May 4, 2020

How to Change/Remove/Reset Screen Time Passcode on iPhone if You Forgot it

A screen time restriction is set to limit your time spending on the app. If you forgot the screen time passcode, how can you change the restriction without data loss? Here we will deep into this issue with detailed steps.

change screen time passcode on iPhone if forgot passcode

Part 1: Change or reset the screen time passcode with Apple ID

This method is newly released by Apple. It is a pity that it can only apply to those who provide the Apple ID and password while setting up the screen time passcode.  Therefore, not all users can change/reset the screen time passcode although they upgrade to the newest 13.4 or above version.

Step 1: Make sure your iPhone is in iOS 13.4 or above version. You can check this by going to Settings > General > Software update.

check iPhone version

Step 2: Head to Settings > Screen Time > Change Screen Time Passcode > Change Screen Time Passcode.

change screen time passcode option

Step 3: Then you will be asked to enter the old screen time passcode. As you forgot the iPhone passcode, you can only tap the Forgot Passcode option under the Enter screen time passcode option.  At this moment, you will be prompted to entering the Apple ID and password for screen time passcode recovery. Tap OK after you complete to go ahead.

Step 4: If the Apple ID and passcode are 100% matching the one which you set before, you will get to the Change Passcode windows. Enter the new screen time passcode twice and the forgotten password is removed.

chnage screen time passcode

Part 2: Remove the screen time passcode on iOS 12 with iPhone Passcode Genius

If your iPhone is in iOS 12, here is another way to disable the screen time restriction—using iPhone Passcode Genius. iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius is a professional tool that can help to remove the  forgotten screen time passcode on iOS 12 iPhone with no data loss. You just need a few clicks to make it done.

Step 1: Open iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius and click Remove Screen Time Passcode.

select remove screen time passcode

Step 2: Connect the iPhone to the computer and make it unlocked by entering the screen passcode or Touch ID.

Step 3: After the software detects your iPhone, you will get the Start option. If you cannot get the unlock interface, you should check whether the iPhone is unlocked and repeat step 1.

remove screen time passcode

Step 4: Make sure the Find My iPhone is disabled. And you can click the Start button now to remove the screen time passcode. In minutes, you will get the passcode removed successfully. And you can set the new screen time passcode now.

remove screen time successfully

Part 3: How to change the screen time passcode of your child’s iPhone

If you take advantage of Family Sharing to manage your child’s account, you can reset the screen time passcode on your Child’s iPhone with the following steps.

Step 1:  Make sure your iPhone is updated to iOS 13.4 or above.

Step 2: On your iPhone, access Settings > Screen Time > Family > your child’s name.

Step 3: Tap Change Screen Time Passcode and tap Change Screen Time Passcode again. You would be required to verify with screen passcode or Face ID/ Touch ID. After that, you can set the new screen time passcode for your Child’s iPhone.

Part 4: How to Remove Screen Time Passcode if Forgot via Restore

If you find no way to reset the screen time/restriction passcode after forgetting it, you can take iTunes restoring into consideration. First of all, you should know that iTunes restore will erase all the iPhone data if you do not have a backup before the screen time forgetting. And all passwords will be deleted on the iPhone. Finally, you need the computer which you have synced iPhone in the past days.

After you connect the iPhone to the computer, you can launch iTunes and select your iPhone. Then you will see the Restore iPhone option and click it. In the prompt window, click Restore without hesitation.  Now you just wait for the process to end. After that, the screen time passcode is removed, as well as screen time is turned off/ disabled. 

restore iPhone in iTunes

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April 20, 2020

Forgot iPhone Passcode without Restore-How to Unlock It

It is terribly bad when you forgot iPhone passcode and cannot restore it via iTunes due to kinds of reasons, such as cannot get into iTunes with no verification code. Is it possible to unlock iPhone without passcode without restore? This article will share you two methods to unlock iPhone without restore.

forgot iPhone passcode without restore how to unlock it

Method 1: Use iCloud to Unlock iPhone without Restore

iCloud is the product developed by Apple, which aims to help users control the iPhone remotely. Find iPhone function from iCloud can help you detect where you iPhone is and erase all iPhone data which is linked to this Apple ID account. For those whose iPhone has enabled Find My iPhone, they can use iCloud on any accessible devices, including smartphones, Windows and Mac computer, to erase the forgotten passcode iPhone and use it again. The whole process is going to wipe all personal data in the iPhone, with no restore operation, and no iOS update.

Step 1: Navigate to and sign in your account which is used in the locked iPhone.

Step 2: After you successfully get into, you will see Find iPhone option in the main interface. Click it and view “All Devices” which has been connected to this iCloud account. You should click the device that your locked iPhone belongs to.

icloud Find iPhone

Step 3: Next, you will check the settings for your locked iPhone. Click the Erase iPhone and click all the positive answer for the coming box. Finally, all personal data in the locked iPhone will be erased. Of course, the iPhone will be restart and with no lock screen and passcode. You can activate it again for usage.

Erase iPhone

Method 2: Utilize iPhone Passcode Genius to Unlock iPhone without Restore

If you forgot iPhone passcode and enter several wrong passcode to make the iPhone disabled, in spite of the Find My iPhone is on or off, iPhone Passcode Genius would be one of the best ways to unlock the iPhone without restore. With the professional software, you can easily reset iPhone with a few clicks in minutes. Also, this software will update the iPhone to the newest compatible iOS version.

Step 1: Launch iPhone Passcode Genius and choose “Unlock Lock Screen”. If you do not have the software installed on your Windows computer, you need to download and complete the installed firstly.

click unlock lock screen

Step 2: Click Start. And connect the locked iPhone to the computer. When you make sure it is well connected, click Next to enter download firmware package interface.

click Start

Step 3: Here in this interface, the software has recognized your iPhone version. You just need to click the Download button and wait for few minutes.

download firmware package online

Step 4: Minutes later, the firmware package is downloaded and verified for your iPhone. Finally, you just need to click the Unlock button to remove the lock screen passcode. During the process, make sure the iPhone is connected to the computer. When it is done, your iPhone will be restart automatically to the Hello window. This means the unlocking process ends and you will also get notification from the software.

click Unlock to remove forgotten passcode

How to avoid data loss if you forgot iPhone passcode?

From the above two methods, you know that all the iPhone data will be deleted after the iPhone is unlocked without passcode and without restore. So how can you avoid data loss? It is better for you to backup iPhonedata via iTunes/iCloud or third-party tools regularly. If you have made the iPhone backup, even you unlock the iPhone with a password and lose the iPhone data, you can still make good use of the backup to find out what you want. Besides, as the technology developing, you will find a third-party software that is said to recover the data from the disabled iPhone.  Of course, it is necessary to create the backup from iPhone data as iPhone plays a more and more important role in our lives.

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April 8, 2020

How to Clean up HP Laptop to Run Faster

The HP laptop runs slowly? It is time to clean up your laptop and make it run faster. Now we share 3 options to clean up HP laptop for faster and better performance.

  • Option 1: Manually Delete the Temporary Files
  • Option 2: Use Disk Cleanup to Clean Computer Disk
  • Option 3: Clear HP Laptop with iSunshare System Genius
clean up HP laptop to run faster

Option 1: Manually Delete the Temporary Files

The temporary files can take up a large space and slow down the HP laptop performance. Every time you search online, it will generate a temporary file on your computer. Such files will lie in your computer forever if you do not delete it. So if your computer runs slowly, you can delete the temporary files manually.

Step 1: Find the files of your temporary files.

On Windows computer, you can find a great number of temporary files in this location: C:\Windows\Temp

Step 2: Hold down the Shift key and select the temporary files you want to delete. Or you can use Ctrl + A key to select all. After that, you can press the Delete key to clear the temp files.

delete temp files manually

Option 2: Use Disk Cleanup to Clean Computer Disk

Windows has the built-in utility Disk Cleanup which can help you to free up space when you get a slow using experience.  Disk Cleanup enables you to remove temporary files, empty recycle bins and other files that are useless for your computer.

Step 1: On your Windows computer search box, enter “disk cleanup” and select Disk Cleanup app/program.  After that, it will pop out a Window to calculate how much space you will be able to free.

Step 2: In Disk Cleanup interface, you are offered multiple options that you can choose to delete. You can tick those files that you no longer need or select all to delete.

Step 3: After you finish the selection, you can see the total amount of space you gain. After that, you can click the OK button to delete all the selected files.

disk cleanup to clean C drive on HP

Option 3: Clear HP Laptop with iSunshare System Genius

Although disk cleanup can help you clean the files that you do not need anymore, you will find it is difficult to delete specific files, such as IIS log files. Here we will teach you how to clear HP laptop with the third party tool—iSunshare System Genius to improve the computer performance.

Step 1: Download and install iSunshare System Genius on your computer. This software offers a 3-days free trial period.

Step 2: Open the software and make an overall scan of the HP laptop by clicking the Scan button.

scan HP laptop

Step 3: All junk files and invalid registry files are displayed in the scan result.  It is safe to delete all of them and will never cause any problem to the Windows computer. Thus, you can click the Clean button to perform the cleaning.

clean up computer with iSunshare System Genius

Minutes later, the cleaning will be finished. And you will find that there is much available space on your laptop now. As a result, the HP laptop will run faster than before. But you need to conduct the cleaning regularly if you want to keep the computer run as fast as it can.

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March 18, 2020

Solved--Acer Laptop Takes a Long Time to Start up

I need help!  My Acer laptop takes at least 10 minutes to load before it goes to the login screen. It is really annoying. Even I emptied the recycle bin; it still takes a long time to boot. I have no idea what to do to speed up computer startup. It would be grateful if someone could help me out. My Acer laptop is in Windows 10. Thanks?”

It is common to see such Acer laptop taking too long to start issues on Acer forum. Yes, the longer the computer you use, the slower the computer runs. But, you can still make your Acer laptop run as faster as before if you know the ways. Here we will analyze why the Acer computer takes time booting and its corresponding solutions.

solved--Acer laptop takes a long time to startup

Reasons for Acer Taking a Long time to Boot

Just as the issue describes in the beginning, the Acer computer stays on the Windows loading logo for a long time. In other words, the computer is in slow booting. We deep into the reasons and separate it into three sections:

Reason 1: Too many auto-startup programs running in Windows 10 boot time

Just as you are ready to run in a campaign, the more things you carry, the slower you will be, the more time will be needed. It is the same to the computer booting. The more startup programs you have, the longer it will take to launch the computer.  What’s the startup program? It is the utility that is started automatically while the computer boots. A program can be enabled as the startup programs in the installation process. But you can disable its auto-startup in Windows 10 with no difficulty.

Reason 2:  Your hard disk is fragmented

Fragmentation stores files in non-contiguous areas on the disk, so your storage space is not used efficiently, which reduces the performance of your hard drive.  And defragmentation is the process of removing fragmentation from your hard drive with the goal of increasing the speed of reading and writing files, thereby increasing the speed of your computer. Thus, you need to make a defragment for your Acer hard drive.

Reason 3: There could be a virus infection

It is easy for computer to infect viruses or malware.  When the Acer computer is super slow, it may be caused by malware running in the background, which consumes too much system resources.  You can use Windows defender to protect your Acer computer.

Solutions to Speed up Computer Startup on Acer Windows 10

1. Deactivate the Unnecessary  Startup Programs and Applications

Step-1:  Right-click the toolbar and then choose Task Manager. Click More details to get more options.

More details for Task Manager

Step-2:  Then you can hit the Startup tap and get all the programs that running in the background while your Acer computer boots. It is available for you to disable the unwanted applications by selecting it and right-click to choose Disable option.

deactivate unnecessary programs

Alternatively, you can manage the auto-startup programs with iSunshare System Genius, the Windows System Software. The advantage of using this third-party tool is that it offers other methods for you to have a faster and smoother Windows running environment, like cleaning up junk files, delete invalid registry entries and more.

Step 1: Install and start iSunshare System Genius. Select “Startup” on its left panel.

Step 2: You can view the startup items here. To deactivate the apps that are not necessary, you can directly click the Disable start button. As a result, when you boot the computer next time, it will not run in the background to drag the Windows boot.

disable startup programs in iSunshare System Genius

2. Optimize Your Acer Hard Drive with  Defragment

It is necessary to defragment and optimize the drive to speed up computer frequently. First of all, you can enter “defrag” in the Windows search bar and select “Defragment and Optimize Drives” from the result. Then, you can select the drive to optimize.  Finally, click the Analyze and minutes later; click the Optimize button to finish the defragment.

defragment hard drive

3. Use Windows Defender to Protect Your PC

Step 1: On your Acer Windows 10 computer, access Settings > Update & Security > Windows Defender.

Step 2: Scroll down and click on Use Windows Defender option.

Step 3: Click on Scan now button to scan the PC and find whether there are viruses or malware attacking your PC.  And you will get the scan result soon.

scan malware in Windows Defender

Bottom Lines

You can try one or more solutions here to fix Acer laptop taking long time booting issue. Also, you can delete all junk files from Windows 10 PC before you adopt these solutions.  I hope this can help you to boot Windows 10 faster in seconds.

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March 7, 2020

How to Prevent Programs from Opening on Windows Startup

It is obvious that more software you install and make it startup on Windows launching, the longer it takes to boot up Windows.  To get a faster boot, you need to turn off the unnecessary auto startup programs in Windows.  Now we will deep into this issue in Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP.
  • Part 1: How to prevent programs from opening on startup Windows 7/Vista/XP
  • Part 2: How to turn off auto startup programs in Windows 10/8/8.1
  • Part 3: Fast way to stop programs from opening on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP startup
prevent programs from opening on Windows startup

Part 1: How to prevent programs from opening on startup Windows 7/Vista/XP

For Windows 7/Vista/XP users, they can prevent programs from opening on startup with MSConfig.  But you need to be careful when you are using msconfig.exe. Here I will take Windows 7 as an example to display the steps.

Step-1:  Click the Start menu and search “msconfig.exe” on the box.  Then click the msconfig.exe. (For Windows XP users, they need to open the Run box from the Start menu and then enter “msconfig.exe” in the box and click OK to run.)

search msconfig

Step 2: In the System Configuration window, you need to click the Startup tab. To prevent a program from opening on Windows startup, you need to tick the check box next to the program and then click the Apply and OK button.  No matter what you choose, Windows will boot faster next time.

tick app to disable in Windows 7

Step 3: A prompt will pop out to tell you that you may need to restart your computer to apply these changes. You can click the Restart button instantly. If you do not want to restart now, you can click the Exit without restart button.

restart to apply the change or not

Part 2: How to turn off auto startup programs in Windows 10/8/8.1

For Windows 10/8/8.1 users, it is much easier for them to turn off the auto startup programs.  The Task Manager is easy to handle by everyone.

Step-1:  In Windows search box, type “task manager” and then click Task Manager app from the result.

search Task Manager in Windows 10

Step-2: Click More details to get more settings in the Task Manager window.

click More details

Step-3:  Switch to Startup tab and you can view the programs that load on Windows startup. Then, you can select the app and click the Disable button on the bottom right. In this way, the app will not run in the background while Windows system launches.

prevent prorgams from opening in Task Manager

Part 3: Fast way to stop programs from opening on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP startup

 In Windows 7/Vista/XP, you need to enter the System Configuration utility to manage the auto startup programs. But for Windows 10/8/8.1, you can easily change the startup apps via Task Manager.  Now no matter which version your computer runs, you can use iSunshare System Genius to stop programs from opening on Windows startup.

iSunshare SystemGenius is the easy-to-use software that supports to work on almost all Windows versions, including Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Vista/XP.  In addition, this software works smoothly on any computer regardless of the computer brand. In other words, no matter you are using the Samsung laptop or Asus desktop, iSunshare System Genius performs the same to help users disable the automatically programs.  Let’s see how it works.

Step-1: Download and install the software on your computer if you do not have it before.
Step-2:  Open the software and click “Startup” on the left menu.
Step-3:  Click the Disable start button for the startup app you want to disable.  That’s all. How easy it is!

prevent apps from auto startup with System Genius

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March 3, 2020

How to Clean Registry on Windows Computer or Laptop

Does your computer have the unused and invalid registry entries? How can we find and clean them at ease?  Yes, we can manually go to the Windows Registry Editor and then clean the registry entries.  But it is time-wasting and needs patience.  Here we will introduce an extremely easy way to clean registry entries on Windows 10/8/7 computers and laptops.  You can use the registry cleaner tool—iSunshare System Genius to do the cleaning.

clean registry entries on Windows

Why choose iSunshare System Genius – registry cleaning tool?

iSunshare System Genius is the powerful registry cleaning tool that helps you to detect the invalid registry entries and clean them effectively. You can get the invalid software information details and delete them in minutes.  You can use this software to clean the registry from time to time to keep an excellent performance of the system.

iSunshare System Genius supports both Windows computers, regardless of the computer brand. Also, you can download and free try it from the official website. This cleaning tool can also clear the junk files to get more usable space. Let’s see how iSunshare System Genius works.

How to Clean Registry on Windows computer or laptops

Step 1: Download the program from iSunshare official website and finish the installation on your Windows computer.  Then, start the computer and click the “Registry” icon from the left side of the panel.

click registry options

Step 2: Click the “Scan” button on the center and wait for the result.

scan the registry entries

Step 3: After the scanning process ends, you can view how many categories it checks and how many items you can delete.  Also, you can click the “Clean” button to remove those registry entries from the computer.

clean all detected registry entries

In addition, you can click the category and deep into the files information. Then, you can click the items in this category by clicking the “Clean” button on the top right corner.

invalid software registry entries details

Step 4: Finally, click the “OK” button and then close the software.

complete registry cleaning


Registry keys play an essential part in the system functions and operations. Therefore, you are taking risk to delete the registry entries manually if you have no professional knowledge. Why not choose a safer way to clean the registry and free up space? iSunshare System Genius is a good choice for you.

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February 27, 2020

How to Quickly Remove Temporary Files from Windows 10/8/7

Temporary files exist on your computer and take up your space. Do you know how many temp files are there on your computer?  We will cover two ways here to clean up the temporary files here in Windows 10/8/7.

  • Way 1: How to Delete Temporary Files on Windows 10
  • Way 2: How to Erase Temporary Files Using iSunshare System Genius on Windows 10/8/7
remove temporary files from Windows 10/8/7

Way 1: How to Delete Temporary Files on Windows 10

It is convenient to delete the temporary files on Windows 10 computer. You can easily check what takes up disk space on your computer and free up the disk space. Here you can follow the guide to delete temporary files on Windows 10.

Step 1: On your Windows 10 computer, navigate to Settings > System> Storage.  Then click the disk you want to free up space. Always we choose C drive—the system disk.

access storage on Windows 10

Step 2: Scroll down the mouse and check how much space the temporary files occupy.  After that, click the Temporary files field to get the details.

click Temporart files

Step 3: Now you can click the buttons here to delete temporary files, empty the download files and recycle bin.

delete temporary files

After that, you need to confirm the operation and wait for the files to be removed from the computer automatically.

Way 2: How to Erase Temporary Files Using iSunshare System Genius on Windows 10/8/7

There is also an easy way to check and delete the temporary files and other junk files from the computer. You can try the Windows cleanup software—iSunshare System Genius. It allows you to clean junk files and registry entries safely and efficiently. You can directly download it from here.

Step 1: Open iSunshare System Genius and you can see the marks for your computer health if you used it before. For the first time users, they have 3 days for a free trial. Next, you need to click Junk File on the left panel.

click Junk File

Step 2: The scanning process starts as long as you click the Scan button on the interface. The quick scan for the junk files won’t take too long to complete.

scan computer junk files

Step 3: After the scan, click the Clean button on the top right panel. You can also preview and select files to delete from the scan result according to your needs.

clean all junk files from computer

Step 4: Click the OK button and the temporary files are erased from the computer. You will get more using space.

delete junk files finished

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January 6, 2020

How Do I Get Rid Of Someone Else’s Apple ID on My iPhone without Password?

“Considering the budget, I got a second-hand iPhone 8 online. However, I found that the original Apple ID is still associated with the iPhone so that I cannot update apps on the app store. How do I get rid of someone else’s Apple ID that is not mine?”
get rid of someone else's Apple ID on my iPhone without passcode

Yes, when you update the app and it asks for the password for the previous Apple ID account, there must be an App that is downloaded with that person’s Apple ID. And it is obvious that the person does not remove all apps and data from your iPhone.  In this situation, you are not in full control of the iPhone. What you need to do is remove the Apple ID from the iPhone without the previous owner’s password. You can try the method below.

How to Remove Apple ID from iPhone without Password after Restore

What you need is a tool named as iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius. This software is capable of removing Apple ID easily within simple clicks. To use iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius, you do not need any special technical skills. What will happen if you use iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius to get rid of someone else’s Apple ID? All the data in the iPhone will be erased and you can activate the iPhone with a different Apple ID or create a new iCloud account to enjoy all Apple services. Of course, it is convenient for you to purchase and download games and apps from the iTunes store because there is only your Apple ID linked to the iPhone.

Step 1: After launching iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius, you can select the Remove Apple ID mode.

select Remove Apple ID

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer. Then enter the screen passcode and click “Trust” option on the iPhone.

enter screen passcode and trust your computer

Step 3: Click “Start” to remove Apple ID. If the Find My iPhone feature is already disabled on the iPhone, the program will start removing the Apple ID immediately.

remove Apple ID without Find My iPhone on

If Find My iPhone is on, you need to reset all setting on iPhone. Then the software will help you to remove the Apple ID instantly.

remove Apple ID with Find My iPhone on

Step 4: Just in a moment, you will get the iPhone associated Apple ID removed successfully.

Remove Apple ID successfully

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