November 4, 2013

How to Reset 2008 Password on Dell Raid Server

Forgot administrator password on Windows 2008 Dell raid server is so difficult to be accepted. Probably, many important data would lose or other client computers couldn’t work because services on raid server computer had not run. But there are no other ways to predict that when and how Windows 2008 password would forget or lose. So at this moment, rather than to be depressed because of this, find a way to solve it becomes more significant. Just like the words say, solutions are always more than problems.

As we know, Windows password recovery tool can reset Windows password easily and effectively for Windows 8/7/Vista etc. And what about it is for Windows 2008 raid server? Whether it would be available and work for Dell raid server, such as Dell PowerEdge RAID Controller?

The answer is surely to be positive, because there is one new version of Windows password recovery tool that has been designed particularly for raid server. Windows Password Genius Raid is such a tool, which solves all raid server Windows password problem, working for IBM Server RAID, HP Storage Works, Adaptec Raid Controller, ThinkServer RAID etc.
Now let’s see how it works step by step.

Preparation before Windows Raid Server Password Reset:

  1. Get Windows Password Genius Raid, the most important tool for Windows server password reset.
  2. Bootable USB or CD/DVD drive, used to burn a password reset disk into.
  3. Accessible computer, installed with any Windows operational system. 

Steps to Reset Windows Server 2008 Password on Dell Raid Server

Step 1: Install Windows Password Genius Raid on another accessible computer.
Just click downloaded Windows Password Genius Raid, and follow software wizard to install it on prepared accessible computer. Choose to run it after finishing installation.

Step 2: Create Windows Password Reset Disk for Raid Server.
When it comes to software screen, choose media USB or CD/DVD as password reset disk burning disc. For example, insert bootable USB drive into computer and choose it. And then click “Begin burning” to create password reset disk.
After you see “Successfully burning” pops up, that means Windows password reset disk has been created.

Step 3: Set Raid Server Boot from Reset Disc.
Just like boot other Dell computer from USB, plug USB reset disk into Dell server, and press boot key when start server until server computer enters Boot Setting Options. Select Boot and move “Removable Devices” to the first line of boot list. And then press “F10” to save it.

Step 4: Reset Windows Raid Server Password.
After server boots from USB successfully, you will see Windows Password Genius Raid runs. Choose Windows and administrator, and then click “Reset Password”. 
Now forgotten administrator password would be reset. Also you can use “Add User” button to add a new user.
When these works are completed, click “Reboot” to reboot computer. And you can sign into Dell raid server with new password.

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