November 10, 2013

How to Reset Windows 7 Password without Admin Account | Windows 7 Password Reset

Among all kinds of Windows user accounts, admin account (administrator) possesses highest privileges compared to other accounts. Besides creating user account, running programs, it also can change, remove forgotten user password. Because of these, we usually use administrator to reset Windows forgotten or lost password. But without admin account, how to reset Windows 7 password?
The followings are available ways for Windows 7 admin password reset
  1. Windows 7 Admin Password Reset with Recovery Disc
  2. Reset Windows 7 Administrator Password with Chntpw
  3. Reset Windows 7 Password with Installation CD

First Way: Windows 7 Admin Password Reset with Recovery Disc

Recovery disc, such as password reset disk, system recovery disc can reset Windows 7 admin password powerfully. And password reset disk can be created before Windows 7 computer locked or with Windows password recovery tool. System recovery disc also can be created with recdisc.exe when computer is available. 

1: How to reset Windows 7 admin password with password reset disk?

According to the introduction of password reset disk creation, there are two options for Windows 7 password reset with reset disk. 

  1-1 Password Reset Disk Created before Computer Locked
When you have created one reset disk, just on the Windows 7 login screen, click "Reset Password" link to go on Windows 7 password reset with following wizard. 

  1-2 Password Reset Disk created with tool
Insert it into your locked computer and set it boot from reset disk.
<1> If it is bootable USB, boot computer from USB drive;
<2> If it is bootable CD/DVD drive, boot computer from CD ROM.
Boot methods and boot key are different from different computers. So successfully boot your computer from reset disk means half of success.
When you see Windows password recovery tool – Windows Password Genius runs, choose Windows system and user account. And then click "Reset Password", actually the account's password will be removed. Also, you can create an account with admin privileges.

2: How to reset Windows 7 Admin Password with system recovery disc?

Believe that many people have ever used installation CD to restore Windows, including restore Windows account and password to early point. However, how to use system recovery disc to reset Windows 7 admin password?

Step 1: Set Windows 7 boot from system recovery disc, if you recovery disc is stored in CD, and you have set your Windows 7 boot from CD.

Step 2: Select language, time and keyboard preferences and click next, then select "Repair your computer", then it'll do some searching then choose "System Restore".

Step 3: Select and make sure restore point after you are sure everything is OK and click next then finish.

Step 4: In "Confirm your Restore Point" window, click Finish then Yes to next window, and then you will need to restart computer to complete system restore process.

Step 5: When your Windows 7 PC restarts, you can use the password available for restore point that you went back to. When you see "System Restore Completed Successfully", just click close to end system restore.

Maybe you lose some information data or programs during system restore, but you still reset Windows 7 admin password back to early point.

Second Way: Remove Windows 7 Administrator Password with Chntpw

1. Get Chntpw to a computer you can access.
2. Create a CD Windows password reset disk.
Unzip and get a Chntpw ISO file and burn the Chntpw ISO file to CD disc with a burn tool, for example, UltraISO.

3. Set locked computer boot from CD-ROM.
When power on the computer, press BIOS entry key to enter BIOS setting screen, and move CD-ROM to the first boot drive place. Save boot changes and boot your computer.

4. Reset Windows password to blank
4-1 Select the partition where Windows was installed on:
select 1 = show probable Windows (NTFS) partitions only
4-2 Select path and registry files
The default path Windows/system32/config is correct, so just press Enter to go on.
4-3 Select which part of registry to load, use predefined choices.
We want to reset password, so choose the first one: Password reset [SAM system security]
4-4 What to do with the user and password
Select 1 – Edit user data and passwords
4-5 Select a user to reset its password.
As you can see, there list all the user names and their password status. If you want to change Administrator password, type Administrator and press Enter.
4-6 Clear (blank) user password.
Of all the options of menu, the first one Clear (blank) user password is the most simple and effective option. Select 1 to clear Administrator password to blank instantly.
4-7 Password is cleared successfully.
When the Password cleared pops up, it means password has been cleared successfully.
Quit out and press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart computer, logging in to Windows without password.


Third Way: Reset Windows 7 Password with Installation CD

Similar to system recovery disc, Windows installation CD is another way to reset Windows 7 forgotten password, which restores Windows 7 to early back up point or reinstall Windows 7 again. 

Step 1: Insert Windows 7 installation CD into computer and set it boot from CD
As soon as you turn on PC, press DEL or F2 to enter BIOS setting screen. Move CD-ROM option to the first place of boot disk. Save and restart your PC, it will boot from CD instantly.

Step 2: Select Repair Windows and Get into Command Prompt
When your computer boots from the CD, you should click repair your computer option, then choose Command Prompt from various options.

Step 3: Recover Windows 7 Password with Commands
3-1 Type: copy c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe c:\
3-2 Type: copy /y c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe
3-3 Exit installation CD, and reboot your PC.

Step 4: Reset Windows 7 Password
While Windows login screen appears, press the Shift key 5 times to bring up the command line interface. Now type net user your name your new password.
Password reset work has finished so far. But sethc.exe has been covered. Now use the command c:\sethc.exe file back to c:\windows\system32\sethc.exe to restore the original sethc.exe file.

Of course, Windows 7 password will be reset, but some important data probably lose too. This is available but last way for Windows 7 password reset.

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