November 18, 2013

How to Encrypt Archives in Computer and Some Tips

In order to reduce the file storage space and ensure the safety of the file, we are more and more inclined to compressed and encrypted file. Compress file just need compression software, but how to encrypt archives in computer to protect them from damage?

Now this passage mainly talks about how to keep archives safe through encrypting and other related items. Please see the followings:

1. How to set permanent general compression password?

If you usually use the same password to encrypt archives, you can let WinRAR add password automatically. When you are creating archives, default password is added automatically and easily at the same time.
How to do it?
  • Open WinRAR, choose Options - Settings command, and select Compression Option tag in the pop-up Settings Window.
  • Click Create default settings button, a new window Set default compression option appears.
  • Choose Advanced, and click Set Password button.
  • At last, type password in Password Set and press OK to save settings.

2. Tips on editing file in archives

When you are editing file in archives, please don’t close compression files window, otherwise, you couldn’t save the files changes. In addition, if you open other RAR package at this time, WinRAR will close package you are editing automatically. So had better press Ctrl + S in WinRAR window, and cancel "Reuse Existing Window" under General option.

3. Hide File Name in Archives

Nearly all the compression software provides encryption function, in purpose of protecting secret and important data. But most of them ignore name encryption always. Once someone is interested in your data, data would become dangerous.

Therefore, we had better take name encryption as a part of archives encryption. Suppose someone doesn’t know what kind of file the package includes, who will not pay attention to decrypting the file.

How to encrypt archive name?
  • Click "Add" button on WinRAR main interface, and create a new package.
  • Choose "File" on new window, and choose file you want to encrypt and decrypt. And then add them into compressed file.
  • Turn to "Advanced" button, and click "Set Password" and type password is OK.
What you need to know?
Please choose "Encrypt File" option before clicking OK so that we can make file name encrypted.

4. Lock Archives for Safety

When you delete file in archives, WinRAR will automatically update it. WinRAR couldn’t find back "deleted file" and it will update file automatically. Therefore, for some important archives or package, please choose this file and press Alt + I. In the information dialog of compression, click Option and then choose Forbidden editing compressed file. Press OK and you will see the archives are locked. Other files in the archives will be not changed or deleted.

Tips: The above operation only applies to RAR file. After you open "lock archives", archives will not be changed. This is so useful to back up important data.

The above introduces how to protect compressed file from damage by encryption etc.

More information about archives or file encryption and decryption:

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