August 26, 2014

Why Surface Pro is Locked & How to Unlock It

Accidently, we couldn’t access Surface Pro. It is locked.

Why Surface Pro is locked? Probably it is because of following reasons.
  1. Windows 8/8.1 user or login password is forgotten. So we couldn’t login into Surface Pro.
  2. Windows 8/8.1 is controlled remotely when using PC tablet.
  3. Windows system is damaged.
  4. PC tablet hard disk is damaged.
  1. Reset or recover Windows 8/8.1 password for Surface Pro.
  2. Right-click "Computer - Properties - Remote - Remote Desktop", uncheck the box "Permit User Remote Control the Computer".
  3. Boot Surface Pro from emergency CD and copy file from hard disk. And then restart Windows 8/8.1.
  4. Get a new hard disk for Surface Pro PC tablet.
Now let’s introduce how to recover Windows 8/8.1 password for Surface Pro in detail.

Because there is no other available user accounts for Windows 8/8.1 logon, so now password reset disk or third-party tool is necessary. Therefore, we have two choices.

Choice 1: Take password reset disk to reset Windows password.

If you have created a password reset disk before Surface Pro is locked, this would be safest and the most effective method.

unlock Surface Pro with password reset disk
  1. When you try to login into Windows and an error message prompts, click "Reset Password" button under password input box.
  2. Password Reset Wizard window pops up. Insert password reset disk into Surface Pro, and click "Next".
  3. Choose password key disk from drop-down box. And click "Next".
  4. Type new password or don’t set any password for Surface Pro logon.
  5. Click "Next" and "Finish" button and Windows 8/8.1 password is reset successfully.

Choice 2: Find a third-party Windows password recovery tool for Surface Pro.

Undoubtedly, third-party tool is a useful way when we couldn’t find another way to solve Surface Pro lock problem. If you don’t know how to find and choose which password recovery tool from lots of third-party tools, take Windows Password Genius Advanced to try. On efficiency and ease-of-use, it is worth for trying.

1. Search "Windows Password Genius Advanced" in Google, and download trial version to have a try. Or get full version to reset different kinds of complex Windows password.

2. Install it on another accessible computer and run it. Prepare bootable USB drive or CD/DVD-ROM and insert it into this computer. Now take USB drive.

3. Choose "USB device" and click Next. Select inserted USB drive from drop-down box and click "Begin burning".

4. Until message prompts that reset disk is burned successfully, click "OK" and exit USB drive to get ready for unlocking Surface Pro.

5. Plug USB drive with reset disk into locked Surface Pro, start Windows and enter Boot option to set Windows boots from USB drive.

6. Windows Password Genius Advanced program runs automatically. Select Windows system and login user or administrator, click "Reset Password". It would reset user or administrator password as "iSunshare@2012".

Now you can choose to reboot Surface Pro to login and eject USB before Windows boots fully. Or continue to created new administrator with "Add User" for Surface Pro first, and then reboot PC tablet. 

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August 21, 2014

Conversion between Microsoft Word 2013 and PowerPoint, PDF

Undoubtedly, Microsoft Word, PPT and PDF are the popular files we usually use in our work and daily life. For convenience or in order to work better, usually they have to be converted between each other. Therefore, if you need any help about conversion about them, please browse this passage.

Part 1: Convert Word to PDF

Way 1: Convert Word 2013 document to PDF through the Save As function

  1. Open a Word 2013 document, and click "File" on the top Menu Bar, as shown in the following screen shot.
  2. In the next interface, choose "Save As" on the left and tap the "Browse" folder on the right.
  3. When the Save As window pops up, select PDF in the pop-up list and tap "Save" option.

Way 2: Convert Word 2013 document to PDF through the Export feature.

  1. Click "File" on the top left corner of an open Word document.
  2. Select "Export" on the left menu, and choose "Change File Type" and tap "Save As" on the right side.
  3. In the Save As window, beside Save as type, choose PDF as "Save as type" in the drop-down list.
Refer to: Convert MS Office Word 2013 Document to PDF by 2 Ways

Part 2: Convert PDF to Word

PDF is used usually in daily work, but it brings inconvenience to us at the same time, especially when PDF user wants to get some words from PDF file. It’s troublesome, because PDF is unavailable to be edited. So if we hope to edit PDF file, we should convert it to Microsoft Word document first. While since Office 2013 releases, open and edit PDF file becomes so easy. We just need to open PDF with Word 2013, and then we could edit it in Word format and save it as Word or PDF.

So if Office 2013 has been installed on computer, the first and effective way to convert PDF to Word document, is to open PDF in Word 2013 and save it as Word document. Naturally, PDF is converted to Word instantly.

However, for other versions of Office Word, we need other ways to complete the file transition.

Way 1: Convert PDF to Word using Adobe Acrobat

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Click "File" and "Open".
  3. Select the file you would like to convert and click "Open" again.
  4. Begin to convert the file in one of two methods.
Method 1: Click on "File" and choose "Save As Other". Click the drop-down menu and select "Microsoft Word Document". Then click "Save".

Method 2: Click on "File" and then "Export". Select "Word Document", once a window pops up, name the document and click "Save".

Way 2: Use a free online Conversion service

convert PDF to Word with online free conversion service
  1. Find a free PDF to Word converter online. You'll be able to use an online converter to convert your PDF to a Word file without downloading any programs on your computer. Find a reliable and free website, such as "PDF to Word".
  2. Enter online conversion website. Click "Upload" to upload the PDF file, and then choose "Convert" option.
  3. Drag uploaded PDF file into the left pane under Convert window. And select "to Word (doc)" in the right pane. 
  4. Write down receive e-mail and click "Convert" button. After a while, you would get Word document through e-mail.
Above is one of online conversion services. Similarly, you could find another one by yourself. 

Way 3: Use a free Converter program

  1. Download a free converter program on your computer. Look online to find a free and reliable program, such as "Free PDF to Word Converter". Make sure the program doesn't require you to give up personal or financial information.
  2. Install the program on your computer. Once you've installed the program, you can begin to convert the PDF to a Word Document.
  3. Open the program.
  4. Click "Browse". This will allow you to look through your files to find the PDF file that you'd like to convert to a Word Doc. Browse through the files until you've found the one you want to use.
  5. Select and open the file.
  6. Select "General Options". Use this to change the options for the Word document. Click "All Pages" to convert every page in the PDF file into a Word Document. If you don't want to convert every page, just type the page numbers you'd like to convert.
  7. Click "Convert to Word Document". Wait for the PDF to covert.
  8. Save the new file. Once the PDF has been converted to a Word Document, save it in this format.
This seems like the perfect converter program for transfer PDF to Word. Well, it is introduced as an example, maybe you could find another one, so the steps to convert PDF to Word is probably different.

Part 3: Convert Word to PPT

Take Word 2013 as an example. Let’s see how to convert Word 2013 to PPT.

1. Click "File" in an open Word 2013 document. And click the last option "Options" in the list.
set Word 2013 options for conversion

2. In Word Options window, choose "Customize Ribbon".
set Customize Ribbon in Word 2013

3. In the drop-down list of "Choose commands from", select "Commands Not in the Ribbon".

4. In the following list, scroll down to find "Send to Microsoft PowerPoint".

5. Under the "Customize the Ribbon", click "New Group" to create a new group in Outlining option and then select "Send to Microsoft PowerPoint", and click "Add" button to add the selected to New Group. Click "OK" at last after all these settings made.

6. Click "View" on menu bar and choose "outlining". And then you would see "Send to Microsoft PowerPoint" in New Group at the right side of Outlining options.
send Word 2013 document to PowerPoint

7. Click "Send to Microsoft PowerPoint" and Word 2013 document will be open in PowerPoint 2013.
open Word 2013 document in PowerPoint

We just need to save this PowerPoint file and Word 2013 will be converted to PPT fully.

Part 4: Convert PPT to Word

PPT is the popular file format when we prepare to make a report in our work usually. It’s smart to use it in order to contact with others better in work. However, if we have to send these documents to viewers after PPT show, print all PPT file directly would seem waste. In addition, what viewers want is just the important part, word descriptions in PPT file. So how to take out word descriptions from PPT file? Following passage is going to introduce a simple way to convert PPT file to Word. We can try it even just for reducing cost for corporation. Now take latest Office version PowerPoint 2013 as example.

1. Run PowerPoint 2013 and open the PPT file that want to be converted.
2. Click File – Save As in open PPT file window.
PowerPoint 2013 save as other file type

In the Save As window, choose RTF from drop-down list "Save as type". Click "Save" button at last.
save PowerPoint 2013 as RTF

August 13, 2014

Which Version of Windows 8 Could I Choose to Install

Compared to Windows 7, there are only four versions for Windows 8 to choose, Windows 8 Standard, Windows 8 Professional, Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows RT. And these four versions satisfy the demand of common consumer, professional computer user, and enterprise user, which makes computer users’ choice easy.

Now see the simple introductions about Windows 8 versions.

Windows 8 Standard:

Generally, Windows 8 Standard is called Windows 8. For common computer user, Windows 8 is the best choice. Windows 8 provides bran-new Windows Store, Windows Resource Management, Task Management and other services only provided in previous Windows Ultimate and Enterprise. And you can choose appropriate language version according to your requirements.

Windows 8 Professional:

Also called Windows 8 Pro, a series of Windows 8 powerful technology are provided for technophiles and business/technical personnel, including encryption, virtualization, PC management and domain name connection etc. Compared with Windows 8 Standard, this version provides more functions, but they are not necessary for most general users.

Windows 8 Enterprise:

Besides the functions included in Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise also provides PC management and deployment, advanced safety and virtualization etc.

The special function in Windows 8 Enterprise introduced in details below:

  • Windows To Go: Enterprise user could get "Bring Your Own PC" experience, and user could run Windows 8 anytime with USB device, making Windows operational system, application and data gone with computer user.
  • DirectAccess:  Enterprise user could login enterprise Intranet without VPN. It helps manager maintain computer and update software.
  • BranchCache: It allows user to cache file, web page and other content, avoiding frequently repeated downloads.
  • AppLocker: Limit running file and application allowed by user groups to solve problem.
  • VDI enhanced edition: Bring enhancement in Microsoft Remote FX and Windows Server 2012, and rich experience for user because of 3D graphic display and touching device.
  •  New Windows 8 Application Deployment: Windows 8 Enterprise user could get the auto deployment of Windows 8 Metro application.

Windows RT:

This is new Windows system version. It would not be on sale individually, released only by pre-installation. There is optimized Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, but unfortunately not allowed other desktop software installation. Users have to create Metro application through WinRT development environment.

So according to the introduction above, now make a summarization to see which Windows system version applies to which kind of computer user.

Windows 8 version
Users Position
Common computer user
Professional computer user, technophiles
Enterprise user

After the installation of Windows 8, the next step is to activate Windows 8

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August 11, 2014

Can I Decrypt Encrypted PowerPoint File in My Laptop

"That’s so unfortunately. My PPT file encrypted with password couldn’t be open, while it would be shown at afternoon. How can I decrypt this PPT file without any damage effectively and instantly?"

A tool is an effective way to solve such problems on computer. If you could find a powerful password recovery tool for encrypted PowerPoint file, it would half the work with double results for PowerPoint file decryption.

Through certification, PowerPoint Password Genius is such powerful tool to decrypt encrypted PowerPoint file, PPT file or PPTX file.

Let’s do decrypt password protected PowerPoint file with PowerPoint Password Genius.

Step 1: Install PowerPoint Password Genius full version on computer.
Why choose full version? The trial version only could decrypt PowerPoint file set with password less than 3 characters, while full version can decrypt any PowerPoint file which is set with any complex password.

Step 2: Browse encrypted PowerPoint file on computer and import it into password tool.
Run PowerPoint Password Genius and click "Open" button to browse encrypted PowerPoint file on your computer. And then import it into password tool. You would see it in "Encrypted File" box.

Step 3: Select PowerPoint password attack method.
Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart are four password attack methods provided in PowerPoint Password Genius. Select one from them in drop-down box of "Type of attack".

When you have no information about PowerPoint lost password, select Brute-force and set password range and length for it.

When you have part of PowerPoint lost password, select Mask, and set "Mask" parameter.

There are several common password included in Dictionary. Select it if lost PowerPoint password is common.

If you have no idea to choose which one, select Smart attack. But if you want to find PowerPoint password faster, select previous three attack types according to lost password.

Step 4: Click "Start" button to recover encrypted PowerPoint file password.
After all the settings made up, click "Start" button on menu. Instantly, you could see PowerPoint password appearing in new window.
Copy it to save or open encrypted PowerPoint password. Now encrypted PowerPoint file has been decrypted.

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August 8, 2014

Could I Open Encrypted Outlook Data File without Password

Outlook data file is encrypted. But unfortunately, no outlook password is available to open it. How to open encrypted outlook data file?

As is known, third-party password recovery software could recover password easily and quickly. So if there is password recovery software available to recover Outlook password effectively?

Of course, there is, if you try your best to look for one that really could work. Outlook Password Genius could be one choice for outlook password recovery. It is used to recover outlook data file password and then you could open encrypted outlook data file with recovered password.

Now see how to recover Outlook data file password first.

Step 1: Install Outlook Password Genius full version on your computer and run it.

Step 2: Click "Open" button to import outlook file.
Click "Open" button and then browse encrypted outlook file in computer. When finding it out, open it. It would appear in "Encrypted File" box.
open encrypted Outlook file in Outlook Password Genius

Step 3: Select appropriate password attack type and make settings.
Password attack types are provided in the drop-down box of "Type of attack". Browse and select one suitable.

For example, if you remember part of outlook password, select Mask attack, and set "Mask" parameter. If you don’t have any information about password, select Brute-force attack, and then set password range and length for it. If the password for outlook file is regular, also could choose "Dictionary" and select "Dictionary file path" or confirm default path.
choose Mask password attack type for encrypted Outlook file

choose Brute-force password attack for Outlook file

choose Dictionary password attack for Outlook file

Step 4: Click "Start" button to recover outlook password.
open encrypted Outlook file with recovered password

How to open encrypted Outlook data file?

After you get outlook password in pop-up window, copy it and you could open Outlook data file in Microsoft Outlook. But please save outlook password in safe place. 

Could you open encrypted outlook data file when don't know password? Surely the answer is 'yes'. 

Video about how to open password protected Outlook files in Microsoft Outlook:

August 7, 2014

How to Open Password Protected Access Database without Password

In order to protect data in Access Database, setting password for database seems to be common. But something would not always be inevitable, such as access database password lost or forgotten. If it really happens, how can we open password protected access database?

Having browsed and searched password recovery tool for encrypted access database, we have found a tool worth to be tried to recover access database password.

iSunshare Access Password Genius is such password recovery tool. Just need to import password protected access database file into Access Password Genius, and select suitable password attack type, and then click “Start” button. Lost or forgotten access file password would be found. Now, with access password in hand, whether opening password protected access database becomes easy? Take a try, you would find.

So go on following to get detailed introductions about access password recovery with Access Password Genius.

1. Install Access Password Genius full version on your computer and run it.

The advantage of this way is convenient, effective and easy-to-use. Just access password recovery software is enough for access database file. And the software full version guarantees different kinds of access forgotten password could be recovered.

2. Import the access database file into password recovery program.

After the software is installed and run successfully on your computer, click "Open" button on program screen to browse and import access database file with password protection.
import password protected Access database file

recover password for protected Access database

3. Select password attack method for access password recovery.

Four different kinds of password attack methods are provided in this software, Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart. Which one should be chosen based on what have been known about access password. For example:
  • If part of access password is still remembered, select Mask attack please, and set "Mask" parameter for it.
    make Mask password attack settings
  • If having no idea about forgotten access password, Brute-force is suggested. Set password length and password range for it in purpose of reducing password recovery time.

4. Recover access database file password.

No matter imported access database file is MDB file or ACCDB file, click "Start" button and wait for access database file password being recovered.
About few seconds later, on new showing window, copy recovered access password and open Access database file in Microsoft Access.

Is it easy or effective enough? Believe the truth you see. Maybe there are other questions you want to know about access password recovery or Access Password Genius, now please go to following references to find answers.
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How to Open Password Protected Excel Worksheets without Password

"My Excel Worksheets are encrypted with strong password. But now the password used to open Excel Worksheets has been forgotten or lost."

How can I open the password protected Excel worksheets when no password available?

Should I get a password recovery tool to recover lost or forgotten excel worksheets password?

Now we make an example in following passage, introducing the steps for Excel password recovery in two parts. After the detailed introductions, believe you could find the appropriate way to open your protected Excel worksheets.
  • Part 1: Prepare Excel Password Genius and make settings for recovering Excel password.
  • Part 2: Recover Excel password and open password protected excel worksheets.

Part 1: Prepare Excel Password Genius and make settings for recovering Excel password.

1. Get Excel Password Genius and install it on your computer.
There are two versions, trial version and full version for selection. The Excel Password Genius trial version only could recover password less than 3 characters. While full version could recover all kinds of excel password no matter how complex forgotten excel password is.

2. Run password recovery tool and import password protected excel worksheets.
run Excel Password Genius program

import password protected Excel worksheet

Double-click Excel Password Genius to run it on your computer. And then click "Open" button to browse encrypted excel worksheets on your computer. Select password protected worksheet and open it. It would appear in "Encrypted File" box then.

3. Make password attack settings.
In drop-down box of "Type of attack", select the most appropriate password attack type for imported excel worksheets. And then make detailed settings for password attack type, Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart.
  • Brute-force: set password range and length.
  • Mask: mainly set "Mask" parameter.
  • Dictionary: set dictionary path or confirm default dictionary path.

Part 2: Recover Excel password and open password protected excel worksheets.

1. After all necessary settings have been made, click "Start" button to recover imported Excel worksheet password.
2. Instantly, a new window pops up with recovered excel password.
Copy recovered excel password, and open encrypted Excel worksheets with it. And then choose to save excel worksheets password on safe place or change Excel password for easy-to-remember, or remove Excel worksheets password protection. No matter which kind of password is set for excel, it should be back up.

Related video for reference:
Remove Excel Forgotten or Lost Password Effectively and Easily

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