June 25, 2014

Transaction and Commands for SA Account and Password in SQL Server

SA account is default administrator for SQL Server. No matter Transaction-SQL or Commands, they provide ways to take operations on SA account and its password. And in this passage, we mainly pay attention to how to verify, change, clear SA password with Transaction and commands.

1. Transaction-SQL for SA password

1-1 Verify SA account and its password:
Select * from my usertable where text=’sa’ and password =Password

1-2 Change SA password:
Exec_password ‘old_password’, ‘new_password’, ‘sa’

1-3 Clear SA password:
Exec_password NULL, ‘sa’

This way asks for SQL Server logon, no matter using Windows Authentication mode or SQL Server Authentication mode. But generally, when we remember SA password to login into SQL Server, we would not like to do these. And if you try to access SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode, but failed, turn to this article to find reasons and solutions if necessary:
Why cannot login into SQL Server with Windows Authentication

2. Commands to change/reset SA password:

Osql –E
EXEC sp_password NULL, yourpassword, sa

June 24, 2014

How to Change SQL Server Login Password

When we try to login SQL Server 2014/2012/2008/2005 with SA account and password, system prompts us that this user account password is incorrect. How to change previous SQL Server login password for successful access?

Now let’s divide it into two parts to discuss how to change SQL Server login password.
  1. One is login into SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode and then change SQL Server login user SA password in SSMS.
  2. The other is when you couldn’t login into SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode, change SQL Server login password with SQL Password Genius or user command.
Make a summarization is that:

Part 1: Change SQL Server Login Password in SSMS

When we could login into SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode, turn to SQL Server Management Studio and change SQL login user SA password.

1. Unfold Security – Logins – sa, right click sa and choose Properties.

2. In Login Properties window, you would see the login user is sa. Retype new password in “Password” and “Confirm password” box. And click “OK”.
Now close SSMS and restart it, connect to SQL Server with SA account and new password.

Part 2: Change SQL Server Login Password out of SSMS

When we couldn’t login into SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode, we have to change login user password out of SSMS for SQL Server. Take SQL Password Genius to help you or using user command.

SQL Password Genius is one effective recovery tool to reset SQL Server password even though you are locked out of SQL Server. Something we should pay attention to are:
  1. Import correct SQL Server Database Master.mdf file locked with user password.
  2. Close SQL Server Service before SQL Server user password reset with SQL Password Genius.
  3. Restart SQL Server Service after changing SQL Server user password.
Turn to here to get detailed introduction:
How to Reset SQL Server Password without Access

Besides, user command is another way to change SQL user password.
  1. Press Windows + R to run Open box in Win 7 computer. And then type cmd in box and press Enter to run the command prompt.
  2. Type in command prompt osql – L
  3. Copy full name of SQL Server and type. OSQL -S <insert_servername_here> -E
  4. Execute following query. sp_password NULL, ‘<insert_new_password_here>’, ’sa’
Now SQL Server SA account original password has been changed, and set with new password.

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June 20, 2014

How to Reset SQL Server Password without Access

Two authentication modes are available to access SQL Server, Windows Authentication mode and SQL Server Authentication mode. When you forgot or lost SQL Server SA password, if you have Windows Built-in Administrator privileges for SQL Server, you can access SQL Server using Windows Authentication mode first. And then reset SQL password.

But if you always couldn’t login into SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode successfully, how do you reset forgotten SA password for SQL Server?

Now, we have to make use of third-party software and Command Prompt.

Way 1: Reset SQL Password with SQL Password Genius

SQL Password Genius full version could help to reset all user passwords set for SQL database file, master file. Just with master.mdf file and SQL Password Genius, SQL password could be reset or changed.

1. Get SQL Password Genius and install it on your computer.
Tips: Please remember to stop SQL Server Service before SQL Password Genius resets SA password.

2. Run it and open SQL Server master file in it.
Click “Open File” button on password software, to browse master file on your computer. Open it and it would appear in this software. At the same time, all the users for master file are listed.

open SQL Server master.mdf file

3. Reset SQL SA Password.
Select the user you want to reset password and whose password is unknown. Now, we select “sa” account and click “Reset” button. Instantly, a window pops up with a box. Type a new password in box and click “OK”.

Message “Password successfully changed” would tell you SA password has been reset. And then you can see it in user list.

After SA password is reset, exit SQL Password Genius and start SQL Server Service. And then turn to open SQL Server Management Studio to login with SA account and new password.

Way 2: Reset Forgotten SQL Password with Command

1. Click Start Run, and then type “cmd” in Run box. Press Enter to run Command Prompt.

2. Type following commands, and press Enter after each command line.

Osql CS yourservername CE
1> EXEC sp_password NULL, yourpassword, sa
2> GO

Above commands could help you to reset SA password in SQL Server. But if you don’t have Windows administrator privileges, you couldn’t reset SQL password with commands. 

June 11, 2014

How to Recover Office Access File Password

Isn’t there password to open your Access database file? Are you looking for a way to recover Office access file password? Go on to find answers in following passage.

Access belongs to Office. So when we are looking for ways to recover access file password, we could find a way to recover Office password. As long as the way is available for Office password recovery, it would work for Access file, such as Office Password Genius.

Now let’s see how Office Password Genius works for access file password recovery.

Step 1: Get Office Password Genius on your computer and install it to prepare for access file password recovery.

Step 2: Import Access file into Office Password Genius by clicking “Open” button.

import encrypted office access file

Step 3: Select an appropriate password attack type for imported encrypted access file.

select attack type for office access file

Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart are four kinds of password attack types. They can improve password recovery rate if you choose one appropriate for access file. For example, Mask improves recovery rate by setting “Mask” parameter, but you should have known part of the forgotten access password.

Step 4: Click “Start” button to recover access file password.

recover office access file password

Instantly, access file password is recovered. Just copy it and you could open access file with this password.
Besides Office Password Genius, actually there is another tool specially designed for access file. That is Access Password Genius.

But if other Office files are also encrypted, we suggest Office Password Genius. Because except Access file, it would recover Word/Excel/Outlook/PowerPoint forgotten or lost password too. With the same pay, you could get a tool for finding all kinds of Office password for different kinds of Office files.      

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How to Set/Change Folder Permissions in Outlook 2010

Generally, we could set folder permissions in Outlook by “Folder Permissions” option. But this becomes unavailable in Outlook 2010. Even so, we could set folder permissions for Outlook by setting password for PST file.

Three Ways provided in this passage to set or change Outlook data file permissions in Outlook 2010.

Way 1: Set/Change Permissions by Outlook Account Settings.

1. Click File Info, and choose Account Settings on the right pane of window.

change outlook folder permissions in by Account Settings

2. Click “Data File” in new window, and select the data file you want to set permissions for it.

change outlook 2010 data file password

3. Click “Settings” button on Data File menus. And then click “Change Password” button on new screen.

4. Type “Old password”, “New password” and “Verify password”, and click “OK”. At last, click “Apply” and “OK”.
successfully set a new password for outlook 2010 file

Way 2: Set/Change Permissions by “Data File Properties”.

After you open Outlook file in Outlook 2010, follow the introduction to do.

1. Right-click E-mail account and click “Data File Properties”.

set outlook 2010 data file properties

2. In E-mail account properties window, click “Advanced”.

3. Click “Set Password/Change Password” button on window.

4. Type Old password, New password and Verify password. Click “OK”.

Way 3: Set/Change Permissions through Control Panel.  

1. Open Control Panel in Windows 7 and then find E-mail.

2. Choose “Data Files” in pop-up window. And then Account Settings window opens.

3. Select the appropriate data file and click “Settings” to “Set/Change Password” in new window to set password to make permissions for Outlook file.

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June 5, 2014

How to Recover Data File Password in Outlook E-mail

Microsoft Office Outlook password forgot? Couldn’t open Outlook PST/OST data file? Couldn’t access E-mail accounts in Outlook?

Have you encountered these problems? Actually, all of these problems could be solved by one way, recovering Outlook data file password. All of the e-mail accounts added to Outlook and information about e-mails, task and schedule etc are saved in Outlook data file on your local computer, or saved in E-mail server. So just recovering data file password, you would be able to access e-mail in outlook.

Through the search and comparison of different kinds of outlook password recovery tools, Outlook Password Genius is effective one for Outlook data file password recovery. Because it directly imports data file into software, and then recover data file password by password attack.

Only three steps and two minutes at most needed. With so high efficiency, let’s see how to recover Outlook data file password in details?

Step 1: Install Outlook Password Genius on your computer. And click “Open” button to import encrypted outlook data file, PST or OST file.
Get it here: http://www.isunshare.com/outlook-password-recovery.html

Step 2: Select password attack type and make settings.

Step 3: Click “Start” button to recover imported data file password.
In new pop-up window, there is Outlook password recovered. You can copy it to access E-mail in Outlook or save it in safe place.

If you forget not only Outlook data file password, but also other Office password files, such as Word document, Excel sheet, Access database or PowerPoint file, select Office Password Genius to help you.

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