October 30, 2019

How to Unlock iPhone if You Forgot the Passcode

“My sister forgot her iPhone 7 Plus screen passcode and cannot use the phone. I search online and found there is no way to bypass iPhone locked screen without data loss. So, how to unlock forgotten password on iPhone?”

How to unlock iPhone if you forgot the passcode

Just as what you asked, you cannot find a way to unlock iPhone if you forgot the password with no data loss. When you cannot get into the disabled iPhone for entering the wrong passwords so many times, it is time to remove the forgotten passcode from the iPhone. How can you do that? Here we will share you two ways to unlock iPhone if you forgot the passcode.

Way 1: Bypass iPhone Locked Screen with iPhone Passcode Genius

iPhone Passcode Genius is the newly developed iPhone password tool that enables users to unlock iPhone with various locks. This tool is designed with the intuitive interface and users can remove the lock screen, Apple ID and screen time passcode instantly when they forgot the password.  No matter the iPhone is old, disabled, second-hand, and screen-broken or screen replacement, users can utilize this tool to have it unlocked.

Step-1: Run iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius and select Unlock Lock Screen from the interface.

choose Unlock Lock Screen

Step-2: Build up the connection between the iPhone and your PC. Then click Start > Next in the coming interface.

Click Start to unlock iPhone

Step-3: After the software loads all your iPhone information, you need to download the firmware package online by clicking “Download”.  Or if you have downloaded this package on your computer, you can click “Select” to add it.

Get the firmware package

Step-4: After the verification, the software will guide you to the unlock interface. With a simple click on “Unlock”, you will be on the passcode removing process.

verifu success and click Unlock

Step-5: The software made your iPhone unlocked successfully. And you can set up new settings for iPhone as the data has been erased.

Unlock iPhone successfully

Way 2: Restore Forgotten Passcode iPhone via iTunes

If you have used iTunes to sync iPhone on the computer, you can restore iPhone with iTunes.

Step-1: Connect iPhone to the PC and run iTunes.

Step-2: In iTunes, click the iPhone icon and choose Summary at the left menu.

Step-3: Click “Restore” or "Restore iPhone" and follow the instructions to finish the process.

Notes:  The iPhone that has Find My iPhone turned on cannot be restored by iTunes.

restore iPhone via iTunes

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October 11, 2019

How to Copy/Clone Windows Operating System to New Hard Drive

I want to copy my Windows 7 operating system to a new hard drive. Although now Microsoft does not update Windows 7, I get used to it and want to continue using it in the new hard drive. Is it possible to clone all configurations to the new hard drive and make my PC boot from it?”

When we get used to the old computer with all applications installed, we prefer to keep using it. Yes, you can buy a hard drive with desirable storage space and copy all Windows system settings to it. Also, you can copy other data from the old hard drive to the new hard drive so that you get the same working environment after replacing the hard drive.

Everyone knows that it is impossible to move or transfer the Windows system by simply Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V. If you are going to copy/clone Windows operating system to a new hard drive, you had better download the Windows system clone software which has an intuitive interface and simple steps. iSunshare CloneGo is such the software which enables you to transfer Windows OS to new hard drive with few clicks.

clone Windows OS to new hard drive with CloneGo

How to Clone Windows OS to New Hard Drive

As the most important preparations, you need to download CloneGo on your computer and complete the installation process in advance.

Step 1: Launch CloneGo and specify C drive as the source target. And then select your new hard drive as the destination target. The C drive is the current Windows system partition on your computer.

select source target and destination target

Step 2: Click “Start” and you will get the notice to allocate a new FAT partition for the new hard drive. Click “OK” to go ahead.

click Start and allocate FAT partition

Step 3: After that, your hard drive will have a FAT partition. And you need to click “Start” again and get the format notice. Click “OK” to continue.

click Start and get format notice

Step 4: After the copy process is completed, you will get the successful inform. Then, you can reboot your computer form your new hard drive.

complete Windows system cloning

You can repeat these steps to clone other data partition from the old hard drive to new hard drive. After cloning, you can shut down the computer and remove the old hard drive. In the end, install the new hard drive into the computer.

  1.          You need to initialize the new hard drive before running CloneGo.
  2.       The new hard drive should have larger space to receive the Windows system data.
  3.       If you want to clone all data from the old hard drive, it is better for you to add multiple volumes to the new hard drive as the copy operation will format the destination target.

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