean C drive on HP

Option 3: Clear HP Laptop with iSunshare System Genius

Although disk cleanup can help you clean the files that you do not need anymore, you will find it is difficult to delete specific files, such as IIS log files. Here we will teach you how to clear HP laptop with the third party tool—iSunshare System Genius to improve the computer performance.

Step 1: Download and install iSunshare System Genius on your computer. This software offers a 3-days free trial period.

Step 2: Open the software and make an overall scan of the HP laptop by clicking the Scan button.

scan HP laptop

Step 3: All junk files and invalid registry files are displayed in the scan result.  It is safe to delete all of them and will never cause any problem to the Windows computer. Thus, you can click the Clean button to perform the cleaning.

clean up computer with iSunshare System Genius

Minutes later, the cleaning will be finished. And you will find that there is much available space on your laptop now. As a result, the HP laptop will run faster than before. But you need to conduct the cleaning regularly if you want to keep the computer run as fast as it can.

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