July 31, 2014

How to Lock Word Document with Full or Segment Protection

While creating new Word even important document, we always want to guarantee it safe, preventing Word document from reading or editing.

So now please see following passage to learn how to lock Word document to give it full or segment protection.

How to lock Word document with full protection?

Step 1: After completing writing on MS Office Word, click "Save As" option by clicking on the MS Office button.
lock Word document with save feature

Step 2: When the dialog opens, you can see the "Tools" option at the bottom of the dialog. Click "Tools".

Step 3: Select "General options" in the Tools options.

Step 4: In the "General options" dialog, there are two fields provided, "Password to open" and "Password to modify". We can type password in these fields to lock Word document.
set password to forbid opening or modifying Word document

  • If you want to protect Word document from access, please type password in "Password to open" box.
  • If you want to give others privileges to access Word document, but don’t want Word document being editing, please set password in "Password to modify".
Step 5: At last, click "OK" to finish Word document lock.

Besides this way, there is another way to set open password to protect Word 2007/2010/2013 document.
Hit File – Info – Protect Document, and click "Protect Document". In the dropdown list of "Protect Document", click "Encrypt with Password". And then type password in the following pop-up dialog. Click "OK" to confirm Word document password protection.

lock Word document with password full protection

How to lock Word document with segment protection?

In addition to setting password for full text of Word document, segment or part text in Word document also could be protected with password. Now let’s check it out in details.

Step 1: Open MS Word document.

Step 2: Move to "Review" option in menu.

Step 3: Click "Protect - Restrict Editing" option.

protect Word document by editing restriction

Step 4: A drop-down list is shown. There is an option "Editing restrictions".

Step 5: Select "Allow only this type of editing in the document" to enable it.  And select "No changes (Read only)" in the dropdown box of "Editing restrictions".

Step 6: Move over to the text section and select the part you do not want to protect. And you can choose scattered segment by Control key while selecting. Note that the unselected parts would be protected.

Step 7: If you want to protection from everyone, select "Everyone" from exception section.

Step 8: Click on final step "Yes, Start Enforcing Protection".

Step 9: A dialog pops up with asking for password. Type password and hit "OK".
lock Word document with segment password protection

Thus, now besides the selected segment, other text in Word document is locked.

July 17, 2014

How to Install SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server 2012 R2

Now I have gotten SQL Server 2012 Enterprise version, but how can I install it on computer or server?
First, let’s see which Windows system SQL Server 2012 installation requires. And install SQL Server 2012 on that Windows system. Besides, we have to pay attention to the preparation needed for SQL Server 2012 installation.

1. Windows system requirement

From the description of Microsoft support, we know that SQL Server 2012 Enterprise, not only 32-bit, but also 64-bit, has to be installed on Windows Server 2012 Essentials 64-bit.

And now I have to install Windows Server 2012 Essentials 64-bit on VMware. Let’s take a try with following introductions.

2. Steps to install SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server 2012 R2

Because what we get is SQL Server 2012 ISO file, so we have to add it to virtual disk on Virtual Machine first. And then open SQL Server 2012 ISO file in virtual disk, so we could run SQL Server setup program.

Step 1: SQL Server Installation Center runs.
enter SQL Server installation center

Step 2: Select “Installation” option and click “New SQL Server- stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation”.

Step 3: Wait a minute when Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Setup processes the current operation.
wait for SQL Server 2012 setup process

Step 4: SQL Server 2012 Setup Support Rules identity problems that might occur when you install SQL Server Setup support files. Failures must be corrected before Setup can continue. Click “OK”.
SQL Server 2012 setup support files

Step 5: Specify a free edition or “Enter the product key” for SQL Server 2012.
enter SQL Server 2012 product key

Step 6: Accept the license terms and click “Next”.
accept SQL Server 2012 license terms

Step 7: Click Next after Product Updates.
SQL Server 2012 product updates

Step 8: Install Setup Files.
install SQL Server setup files

Step 9: Setup Support Rules again and their status is listed.
SQL Server setup support files identify problems

Tips: If the warning is not so important to influence SQL Server 2012 installation, we can ignore it and click “Next”. If it would make SQL Server installation failure on feature you need to install, solve the problem first and then begin to install SQL Server 2012.

For example, .Net Framework 3.5 would make SQL Server manage tools installation failed, so we have to make sure it has been installed successfully in Windows system or turned on. But unfortunately, .Net Framework 3.5 could not been turned on like other Windows features in Windows Server 2012 (R2) or Windows 8/8.1. So if you have any question on .Net Framework 3.5 installation, please turn to Microsoft support: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2734782

Or get details here to install it when you have Windows Server 2012 R2 installation disc:

Step 10: Select “SQL Server Feature Installation” in “Setup Role” and click “Next”.
choose SQL Server feature installation

Step 11: Select the SQL Server Enterprise features to install.
select SQL Server features to install

Step 12: Run rules to determine if the installation process will be blocked. Click Next.
SQL Server Setup runs rules

Step 13: Specify the name and instance ID of the instance of SQL Server.
Instance ID becomes the part of the installation path.

Step 14: Server Configuration. Specify the service accounts and collation configuration. Click “Next”.
specify server and SQL Server services account

Step 15: Specify Database Engine authentication security mode, administrators and data directories. Click Next.
configure SQL Server Database Engine

Step 16: Specify Analysis Services server modes, administrators, and data directories. Click Next.
configure SQL Server analysis services

Step 17: Specify the corresponding controller and data directories for Distributed Replay Client, including Working Directory and Result Directory. Click Next.
configure SQL Server directory locations

Step 18: Verify the SQL Server 2012 features and click “Install” to install them on Windows Server 2012 R2.
verify and install SQL Server features

Step 19: And then you would get a message which SQL Server features you selected has been installed successfully. Click “Close” and then run SQL Server 2012 on Windows Server 2012 R2.
complete SQL Server 2012 installation

3. Something in installation we should pay attention:

.Net Framework 3.5 is needed in SQL Server 2012 installation, but it could not be added into Windows system just by turning on such Windows features. The easiest way is to specify source file when you try to install it in Windows system. 

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July 14, 2014

Adobe CS6 Product Key Finder without Key Help

Do you want to find Adobe CS product key? iSunshare Product Key Finder would be the best one tool for it, especially it could find product key for Adobe latest version CS6.

With this way, we don’t need to find product key in registry file. Because if other ways are difficult or unavailable for you, Product Key Finder could always help you to find product key not only for Adobe, but also for Windows, Office, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Visual Studio and VMWare etc.

Now get Adobe CS6 as example, let’ learn how to use product key finder to find Adobe CS6 key.

Step 1: Prepare Product Key Finder and run it on computer.

Download and install product key finder on computer where Adobe CS6 program is installed.

Step 2: Find Adobe CS6 product key.

There are two main buttons on Product Key Finer, “Start Recovery” and “Save”. Now we want to find Adobe product key, so click “Start Recovery” button and wait for few seconds. The product keys of Adobe and other programs have been listed in software screen.

If the Product Key Finder is full version, you could see Adobe product key is shown in list. While not, you only could see a part of Adobe product key.

Step 3: Save Adobe CS6 product key.

If you have gotten full Adobe CS6 product key, please click “Save” button or “Save to File” button to save it in text along with other program product keys.

Or with Product Key Finder in hand, you could find product key for these programs next time if necessary. But if information about this program has not been found in registry file, the program product key would not be found with Product Key Finder.

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July 8, 2014

How to Find Adobe Acrobat Serial Number on Computer

How and where to find Adobe Acrobat serial number on computer?

If you have installed Adobe Acrobat on your computer, there is one effective way for you to find Adobe Acrobat serial number easily in registry.

Product Key Finder is such a way, which helps to look for installed software product key in registry file in computer, including Windows system, Office, Visual Studio, IE, MS SQL Server, VMWare, Adobe and other software etc installed on your computer.

Now see how does it find Adobe Acrobat serial number in details?

Step 1: Prepare iSunshare Product Key Finder and install it on your computer.

There are two versions for you to choose. Get iSunshare Product Key Finder trial version to have a try or install full version to find full serial number for Adobe Acrobat.

Download trial version here: http://www.isunshare.com/product-key-finder.html

Step 2: Find Adobe Acrobat Serial Number.

Concise and easy-to-use interface makes Product Key Finder easy for everyone to run and get product key or serial number for installed software. Just need to click “Start Recovery” button on screen. And then Adobe Acrobat name, product key and product ID will be shown in a list.
The product key is Adobe Acrobat serial number. Click “Save” button on menu or “Save to File” button to save the software and their product keys in a text.

Besides, you could find Adobe Acrobat serial number in registry manually. But probably it is a little difficult to do for computer novice.  Or probably, serial number is encrypted in registry file, so Adobe Acrobat serial number couldn’t be found easily by hand manually. 

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July 2, 2014

SQL Database Password Recovery with SQL Password Genius

Forgot SQL database open password, how to recover SQL Server database password? Now get one powerful password recovery tool for SQL database password recovery.

SQL Password Genius is one of the powerful tools to recover SQL password. With one in your hand, you would don’t need to worry about that whether SQL database user password could be recovered.

Step 1: Download and install SQL Password Genius

1. Turn to www.isunshare.com or search “SQL Password Genius” on Google, you would find SQL Password Genius. Download trial version or purchase full version. But please pay attention to this only full version could recover all user passwords for locked SQL database.

2. Double-click program you have gotten, and install it like other programs on your computer, such as on server, PC or laptop, generally where SQL database file is.

Step 2: Recover SQL Server Database Password.

1. Find SQL Server database file in computer. Click “Open File” button on program and look for SQL database file. Generally, it is located at C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data
When find it, click “Open” button to import it into SQL Password Genius.

2. Choose database user whose password is unknown.
When SQL database is imported into SQL Password Genius, all the users for database are listed. And their password status is shown there. If the user password status is “Unknown”, select the user and click “Reset” button. For example, if SA password is unknown, select “sa” account.

3. Recover a new password for database user.
Type new password for user in pop-up dialog, click “OK” and instantly a message “Password successfully changed” prompts you SQL database password recovered successfully.

Step 3: Restart SQL Server Services and access SQL database.

After SQL password recovery, exit SQL Password Genius and then restart SQL Server Services, because SQL Server Services has been stopped when SQL Password Genius is running.
Tips: How to Start/Stop/Pause/Restart SQL Server Service 

But SQL Server Services needs to be started if we want to access SQL Server. So restart it in SQL Server Configuration Management. And then start SQL Server and login into it with SA user and new password.

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