July 15, 2019

How to Make A PowerPoint not Read Only with or without Password

Many people get used to attaching restrict password to the PowerPoint presentation so that the content cannot be edited by everyone. If you want to control the content of the restricted read-only PowerPoint, or want to print it, you can make a PowerPoint not read-only with or without password following the below tutorials.

  • Part 1: Make a PowerPoint not Read Only with Password
  • Part 2: Remove PowerPoint Read-Only Password with Third-party tool

make a PowerPoint not read only

Part 1: Make a PowerPoint not Read Only with Password

If you have the read-only password to edit the PowerPoint presentation, you can easily remove the editing password and make the PowerPoint not read-only.

Step 1:  Open the PowerPoint presentation and enter the restrict password.

enter PowerPoint to modify pptx

Step 2:  In the presentation content editing interface, you can edit the text, layout, shape and more. Next, click File > Access on the top left panel.  When you save the presentation, you do not need to change the File name. Then, on the right bottom corner, you will find that Tools button. Click it and enter the General Options settings.

get general options

Step 3: In the General Options interface, you will find the Password to modify filed. After that, you need to delete the previous password and let it blank. When you finish this setting, click OK to save the change.

delete editing password

Step 4: Next, click the Save button and Yes button to replace the original PowerPoint presentation with this missing password one.  After that, you make the read-only PowerPoint not read-only anymore. You can open and edit the content at any time with no need to enter the password.

save the changes

Part 2: Remove PowerPoint Read-Only Password with Third-party tool

If you forget the restrict editing password and want to edit the PowerPoint document, what to do? Only open the read-only version and do nothing on the content? No, you can remove PowerPoint read-only password with a third-party tool.

iSunshare PowerPoint Unprotect Genius is rightly the PowerPoint read-only password remover that enables users to remove the restrict editing password in minutes. You can remove the restriction of PowerPoint without knowing the previous password. Let’s learn how it works now.

Step 1: Download and install iSunshare PowerPoint Unprotect Genius on your computer.
Step 2: Run the software and import the restricted PowerPoint document by clicking the Add button.
Step 3: Click the Start button to remove the editing-password. In the end, you will get the unprotected PowerPoint document in the same location of your source PowerPoint document. And you can directly open it to edit, copy and print the content.

remove PowerPoint read only password

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