September 17, 2014

How to Retrieve SQL Server User Password

Not only SQL SA password is lost, but also users with systemadmin privileges are locked. And now Windows authentication mode is unavailable too. So terrible!

When you are in such situations, undoubtedly you would like to escape from it instantly. Even though original SQL Server user password couldn’t be retrieved, if we can retrieve a new user password for SQL, it will make us feel good.

However, how to get a tool to help recover SQL Server user password effectively and safely?

During choosing an effective tool or software, we can take these factors into consideration.
  1. Software function meets your requirements.
  2. Concise and user-friendly software interface and operation tips provided.
  3. Software is safe, legal publisher and powerful technology for data protection.
If there is one tool meeting these conditions, then we can take it to reset SQL Server user password.
With selection and comparison, we would find SQL Password Genius is such powerful but easy-to-use tool for SQL Server user password reset.

Now download and install it on computer. Get it from here:
Two versions are available, trial version and full version. You can download trial version directly from website, while it only could show SQL Server user. Full version needs payment, resetting SQL Server password with one click.

Step 1: Run SQL Password Genius on computer.

Step 2: Click "Open File" button to browse master database file and import it into recovery tool.

Step 3: Select SA account or other users shown in this tool, click "Reset" button and type new password in pop-up dialog for it.

If it doesn’t successfully reset user password, probably this tool is trial version or SQL Server service has not been closed before SQL Password Genius runs.

Step 4:  Exit SQL Password Genius, start SQL Server services, and you could login SQL Server with recovered SA account and password.

How is it? Does it do for you? If you want to try more other ways, see four ways to change SQL SA password.

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September 12, 2014

SQL Database in Recovery after SA Password Locked Out

Locked out of SQL Server because of SA password locked out, and couldn’t login SQL Server with Windows Authentication mode? What can we do to make SQL database recovery or password recovery?

Once SQL database recovery is mentioned, something always impresses us. Whenever you bring a database online, SQL Server goes through a recovery process. It seems to be boring if we want to access SQL database instantly at that moment.

However, if SA password has been locked out, we could make SQL database in recovery to reset SA password. And then login into SQL Server with new SA password. All these just need a tool, SQL Password Genius.

SQL Password Genius is a powerful tool to reset user password for SQL database in few seconds. No matter it is SA or other users with different privileges, just select it in SQL Password Genius and, click "Reset" button, it could be set with new password.

Now let’s go to see how this SQL password recovery tool makes SQL database/password recovery successful. This way applies to SQL Server all versions, including SQL Server 2014.

Precondition: SQL master database, SQL Password Genius, accessible computer with admin privileges.

Process of SQL Database in Recovery with Tool

1. Install SQL Password Genius (full version) on accessible computer.

This computer has been installed with Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012/2014. And SQL master database can be found.

Why we take full version? Because trial version only could import master database, but still could not reset password for database recovery.

2. Browse master database in computer and import it into tool.

By clicking "Open File" button in tool, you would access to computer and could browse SQL master database in computer. When you find it, click "Open" button to import it into SQL Password Genius.

3. Recover SQL Server Master Database.

As soon as master database is imported, all of its users for it also appear in this tool.

How to recover SQL master database and make it accessible? Just select user, general SA account in user list, and click "Reset" button to type new login password for SA. Master database file is also recovered at the same time.  Its logon user, SA password has changed.

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