November 26, 2013

How to Change Admin Account with Windows 8 Disk

We all know that we could change admin account in Control Panel via User Account Control. But if we couldn’t access Windows 8 computer, how should we go to Control Panel and change administrator? Now this article will introduce how to change admin account with Windows 8 disk.

Maybe installation disk or recovery disk help. But here we take easy Windows 8 password reset disk into practice.  

One: Change Admin Account with Created Password Reset Disk 

This reset disk is created before Windows 8 computer is locked. So in Windows 8 logon screen, after you type wrong password and see a message link “Reset Password”, click it and follow the instructions.
  1. Windows password reset wizard appears. Click next and insert password reset disk into computer, and click next again.
  2. Choose inserted reset disk as password reset key from the drop-down box.
  3. Click Next and type new password for forgotten user account. Or you can let it blank and click Next to finish Windows 8 password reset.
  4. Reboot computer and login Windows 8 with admin account which just has been reset password. 
  5. Start the MS Explorer and enter in the address bar enter the address:
    Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\User Accounts\Manage Accounts

    Or you can open Windows 8 Control Panel and click on (open) Manage accounts.
  6. Click the text “Change the account type” in the Window “Change an Account”. 
  7. Change Account type to the Administrator. Or change an admin account to Standard User. 
Besides, in Control Panel, you can change or remove admin account password or delete/add new administrator.

Two: Change Admin Account with Burned Password Reset Disk  

This password reset disk is burned with Windows password recovery tool. Please see here learn how to create Windows password reset disk.

1. Plug password reset disk into Windows 8 locked computer. 
2. Boot computer from reset disk.
Password reset disk can be burned with bootable USB or CD/DVD ROM, so you should set computer boot from USB or boot from CD ROM.

3. When computer boots from disk successfully, password recovery program runs too.
Select Windows system and user account. And then click “Reset Password” to let forgotten account password be blank.

4. Eject disk and reboot Windows 8 computer.
5. Sign in to Windows 8 without any password. Press Windows + R and command control.exe nusrmgr.cpl and click on the text “Manage another account”. 

6. Choose an administrator and click “Change the account type” or "Change the password" in new pop-up window.
The last step is to change its account type to Standard user. Or do other things for it, such as “Change the password”, “Create a password”, “Change the account name” or “Delete the account”.

With the ways provided above, we can change user account type including change admin account in Windows 8 computer.

How to create or get a Windows 8 password reset disk?
Actually, Windows 8 password reset disk can be created by two ways. The first way is create it in in Control Panel when you can access computer. The second way is burn it with Windows password recovery tool.

Without disk, how to change admin account or its password? Turn to see this article.

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