September 29, 2013

8 Useful Methods for Windows 8 Password Reset

With the release and use of Windows 8, different kinds of problems come out at the same time, Windows password forgotten or lost included. In order to solve this thorny problem, now I compile 8 kinds of useful methods for Windows 8 password reset. Hope you can choose one appropriate to solve your Windows password forgotten problem.

September 26, 2013

How to Unlock Windows Server Domain Password Effectively

Locked out of Windows server and forgot domain password? I know the mood when you are trying your best to log into server computer but nothing works. So now follow my introduction to unlock Window server domain password effectively.
When we encounter this problem, the important thing we have to do is try to understand and accept some ways you probably never know. A lot of methods maybe have to be proved right after attempt. But the ways listed below have been confirm that they can help us.
  • Installation Disk and Command Prompt
  • Third-Party Windows Password Recovery Tool
  • Password Reset Disk

Way 1: Unlock Windows Server with Installation Disk

What you need: a copy of installation disk
Main and simple steps:
  1. Replace Utilman.exe
  2. Reset Windows server domain password with CMD

Step 1: Replace Utilman.exe

  1. Boot off the Windows disk and select the “Repair your computer” option from the lower left-hand corner.
  2. Follow through until you get to the option to open the Command Prompt, which you’ll want to select.
  3. First you’ll want to type in the following command to back up the utilman.exe file:
    MOVE C:\Windows\System32\Utilman.exe C:\Windows\System32\Utilman.exe.bak
  4. Now you will need to copy cmd.exe and rename it Utilman.exe:
    COPY C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe C:\Windows\System32\Utilman.exe
  5. Now you can go ahead and reboot your machine. When it’s done booting up again and you are at the Logon screen click on the Ease of access icon.

Step 2: Reset Windows server password

Open a command prompt to change the password
Type: net user administrator *
Once you press Enter you will asked to set a new password and then confirm it, when entering your new password, don’t worry if you can’t see them as you type, they are invisible, they are however being remembered.
Tip: Once you’re logged in again don’t forget to delete Utilman.exe and then rename Utilman.exe.bak back to plain old Utilman.exe.

Way 2: Unlock Server Computer with Third-Party Windows Password Recovery Tool

So many Windows password recovery tools are available on Internet; choose one effective from them isn’t an easy thing. For convenience, I recommend you Windows Password Genius Advanced or Raid. Select advanced or raid version based on server type.

What you need to prepare:
  • Bootable CD/DVD or USB drive
  • Workable computer installed with any Windows OS
  • Windows Password Genius Advanced or Raid
Main steps:
  1. Create a password reset disk with third-party tool
  2. Reset Windows server domain password

Step 1: Create a password reset disk with third-party tool

  • First, install Windows Password Genius on workable computer and run it. 
  • Second, insert bootable drive, such as USB drive into computer. 
  • Third, Click “Begin burning” to start password reset disk burning.

Step 2: Reset Windows server domain password with disk

  • First, plug reset disk into locked server, and boot it from USB. 
  • Second, select Windows system and user account.
    For example, if your server is installed with different kinds of OS, choose the one system you couldn’t access.
  • Third, click “Reset Password” to set forgotten password as “iSunshare@2012”.
    Moreover, Add User gives you chance to create a new account.

Way 3: Password Reset Disk Unlock Windows Server

Maybe you observe that the first step of second way is to create a password reset disk. Are you thinking that, if I have reset disk, doesn’t third-party tool needed? It is.

Even though both are password reset disk, the process of unlock Windows server is different. Suppose that, password reset disk is created when server computer is accessible, you only have to click link “Reset Password” on logon screen after you type wrong domain password.

On range of application, they are different too. This kind of reset disk created on your computer just only works for your computer. However, the reset disk burned by third-party tool can be used to reset administrator and standard user password on any kinds of Windows systems.

September 24, 2013

Reset Windows 7 Admin Password Forgotten in Easy Ways

As we know, when we forgot admin password on Windows 7 computer, it will bring danger to data stored on computer. But most of us couldn’t realize the importance of the preparation for Windows logon password forgotten, even more about how to reset Windows 7 admin password. So now I share some easy ways that can solve it.

1. Password Reset Disk Work for Windows 7 Forgotten Admin Password

If you have a password reset disk, and everything becomes easy. Click “Reset Password” link on logon screen after you type wrong password. Just follow wizard and Windows 7 password reset could go on and finish successfully.

2. Another Administrator Change Windows 7 Password with Two Ways 

An account with administrator privilege could login laptop and change everything on computer, including change, remove forgotten admin password surely. So when you couldn’t access computer with account forgot password, switch user and sign in to Windows 7 with another administrator.
When you enter Windows 7 laptop successfully, there are two ways for you to choose for Windows 7 password reset. One is change or remove forgotten admin password through Control Panel; the other is reset forgotten Windows 7 admin password with Command Prompt.

2.1 Change or Remove Admin Password through Control Panel

Navigate to Control Panel - User Accounts and Family Safety, choose Add or remove user account. Select account you want to remove or change its password, and click “Remove Password” to make sure.

Remove Windows 7 Forgotten Admin Password

2.2 Reset Forgotten Windows 7 Admin Password with Command Prompt

Similarly, after sign into Windows 7 laptop, open command prompt.
Step 1. Open an elevated command prompt.
Step 2. In the elevated command prompt, type the command below and press Enter.
NOTE: Substitute UserName in the command below with the actual user name of the user account on the computer that you want to change the password for. Substitute NewPassword in the command below with the password you want for this user account.
net user UserName NewPassword
For example: My user account's name is iSunshare and I want to change the password to 12345, so I would type this below exactly and press Enter.
net user iSunshare 12345
Step 3. If successfully changed, then you can close the elevated command prompt.

Reset Administrator Password with Command Prompt

3. Windows 7 Password Recovery Utility Make Password Recovery Easy

For all the versions of Windows OS and password forgotten problem, Windows password recovery utility is the most universal method like password reset disk. The reason is that it is used to create reset disk first. And below operations are mainly to let locked computer boot from reset disk. Remove Windows 7 password with it.

Remove Windows 7 Admin Password by Click "Reset Password"

Besides these easy ways, you also can repair Windows 7 with system disk or ask for help from other people, or take it to computer repair shop. However, the methods will cost you much time and money. So try to form a habit of creating password reset disk or use Windows 7 Password Genius to burn one. 

September 22, 2013

How to Boot Dell Windows 7 Computer Successfully Forgot Password

How to boot dell Windows 7 computer successfully if forgot logon password? Remove password, recover or reset password, or bypass Windows 7 forgotten password?

Actually, the choices are available. The key step is to make sure what methods or tools could help you to remove, recover or bypass logon password.

As we all know, administrator can remove logon password. Just login into dell computer with it and navigate to Control Panel - User Accounts and Family Safety. Choose Add or remove user accounts under User Accounts and Family Safety. And then choose account you want to remove its password. Click Remove the password on the left lane of screen. Make sure and click Remove Password.

If you don’t have another administrator available, Windows password recovery tool will help you remove forgotten logon password, such as Windows 7 Password Genius.

What you should do is the following:
1. Create a password reset disk with Windows 7 Password Genius
2. Boot your dell computer from reset disk
3. Reset forgotten password to be blank by click “Reset Password”
The above are intended to remove forgotten password and boot Windows 7 without password.

Besides, are there other ways to reset or recover Windows 7 password? Surely, the answer is yes. Ophcrack is a free tool to reset Windows 7 password. But it doesn’t work for too long password.

1. Download it by search “Ophcrack” and install it on another computer.
2. Run it and burn it to CD drive.
3. Insert CD drive into dell computer
4. Set computer boot from CD
5. Recover forgotten password

Except, above available administrator can be used to change forgotten password. Or use Command Prompt to reset Windows password.

With the easy methods introduced above, believe you can boot Windows 7 dell computer successfully. 

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September 18, 2013

Chntpw Reset Windows Lost or Forgotten Amin Password

Have you heard too much about ways to reset Windows forgotten password? Now let me tell you a free tool for Windows password recovery - Chntpw.
Like other tools, Chntpw has two existence forms, USB and CD.
  • Reset Windows Lost Password with USB Disk
  • Recover Windows Forgotten Password with CD Disk


1. Reset Windows Lost Password with USB Disk

Follows the below steps:
Step 1: Grab Universal USB Installer and download Ubuntu 10.10.

Step 2: Create a Bootable Ubuntu Live USB
2-1: Run the Universal USB Installer and select Ubuntu 10.10
2-2: Click Browse to select the Ubuntu ISO file.
2-3: Select the USB drive and set the persistent file size.
Once all settings are in place, click Create to begin creating a bootable Ubuntu Live USB.

Step 3: Boot Computer from Ubuntu Live USB
3-1: Press ESC, F2, F10, F9 etc. to reboot PC and enter computer BIOS.
3-2: Set USB/Removable Hard disk as first boot option in the BIOS settings.
3-3: Save the changes and reboot the system from Ubuntu Live USB.

Step 4: Install Chntpw
4-1: Press Ctrl + Alt + T to open a Terminal window.
4-2: Type sudo apt-get install chntpw and click Enter.
The process of download and installation would go on without further assistance. Once it’s finished and your back at the regular prompt, simply type exit and hit Enter.

Step 5: Reset Windows Password
5-1: Mount the hard disk partition where Windows is installed in according to access all the removable drives and hard disk partitions from Places menu.
5-2: Mount the drive with Windows folder.
Open all partitions to find the drive with Windows folder. When you find it, make a note of the drive’s label that appears in the menu bar of the file browser.
5-3: Open Applications menu from panel, and select Terminal from Accessories menu.
In Terminal window, enter cd /media command, and then list all mounted media drives with ls command.
5-4: Navigate to drive that contains Windows folder.
cd <hard drive label>
cd Windows/System32/config
Open config folder and then you can make changes to Security Accounts Manager (SAM).
5-5: Read Windows user account credentials and make changes to save passwords with running chntpw tool.
sudo chntpw SAM
The sudo chntpw SAM command can only make changes to Windows admin account password. If you want to change standard user’s password, use the switch –u followed by correct user account name.
sudo chntpw –u <user account name> SAM

If you’ve changed the user account password, reboot your system, and exit Ubuntu Live USB. If you’ve just reset the admin password, Windows will not prompt you to enter the password. However, if you changed the password, please log in to Windows with new password.

2. Recover Windows Forgotten Password with CD Disk

Step 1: Download Chntpw to a computer you can access.

Step 2: Create a CD Windows password reset disk.
Unzip and get a Chntpw ISO file and burn the Chntpw ISO file to CD disc with a burn tool.

Step 3: Set your locked computer boot from CD-ROM.
When power on the computer, press BIOS entry key to enter BIOS setting screen, and move CD-ROM to the first boot drive place. Save boot changes and boot your computer.

Step 4: Reset Windows password to blank
4-1 Select the partition where Windows was installed on:
select 1 = show propbable Windows (NTFS) partitions only
4-2 Select path and registry files
The default path Windows/system32/config is correct, so just press Enter to go on.
4-3 Select which part of registry to load, use predefined choices.
We want to reset password, so choose the first one: Password reset [sam system security]
4-4 What to do with the user and password
Select 1 – Edit user data and passwords
4-5 Select a user to reset its password.
As you can see, there list all the user names and their password status. If you want to change Administrator password, type Administrator and press Enter.
4-6 Clear (blank) user password.
Of all the options of menu, the first one Clear (blank) user password is the most simple and effective option. Select 1 to clear Administrator password to blank instantly.
4-7 Password is cleared successfully.
When the Password cleared pops up, it means password has been cleared successfully.
Quit out and press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart computer, logging in to Windows without password.

All above introduction is about Windows password reset with free Chntpw. But maybe you will find it a little difficult.

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September 17, 2013

How to Reset Forgotten Admin Password on Windows 8

Like other previous operational system, Windows 8 has brought us so much surprise since it releases. But it is still different from other operational systems, because both account and other kinds of password could be used to login into Windows 8. The account is general administrator, others contain admin password, PIN code and picture password.

However, we generally create administrator password, but forget build PIN code or picture gestures. If we forget admin password at this time, how can I do?

Choice 1: Reset Windows 8 PC
Maybe you can reset your Windows 8 PC with installation CD if you don’t have any important files on your computer. Prepare Windows 8 installation DVD and insert it into computer. Boot computer from disc, and tap or click on the Repair your computer.

Choice 2: Or Boot Computer from a System Recovery Drive
  • Insert system recovery drive into a free USB port
  • Boot Windows 8 from the flash drive 
  • On the Choose your keyboard layout screen, tap or click on US or whatever keyboard layout you'd like to use.

Choice 3: Or Boot Directly to Advanced Startup Options
  • Start or restart your computer or device 
  • Choose the boot option for System Recovery, Advanced Startup, Recovery, etc.

Choice 4: Or Use System Repair Disc to Reset Windows 8 Admin Password.
  1. Insert installation disk into your locked Win 8 computer and restart your PC.
  2. Choose the language settings, click “Next”.
  3. Choose the recovery option, click “Next”.
Follow wizard to finish Windows system repair and password reset.

Surely if you don’t want to damage any files on your computer, you had better not try these ways. Even though they can help you to recover Windows 8 password, at the same time, they damage some system files on your computer. More useful choices are ways which are safe for Windows 8 computer and easy to use. 

Is there effective way to access computer again without any damage or data loss? 

Just like recovery tools for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000, there have been more and more such tools for Windows 8 password reset. So, when you could not think of other ways, Windows Password Genius Advanced will achieve this goal.

Its user-friendly interface makes Windows Password Genius easy to use. Just need to install and run it on accessible computer, and burn password reset disk into bootable USB or CD/DVD drive with it. This boot drive can be used to remove or reset Windows forgotten user passwords. 

From the process of Windows 8 password reset, it's not hardly to find the main steps to recover Windows 8 password with recovery tool is to create a password reset disk. Therefore, it prompts us that if we have password reset disk previously, we just need to click “Reset Password” link on logon window to reset Windows 8 password.

  1. The first effective choice for Windows 8 password reset:
    PIN code, Picture Password and Password Reset Disk
  2. The second choice for Windows 8 password reset:
    System Repair Disc, Windows 8 Recovery Drive, Installation CD/DVD
  3. The last but not least choice:
    Windows Password Genius
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September 13, 2013

What to Do if Forgot Windows 8 Admin Password

Forgot the administrator password used to login in to Windows 8, how to do?  As is known, besides local account, PIN code, Picture password and Microsoft account are available to login Windows 8 too. So what to do if forgot Windows 8 admin password?
  1. Change Windows 8 Logon Way
  2. Reset Windows 8 Forgotten Password with Reset Disk
  3. Create Password Reset Disk to Reset Windows 8 Forgotten Password

1. Change Windows 8 Logon Way

According to the above introduction, when you forgot local admin Windows 8 password, you still can login Windows 8 with PIN code, Picture password and Microsoft account.
On the Windows logon screen, after you type incorrect password, all the logon ways list under password input box. Choose one logon way according to what you have created.  

1.1 Login Windows 8 with PIN code and Reset Forgotten Windows 8 Password

Step 1: Sign in Windows 8 with PIN code
When you forgot your local account password in the login page, sign-in options is provided for you to choose. Click the Sign-in options, there are all logon options. Choose PIN, and input 4-digit code in the box. Then you can sign in to your computer successfully. 

Step 2: Press Windows +X, and click on Command Prompt (Admin) and Yes.

Step 3: On the Command Prompt, type in: Net User <user name> <new password> and press Enter to reset a new password for Windows 8.

Command Prompt screen appears, input the words like the words in the red box, user name is iSunshare, new password is 12345, and then press Enter to complete the Windows password reset process.

1.2 Login Windows 8 with Picture Password and Change Windows 8 Local Admin Password

Picture password is an image with three specify gestures. Maybe it is easy to remember than characters password. After you type incorrect password for Windows 8 logon, under the password box, other logon ways including picture password will list there. Select picture password to login, and access Windows 8 successfully. Navigate to Settings - Change PC Settings - Users, choose change Windows 8 local admin password. Enter new password for it and save it.

1.3 Windows 8 Logon with Microsoft Account

If your computer has set up to sign in to Windows 8 with Microsoft account, and you can login Windows with it, and create a PIN that any user who has a password must enter it when waking this PC, and then login with PIN code, reset password with Command Prompt.

However, if all the above Windows 8 logon ways have not prepared, what should you do if forgot Windows admin password?

2. Reset Windows 8 Forgotten Password with Reset Disk

Actually, when we login Windows 8 with wrong admin password, there is another tip for us to reset Windows password. But password reset disk is necessary. On the Windows 8 login screen, click “Reset Password” to reset Windows 8 password with reset disk. 
Insert password reset disk you have prepared into Windows 8, reset Windows 8 password following operation wizard. 

But if you don’t have both other logon ways and password reset disk, how should you do now?

3. Create Password Reset Disk to Reset Windows 8 Forgotten Password

The effective Windows Password Genius Advanced will let you create a Windows password reset disk easily and successfully.

Step 1: Just download and install it on an accessible computer. Prepare a bootable USB flash drive and burn password reset disk into it with Windows Password Genius Advanced.

Step 2: Exit password USB disk and plug it into your Windows 8 computer. Set computer boot from USB to run Windows Password Genius program. Select Windows 8 admin account and click "Reset Password" to reset administrator password.

Step 3: Exit USB and reboot Windows 8. Now Windows 8 computer can start usually without password.

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September 10, 2013

No Reset Disk - How to Reset Windows 8 Password

No reset disk available. How to reset Windows 8 password? No matter which kind of Windows operational system you use, Windows password forgot problem is always in front of us. Unless we have not only one admin account, otherwise, to find or create a password reset disk will be another problem. 

If we are familiar with computer, believe we  all know password reset disk can be created before we forgot Windows 8 password. But if we lost this time, we can but burn reset disk with other software, such as Windows Password Genius. 

Now it’s the time to burn password reset disk.

First, choose right version of Windows Password Genius. Download Windows Password Genius Advanced and install it on an accessible computer.

Besides Windows Password Genius Advanced, there are still Standard, Professional, and Raid version. Windows password Genius supports three ways to create a reset disk, include Windows computer, Mac, and Android phone. The Advanced version will be the best choice for Windows 8 password reset.

Second, insert bootable USB device into computer and get ready to create Windows 8 password reset disk.
  • Click “Begin burning” to let reset disk burning start; after few seconds, a window pops up and tell you password reset disk has been burning successfully.
  • Just exit USB disk and password reset disk is stored in it. It can be used to reset forgotten Windows password on any computer.

Now you have owned reset disk, how to reset Windows 8 password?

Step 1: Plug USB device with reset disk into locked Windows 8 computer.

Step 2: Start locked Windows 8 computer and boot it from USB.
This step is important and is needed to learn boot settings on different kinds of computer. For example, usually press Del when starting desktop computer, and press F2 when start laptop. But the operation is not the same for so many laptops. 

Windows 8 computer boots successfully from USB disk. Windows Password Genius Advanced program runs in WinPE environment. Make sure Windows system right, and choose administrator or user account and click “Reset Password”.

This is only the password reset disk for Windows password reset. More ways to reset Windows password, learn about them here.

September 9, 2013

How to Reset Admin Password on PC Windows 7

Lost Windows 7 admin password on PC? Don’t be afraid of. Now this passage is intended to solve this problem. How to reset an admin password on PC Windows 7?

  • Solution 1: Reset Windows 7 Admin Password with Administrator
  • Solution 2: Reset Admin Password on Windows 7 with Disk

Solution 1: Reset Windows 7 Admin Password with another Administrator

As we all know, there are three kinds of account for Windows client, guest, standard account and administrator. Administrator has the highest authority on computer and Windows operation. And it is forbidden default and without password. So generally we create admin account to use computer more conveniently and forget there is still administrator we never use. At this time, we can log in to Windows 7 with administrator. 

Enter Control Panel - User Accounts and Family Safety - User Accounts, choose the account you want to change or remove its password. Click “Change your password”, type “New password” and “Confirm new password”. Or click “Remove your password” and “Remove Password” to make sure.

Solution 2: Reset Admin Password on Windows 7 with Disk

1. Reset Admin Password with Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

The password reset disk can be created when you can access Windows 7 or locked out of Windows 7. 

If the password reset disk has been created when you can access Windows 7, just when you are prepare to login Windows 7, type incorrect password. Click “Reset Password” to go on Windows 7 password reset.

If your password reset disk is burned by Windows Password Genius, insert password reset disk into locked Windows 7 PC. Set PC boot from password reset disk so as to run Windows Password Genius program to reset Windows 7 password. In WinPE environment, you can see the program lists all the accounts for Windows 7. Select admin account and click “Reset Password”.

2. Reset Windows Admin Password with Bootable Disk

The bootable disk can be Windows 7 installation CD, or bootable disk created by other software, such as Offline NT password registry editor.

2.1 Reset Windows 7 Admin Password with Installation CD

2.2 Reset Windows 7 Password with Offline NT password registry editor
<1> Get Offline NT Password Registry Editor and use it to create a live cd or bootable USB disk.
<2> Set your PC boot with the USB
<3> Follow the Windows 7 password reset instruction to finish the operation when password reset program starts.