November 11, 2013

How to Recover Administrator Password in Windows 7 without CD

Forgot Windows 7 administrator password? And there is no installation CD to reinstall Windows 7 or CD password reset disk?
  1. Without Windows 7 installation CD, so we don’t need to try to restore Windows 7 to factory settings by reinstallation, even though it can remove forgotten Windows 7 administrator password.
  2. Without Windows 7 password reset CD disk, we still could create password reset USB disk. But we have to get a Windows password recovery tool, because only they could help create password reset disk on another computer when Windows 7 computer is locked.
And the following passage is intended to introduce two password recovery tools to create password reset disk to recover Windows 7 administrator password

Tool 1: Recover Windows 7 Forgotten Admin Password with Offline NT Password Registry Editor

First, prepare two things:

  1. Offline NT Password Registry Editor, which is used to burned into USB or CD/DVD-ROM to get Windows password recovery tool.
  2. Blank and bootable USB drive.

Second, burn Offline NT Password Registry Editor into USB drive.

Third, Reset/remove/recover Windows 7 Administrator Password.

1. After you burn it successfully, insert it into your Windows 7 computer. You will have to set USB drive as the first boot device in BIOS and then restart the machine.

Once you have booted from USB, you will see the first screen. A lot of kernel messages about your hardware and such are outputted. Generally, press Enter to go to next step.

2. This step is very important, choose Windows installation disk. If you choose [1] or press Enter, it means your Windows installation disk is the first hard drive on your computer. But if you have installed Windows 7 on another disk, you have to pay attention to it. Otherwise, just press Enter to go on.

3. After you select disk where the Windows installation is, select PATH and registry files.
The registry is usually system32/config under WINDOWS or WINNT directory, depending on the Windows version (and it may be changed during installation).

If the correct partition has been selected, the default prompt will be adjusted to match if it can find one of the usual variants. And then select which part of registry to load, use predefined choices or list the files with space as delimiter. Choose [1] for password edit.

4. After we choose password reset, Chntpw runs and its main interactive menu appears.
Just select 1 to edit user data and passwords. But you can also do other things. And then that will list user info and passwords. Choose user you want to reset its password and press Enter. For example, if you want to reset administrator password, type Administrator and press Enter.

5. Later, you will see User Edit Menu.
Select 1 to clear user password. When the message "password cleared" pops up, it means forgotten administrator password has been recovered successfully. 

6. Quit out USB device and press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart computer.

This tool is surely to be effective for Windows 7 password reset, but it may be a little difficult for computer newbie to recover Windows 7 password if without enough patience. So here I suggest another easy-to-use Windows password recovery tool - Windows 7 Password Genius. There are only two main steps to reset or remove Windows 7 administrator password.

Tool 2: Recover Windows 7 Administrator Password with Windows Password Genius

Also, you will need to prepare Windows 7 Password Genius and bootable USB drive first.

1. Create Windows password reset disk with recovery tool and USB drive.

Run Windows password recovery tool on another computer, and insert bootable USB device. Choose it and click Begin burning to burn a password reset disk into connected USB flash drive.

2. Reset Windows 7 administrator password

When password reset disk is burned into USB/CD successfully, exit it out of computer and plug it into locked Windows 7 computer. Set locked computer boot from it to restart Windows 7. Few seconds later, Windows 7 Password Genius will run, choose Windows system and administrator. And then click "Reset Password" and Yes to remove forgotten Windows 7 admin password.

When its password becomes blank, eject USB/CD and reboot computer.

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