November 28, 2018

how to back up your iPhone through iTunes

Everyone will have the precious memory which is stored in the iPhone. When you see the photos, videos or messages, something unforgettable will come to your mind. Yet, there is no doubt that the iPhone has the large storage for the files. But I think all your data should be treated as much. It is necessary to backup iPhone data through iTunes. You should keep it as a habit to protect your important data.

Learn the definition of backup

Here comes to the question: what’s a backup? By definition, a backup for your iPhone will include everything: iPhone settings, app data and organization, iMessages, photos, videos and more. For iPhone users, they can back up the data through iCloud and iTunes. If you get used to backup data via iCloud, you can reach the data stored in the iCloud at anywhere only if you connect the iPhone with Wi-Fi. For the iTunes backup, it is possible to access with the help of a computer in that all data is kept safely on your Mac or PC.

backup iphone through itunes

Steps to make a backup using iTunes on iPhone

You can turn on the automatically back up following this way: access iTunes > Device icon > Summary > This computer > Encrypt [device] backup. You need to create the password for backup protection. And then click Done to accomplish the setting.

If you want to back up the iPhone manually via iTunes, here are the tutorials.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer. You can use the Mac or Windows PC.
Step 2: Run iTunes and you will find there is Device icon close to the category dropdown menu. Click it and choose Summary from the sidebar.
Step 3: Under the Manually Back Up and Restore, you will find the option Back Up Now. Click it and you will get the Done option to end this setting.

backup iphone through itunes

Extra tips: Forgot iTunes backup password, what can I do?

As we know that there will be a password set to protect the iTunes backup, you cannot access to the iTunes and reach the important data if you forgot the password. And there is no way to retrieve the iTunes backup password unless you utilize the third party software. iSunshare iTunes Password Genius is one of such iTunes backup password recovery software that can help to recover iTunes backup password. You just need to import the encrypted files and set the password recovery method, the software can automatically find your password.

iTunes backup password recovery software

All in all, it just cost you minutes to backup the iPhone through iTunes. But you can benefit a lot for a long time. Go and back up the impressive photos, videos, and messages now.

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November 14, 2018

Solved--my laptop is locked how I unlock it

Help! I am in terrible trouble. My HP laptop is locked how I unlock it. I failed to figure out the correct password. I need to login the laptop to get my preparation for the final exam! Is there any way I can unlock it without the password?”

In this situation, the users forgot the Windows login password and made the laptop locked. Here we carried out three methods which can help solved this issues.

Method 1: Unlock HP laptop with third party software

In this situation, we do not know which Windows system the HP laptop is installed. Therefore, the users can remove Windows password with the Windows password remove software. iSunshare WindowsPassword Genius is one of the such software that makes password remove easily.

How iSunshare Windows Password Genius can help unlock HP laptop?

Here, you should firstly prepare a USB and an accessible laptop for the password reset disk creation. It is also important to make the USB with enough capacity to store the software.

1.      Download the program on another accessible laptop and install it.
2.      Run the software and choose USB as the media type. Star the process of burning the password reset disk.
3.      Restart the locked laptop and press the boot key F9 all the time until it shows you the boot menu. Choose to boot the computer from USB device.
4.      Now you can see the iSunshare Windows Password Genius interface and choose the windows and users account. You need to click the Reset button and make the password empty. In this way, you remove the original password. Lastly, reboot the laptop so that you can enter without password to prepare your final examination.

remove HP laptop password

Method 2: Unlock HP laptop with a password reset disk

I doubt that when your laptop is locked, you are all in mess without knowing how to do. Actually, perhaps you have created a password reset disk before. At this time, you should calm down and find where the reset disk is. You can use it to reset the Windows password at once.

1.      Connect the disk with the locked laptop and restart it.
2.      When it asks you to enter the password, you can enter the wrong password for several times. In the end, you will get a notice on Reset Password.
3.      Follow the steps on Password Reset Wizard to reset the HP laptop password. The Password Reset Wizard will guide you to successfully reset the password.

reset HP laptop password

Of course, there are many other ways to reset or remove HP laptop Windows login password, such as factory reset. Considering that the users still need to the data to prepare the final exam, we do not recommend this way in that it will cost the loss of all computer data.

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