November 30, 2014

How to Unlock iPod Touch Backup If Password Lost

If we couldn’t unlock iPod Touch backup, what we will lose? What kind of situation we would face just because of backup password lost? If I want to keep away from this situation, how can I do? How to unlock iPod Touch or unlock iPod Touch backup?

These questions are usually asked when people encounter such iPod Touch problems, such as forgot or lost iPod backup password when it is needed, iPod locked but don't know the reasons.

However, as long as you get available iPod Touch backup, you can solve these issues by restoring iPod to early backup point, so you can protect iPod Touch without important data loss.

Therefore, you can take unlocking iPod Touch backup as the first and effective method to solve our problems now. And what we should do is to look for one powerful way to unlock iPod Touch backup. If you have not found one, try following ways please.

Way 1: Guess and Try Possible iPod Backup Password

guess locked iPod backup passwordIf you don’t care whether this way really helps you successfully find out iPod backup password at last, it is worth trying. At least, it can be used conveniently, because they are probably the Apple ID, passcode, default password or Windows administrator password. And we just try them.

In addition, according to the Apple research, most Apple users are likely to use simple numbers to unlock their device even backup file.

After having a try, as long as one of them is the same to backup password, the time you have used to guess is worth. Even though all of them don’t work, it is still can be the first step of you plan, unlocking iPod Touch backup. So no matter how it works for you at last, it is still worth to have a try.

Of course, if you are seeking an effective way that can promise to recover iPod backup password and then unlock it, iTunes Password Genius is a good choice.

Way 2: Recover iPod Touch Backup Password and Unlock iPod Backup

You can unlock encrypted iPod backup with following three steps.

Step 1: Preparation.
  1. Download, install and run iTunes Password Genius trial version or full version on Windows computer.
  2. Import iPod backup from computer with Open button.
The software provides an automatic program to help you find iPod backup on computer. So once you click "Open" button, a window will pop up and show iPod backup on computer, just select it and click OK to add it into iTunes Password Genius. So convenient and effective it is to import iPod backup into iTunes Password Genius.

3. Select one available password attack type for encrypted iPod backup.

Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart are four password attack types for iTunes backup password recovery. Now if you can choose one according to your iPod backup situation. For example, if you just can limit the password length and range, choose Brute-force, and it will recover iTunes backup password for iPod quickly. If you have any impression on iPod backup password, Mask is better, but you have to set parameter Mask. About how to set it, details are introduced in iTunes Password Genius user guide. Another two attack types, they are not used usually. But if Brute-force and Mask cannot recover backup password in short time, Dictionary and Smart still can be tried.

unlock iPod backup with iTunes Password Genius

Step 2: Recover iPod Backup Password.

Click Start button and then you just have to wait. About few minutes even seconds later, a new window will prompt you iPod backup password is recovered and password appears there.

Step 3: Unlock iPod backup.

Now connect your iPod to computer, and open it in iTunes. Click iPod name at the top right side of iTunes window, and turn to iPod home screen, and then click Restore backup button. You will be asked to unlock iPod backup. Type iPod backup password you just recovered and click OK. Now iPod backup has been unlocked. It is time for you to do what you want with iPod backup. 

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November 28, 2014

Locked out of iTunes Backup – How to Reset iTunes Backup Password

At the moment of unlocking iTunes backup to restore my iOS device, iTunes prompted me that the password is wrong. But I need a right iTunes backup password now. Otherwise, I couldn’t restore iOS device from iTunes backup.

If you are preparing to restore iOS device from iTunes backup, and now when the iTunes backup is locked with password, you can turn to use iCloud backup to restore device.

If not, reset iTunes backup password will be necessary and the first thing you should do if you want to restore iOS device from backup.

How to reset iTunes backup password when locked out of iTunes backup?

Now I will introduce two ways that are separately available for Mac computer and Windows computer users. Please see followings.

Part 1: Reset iTunes Backup Password on Mac Computer.

If you are a Mac computer user, and keep the password in Keychain on Mac computer, you can get backup password with this option.

Step 1: Open the Keychain Access utility from Application – Utilities.

Step 2: Search your device name, iPhone or iPad in the top-right side field. Look for a keychain item named "iPhone backup" or "iPad Backup" of kind "application password".

Step 3: Double click the keychain item and click on the "Show password" checkbox in the new window.

Step 4: Enter your password (the one locked your Mac) to show the iOS device backup password. Click Allow (once). Then you can see the idevice backup password in clear text.

Part 2: Reset iTunes Backup Password on Windows Computer.

If you are a Windows computer user, there is one effective tool that can recover iTunes backup password easily and instantly, iTunes Password Genius.

Step 1: Open isunshare website and download iTunes Password Genius.

Step 2: Install iTunes Password Genius trial or full version on Windows computer.

Choose trial or full version based on the length of iTunes backup password. So if it is less than 3 characters, select trial version. If not, select full version.

Step 3: Run iTunes Password Genius and add encrypted iTunes backup.

Click Open button after iTunes Password Genius runs. And then choose latest new backup you created in pop-up screen. Click "OK" and it will be imported into iTunes backup password recovery tool.

Step 4: Recover iTunes backup password after password attack settings.
  • First, select one password attack type from "Type of attack" drop-down box.
  • Second, make settings for password attack type you choose.
  • Third, click "Start" button to recover iTunes backup password.
    Until a new window appears and prompts you that what the encrypted iTunes backup password is, copy it and take it to unlock locked iTunes backup
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November 26, 2014

How to Unlock iOS Device If Forgot Passcode

No matter from the research results from Apple, or from the questions asked in Internet, we can find that passcode forgot and no access to iOS device are problems that iDevices users usually encounter.

And this is why iOS device needed to be unlocked. After having searched, understood and checked the solutions for locked iOS device, we make a summary about the effective ways to unlock iOS device.

Way 1: Try possible passcodes to unlock iOS device

According to Apple users’ anonymous research, we know most of people would like to use simple numbers as passcode. Besides, iPhone will not be disabled if you have not tried 6 times. However, it is still not really disabled at this moment, because one minute later, you can try again, until it prompts you that connect iOS device to iTunes.

Therefore, this way can gives you a higher chance to unlock your iOS device and access it after you forgot passcode.

Way 2: Unlock iOS device with Siri

If you have set Siri enable when iPhone locked beforehand, now you can use Siri to bypass passcode and use iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, or 5S (if Touch ID is disable). Certainly, if Touch ID is not disabled, you can use your fingerprint to access iOS device without passcode.

So now what can you do after you know that Siri helps you do the things you do every day?

If it is really so, you can just press down on the Home button and ask Siri to make a phone call, send a text, or send an email etc. Moreover, if you don’t know how to use Siri, you can ask it “What can you do?” And then Siri will tell you exactly.

Way 3: Reset iOS device to unlock it

Take iOSBoot Genius to help iOS device enter recovery mode first. Until iTunes logon appears in your iOS device, your device has been prepared to be restored to factory default.

Open iTunes in Windows computer. And your device will be open in iTunes. In the Summary option of device, click “Restore iPhone/iPad/iPod”. It will help device restore to factory settings. When this process completes, iOS device will be set a new one if there is no backup for it.

So resetting iOS device should be the last way to unlock iOS device. Otherwise, all of data will be lost when no backup is available after factory reset.

Way 4: Use iPhone unlocking software to unlock iPhone 

You can unlock iPhone with iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius—the professional iPhone unlocking software, which can help to remove the forgotten iPhone lock screen passcode and erase all the data.  It can be downloaded and used on Windows computers.  You can view the following video to get details. 

So how can you choose one way from them to unlock your iOS device? If you have no other ways, above are worth trying. 

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November 24, 2014

How to Decrypt iPad Air iTunes Backup

When I prepared to restore iPad Air from iTunes backup, I found it was encrypted and what’s worse, iTunes backup password is lost.

In fact, there are many ways you can choose. But the success rates are different. For example, some educated guess probably let you find iTunes backup password, and iTunes backup password recovery tool can help you to recover iTunes backup password with 100% guarantee. Now see the possible three methods in the following, and choose one that is available for your iPad.

Method 1: Try Guessed Password to Decrypt iPad Backup

Effectiveness: Low success rate, but possible helpful

Which kind of password would be used to protect iTunes backup? Let me think. You have Apple ID, passcode, default password, or Windows administrator password. So you can try these numbers or characters to unlock iTunes backup.

If failed, keep going on to another two ways to recover iPad backup password.

Method 2: Decrypt iTunes Backup with Keychain

Effectiveness: 50% success rate

If you are using a Mac computer, lost iTunes backup password may be recovered in Keychain.

1. Run Keychain Access utility from Application – Utilities.

2. Enter "iPad" in the top-right search field and then look for a keychain item named "iPad Backup" of kind "application password".

If there is no such item, iSunshare iTunes Password Genius is needed for iTunes backup password recovery.

3. Double click "iPad Backup" and click on the "Show password" checkbox in the new window.

4. You will now be prompted to enter your password to show the iPad backup password.
Click Allow (once). You should now see the iPad backup password in the clear text.

Method 3: Decrypt iTunes Backup with iTunes Password Recovery Tool

Effectiveness: 100% success rate guarantee

When you couldn’t decrypt encrypted iTunes backup password with above two methods, try this way please. With 100% success rate guarantee, iTunes backup password can be recovered easily with iTunes backup password recovery tool, such as iTunes Password Genius. But there are some tips you need to know when you use iTunes Password Genius.

  • Tip 1: Choose which version of iTunes Password Genius, trial or full version
    Trial version only can recover iTunes backup password less than 3 characters, while full version can recover any kinds of iTunes backup password.
  • Tip 2: How to select backup password recovery type
    Four password types, Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart are available for iPad backup password recovery. However, password recovery rate depends on which one type you have chosen and made settings. Read more>>
Now follow the steps to decrypt iTunes backup for iPad.

Step 1: Install and run iTunes Password Genius in your Windows computer.

decrypt iPad backup with iTunes password recovery tool

Step 2: Click Open button and add iTunes backup file into iTunes Password Genius.

Step 3: Choose and set password recovery type and click Start button.

In few seconds of minutes later, you will see a pop-up window showing iTunes backup password. Copy password and save it in text. Now connect your iPad Air to computer, and open it in iTunes. Click Restore backup, and you can decrypt iTunes backup for iPad with the recovered password.

recover iPad iTunes backup password

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November 20, 2014

Lost iPod Backup Password – How to Use Locked iPod Normally

My iPad is locked. I want to restore iPad with backup. But I have never imagined that iPod backup password is lost. So now how can I do to use locked iPod normally?

If your iPod is just locked with passcode, please try some possible passcodes you may use. This step is important and worth to try. When one of them allows you to access iPod, you can try  way.

However, while you try them but they don’t work, you will need to find other ways. For example, factory reset iPod or restoring iPod after backup password is recovered, that can work.

Way 1: Factory Reset iPod and Set it as a New Device

If iTunes can work in computer, you can connect iPod to computer, and restore it. After you see a new screen appears to ask you "Set up as new iPod" or "Restore from this backup". Choose first one. And then iPod will restarts. Now take your finger to slip "Slide to set up" on iPod, and make iPod settings step by step.

restore locked iPod to factory settings

If your iPod cannot be connected to computer in iTunes, get iOSBoot Genius to enter iPod recovery mode and restore iPod to factory settings.

Way 2: Restore iPod from Backup after Backup Password Recovery

There are also two possibilities when you try to restore iPod from encrypted backup.
  • Situation 1: Restore iPod from iTunes Backup after iTunes Backup Password Recovery
  • Situation 2: Restore iPod from iCloud Backup after Factory Reset iPod without iTunes

Situation 1: Restore iPod from iTunes Backup after iTunes Backup Password Recovery

Step 1: Take iTunes Password Genius and install it on computer.

Step 2: Recover iTunes backup password for iPod in computer.

recover lost iPod backup password

Step 3: Connect iPod to computer and open iTunes.

Step 4: Restore iPod from iTunes Backup.

Click "Restore iPod" button and after you see a screen appears in iTunes, choose "Restore from this backup". Click "Continue". When a new dialog pops up to ask you a password, type it you just recover in Step 2 to unlock iPod backup, and click OK. iPod will restore from this backup and restart successfully.

Situation 2: Restore iPod from iCloud Backup after Factory Reset iPod without iTunes

After you restore iPod to factory settings, sign into your Apple account, restore iPod from iCloud backup.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > General > Reset in iPod, then tap "Erase all content and settings".

restore iPod from iCloud backup

Step 2: In the Setup Assistant, proceed to "Set up your device", tap Restore from Backup, then sign in to iCloud with Apple account.

Step 3: Proceed to Choose backup, then choose from a list of available backups in iCloud.

Step 4: Restore iPod from iCloud backup.

We cannot judge which way is better at once before we analyze the real situation of iPod. Each way has its availability. So if you don’t care anything will lose in iPod, factory reset iPod is OK. After that, just set it as a new device. However, if you care about the data on iPod, restoring iPod with backup will be better. Don’t worry about backup password lost, iTunes Password Genius can help you recover it.

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November 17, 2014

How to Exit Recovery Mode Easily without Data Loss from iPhone/iPad/iPod

"I clicked Restore button in iTunes carelessly, and my iOS device has been in recovery mode now. But that’s not what I want. Apps, connections, or data saved on device will be lost or deleted. How can I do?"

If you have just created a backup before operation error, you can restore device from previous backup after exiting recovery mode. There will not be so much data lost. However, if there is no backup, or the backup has been created a long time ago, how should you do?

Can device exit recovery mode instantly without any data lost when iPhone/iPad/iPad just enters recovery mode? If there is one effective way or tool, that would be perfect.

And now I would tell you such a tool, which can easily get iOS device out of recovery mode instantly. iOSBoot Genius will be introduced in following passage about how to exit recovery mode.

Step 1: Download and install iOSBoot Genius in your computer.

Step 2: Connect device to computer or make sure device connected to computer.

Step 3: Run iOSBoot Genius, and it prompt you that device has been connected, and "Exit Recovery Mode" button is bright.

Step 4: Click "Exit Recovery Mode" button.

You will see USB cable and iTunes logo appearing in device screen. And iOS device will be out of recovery mode soon. During the process of recovery mode existence, you don’t need to worry about data loss or damage. So if you want device to be out of recovery mode safely without any loss, just need to install and run iOSBoot Genius on computer to help put iPhone/iPad/iPod out of recovery mode.

Tips: It is worth to mention that iOSBoot Genius also can help iPhone/iPad/iPod enter recovery mode. So if there is another reason that leads to failed access recovery mode with device menu or iTunes, iOSBoot Genius can do that successfully.

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November 9, 2014

How to Change iTunes Forgotten Backup Password without Data Loss

iTunes backup password forgot. Instantly I factory reset iOS devices, and then I could set a new password for brank-new iPhone/iPad/iPod backup in iTunes. iTunes backup password is changed, but iOS devices data has been lost with iDevices factory reset. So regretful I am.

Actually, this problem just needs an effective iTunes backup password recovery tool. Recover iTunes forgotten backup password first, and then change iTunes backup password in iTunes.

Section 1: Recover Forgotten iTunes Backup Password with Tool.

Get an effective tool, iTunes Password Genius to help you. There are two versions available. You can download trial version for forgotten backup password less than 3 characters. And purchase full version for any-password-length iTunes backup password recovery.

1. Install iTunes Password Genius on computer.

Make sure you get appropriate tool, and the computer is the one where iTunes backup is saved.

2. Run it and add encrypted iTunes backup from computer.

As long as you have not deleted iTunes backup, iTunes backup is still on computer. Run iTunes Password Genius and click "Open" button. Instantly, a new window pops up with iTunes backup. Select one you think it is appropriate. And click OK. Or click Add File button to browse and add backup file from computer hard drive.
recover forgotten iTunes backup password with iTunes Password Genius

So we should know the general iTunes backup location. See it in the user guide of iTunes Password Genius.

3. Recover iTunes backup password.

Now it’s time to make password recovery settings and click "Start" button. Forgotten iTunes backup password will be recovered in few seconds.

Section 2: Change iTunes Backup Password in iTunes.

After iTunes backup password recovery, please save backup password in a text on computer. Now begin to change iTunes backup password in iTunes.

1. Connect iDevices to iTunes on computer.

2. Click iDevices name in the top-right side of iTunes window.

There will be several options shown in window. In Backup part, there is an option "Encrypt local backup".

change iTunes forgotten backup password in iTunes without data loss

3. Copy iTunes backup password and uncheck "Encrypt local backup".

4. Type old backup password in pop-up dialog and set a new password for backup.

5. Click "Change Password" button at last.

Now you can unlock iTunes backup with new password, which will be used to back up iOS data to iTunes all the time until it is changed.

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November 5, 2014

How to Delete Redundant iTunes Backup for iPad/iPhone/iPod

Why we should delete redundant iTunes backup?

What I can think of is to save computer space. The more data on iPhone/iPad/iPod, the larger the iTunes backup is. It would occupy more and more partition. But we couldn’t stop backup because of this. So back up iOS devices data and then delete previous useless iTunes backup periodically is wise.

When we should delete additional iPhone/iPad/iPod backup?

When you have a new backup for iOS devices and you think old iTunes backup is redundant or has taken up too much space on computer, delete it is good choice.

How can we delete iPhone/iPad/iPod backup effectively?

This passage introduces two ways, delete it in iTunes or from backup path in computer.

Way 1: Delete iTunes backup directly from file path

iTunes backup are saved in computer after you back up iPhone/iPad/iPod in iTunes. To different Windows system computer, iTunes backup location is different. Navigate to the backup file path, delete it. Generally they are in C drive.
  • Windows Vista/7/8: User\AppData\Roaming\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\
  • Windows XP:  \Documents and Settings\User Name\ Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\ 
delete iTunes backup file from partition directly

Way 2: Steps to delete additional iTunes backup in iTunes (eg. iPad)

Step 1: Connect iPad to computer to make iTunes program run.

You can see your iPad name is on the right-top side of iTunes window.

Step 2: Turn to iTunes menu, and click Edit – Preferences.

open iOS devices preferences

Step 3: Choose Devices option on the top or Preferences window.

All of backups about this iPad would show in the following box.

delete iTunes backup in iTunes for iPhone/iPad/iPod

Step 4: Select the backups you want to delete, and click Delete Backup button. You will see a dialog
about confirming backup deletion, and click Delete button to make sure backup deleted.

make sure iTunes backup deletion

Now those iPad backups you select have been deleted from computer.

Sometimes this is used to disable iPad backup password in iTunes. But whether it is really useful, you can try it. But at most of time, disable iPad/iPhone/iPod backup password is in purpose of restoring iPad from iTunes backup after password forgot. So backup had better not be destroyed.

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