November 21, 2013

10 New Features in Windows 8.1

This passage mainly talks about 10 new features in Windows8.1.

1. Start button is set back

Windows icon is added at the previous location where start button is located. Except it can come back to start screen, users also can right-click it to choose “Shut down” or “Restart”. In a word, the back of start button satisfies old habits of computer users.

Compared to Windows 7 or Windows XP, start button in Windows 8.1 is similar but not the same. It is more like the link center between traditional desktop and metro interface.

2. More Various Metro interfaces

Metro interface is almost the biggest feature of Windows 8.1 new features. I believe that most of computer users have had deep impression on Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 start screen.
  • The size of the porcelain post regulation can be changed freely based on four different kinds of measures in Windows 8.1 Metro interface.
  • Besides, there is another change on Windows 8.1 logon ways. Computer user can login in to traditional desktop not Metro interface. And you can change desktop background of Metro interface. So the background of Metro interface and traditional desktop could be set the same.

3.  Cherish All Programs Interface

Windows 8.1 makes new design for “all programs”. We can list application in according to our necessity. And we can find common application more conveniently, for example look for application based on name or frequency of use.

Also, Windows 8.1 add a new hand gesture function.  When we slide up start screen, we will enter “all programs” screen where we could see all the application programs.  If we slide it down, we will come back to start screen.

4. Change Information retrieval way and strengthen the global search capability

Windows 8.1 integrates with Bing service deeply, taking newest Bing application into use, which makes search interface completely different. Users can search something from application, webpages or Control Panel. When we use default search function in Windows 8.1, the search program will look for contents for your keywords from your local computer and Web Internet at the same time.

5. Support 3D hardware accelerated rendering and IE11 support WebGL

Maybe you couldn’t find the difference between IE10 and IE11 at first. But if you are more careful and use IE 11, you would find the options interface has been moved to the bottom of IE interface.
  • IE11 won’t make constraints on label quantities. You can pause inactive page tags and it will be activated instantly when you click the page again. In addition, IE 11 provides faster browse and response speed.
  • IE 11 supports WebGL, which combines JavaScript and OpenGL ES 2.0, providing accelerated rendering for HTML5 Canvas.

6. New Windows Store – More Perfect APP Store

The classification pattern of Windows store becomes more reasonable, and its function becomes more perfect.  For example, “Related App” makes finding other apps more quickly.

At the same time, Win 8 App could upgrade itself. When your computer is connected with Internet, Windows store will upgrade new apps automatically.

7. Integrate Cloud Services Deeply

A new file app is designed in File Manager to help computer users look for files stored in SkyDrive. This new app rolls File Manager and SkyDrive app into one. And you can use SkyDrive more conveniently.

8. New Designed Xbox Music

  • New designed Xbox Music provides us new function, including “Play to” and Radio service based on Smart DJ.
  •  In the Windows store and music library, there is something about the singer what user possesses and latest album, the most popular music and similar singer.
  •  In addition, you can save your music in Skydrive by Skydrive cloud service. Also, the music in Xbox Music supports music files stored in SD card.

9. More powerful interaction and Optimize multitasking and gestures

Multitasking and gestures are very important parameters of Windows operational system. And there is improvement in these two aspects.

Computer users could open four split screen interface at most. And for general laptop, you could open two split screen interface. For example, when you want to compare contents in two webpages, you can open them in two split screen interface through IE. Split function makes it easily and conveniently.

10. Game Feature

With release of Windows 8.1, DirectX also upgrades to the newest version DirectX 11.2. New feature Tiled Resources is added into it, which makes topographic maps of the game more conveniently.

The 10 new features are the main features of Windows 8.1. Certainly, they are not the only new features of Windows 8.1.

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