October 15, 2014

How to Find Lost File in Windows 7 Laptop

Windows 7 file lost.  It is not ordinary file, but system file. Does the way to recover lost system file is the same as recovering other files? 

Now let’s see which kind of system file would lose generally, and why they lost?

DLL and EXE file are common lost system files. Why they lost? Maybe they are attacked by virus. Maybe these file lost after uninstalling programs where they use a common file. Or maybe computer or laptop restarts or shuts down abnormally.

When we meet such a problem, probably we would feel upset if we don’t have enough computer knowledge to solve it successfully by ourselves. In fact, it is unnecessary. Even though we are not familiar with Windows system, there are still lots of tools helping us to find lost system file back in this information and technology period.

For example, following different kinds of tools could help us to restore or recover lost Windows 7 system file from different angles.

1. Repair damaged DLL and EXE file with system repair tool

Some are free but some you should pay for. System repair tool would run and check out the problem you meet and file your Windows 7 system lost. After finish check, just choose to fix it instantly. This system tool would help to repair system and restore lost or damaged system file.
These system repair tools or software you can choose: Windows Repair Kit (not free for full version), PC Repair System and System Repair Engineer (best used by experienced-to-expert users).

2. Recover damaged/deleted/formatted system file with data recovery tool

If system repair tool couldn’t give you a perfect solution, choose data recovery tool, such as Data Genius, to recover lost data or file. No matter why system file is lost because of virus attack, disk format, or accident deletion, Data Genius always would help to recover them. What’s more, it is safe for computer to recover data free.  

Step 1: Download Data Genius and install it on laptop.

Don’t worry, it would run on all versions of Windows operational systems.

Step 2: Choose probable data recovery option.

Four data recovery types are provided, Deleted Recovery, Format Recovery, Raw File Recovery and Partition Recovery. Now we can choose Raw File Recovery, because it could find and recover data that cannot be found by Deleted Recovery and Format Recovery.

Click Next and choose driver or partitions where system file was stored. Then click Scan.

Step 3: Scan drive or partition and select lost system file.

Wait for Data Genius some time to scan chosen drive or partition. Few seconds or few minutes are needed according to the file size on this drive. After data scan finished, look for lost system file in them and select it.

Step 4: Recover system file.

Click Recover button and choose a folder to save system file on another drive or partition. When system file is recovered successfully, Data Genius would give you a prompting message.

After lost system file is found, you could save it back on original place, in order to prevent another system problem because of this system file loss.

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