November 4, 2013

Lost Login/Admin Password on HP Laptop Windows 8

Question from a HP laptop user:
"I have used Windows 7 HP laptop for 3 years. But after I upgrade Windows system to Windows 8, and created different kinds of login ways, and set different password for different login way, problems appear gradually. One day, when I  try to login into Windows 8, I suddenly couldn't think of which password set for which logon account. Picture password gestures have been forgotten totally too. I know I have been locked out of HP laptop, how can I reset lost Windows 8 login or admin password?"

Now we have to do is to find possible ways that can work for Windows 8 lost password reset for this HP laptop. In the description below, I will show some effective ways I have used for Windows 8 password reset.

1. HP Windows 8 Lost Password Reset with Reset Disk

This way requires Windows 8 password reset disk having been created before. When you can access HP laptop, password reset disk could be created in Control Panel, or press Win + F key combination to bring up the search page, and type "password reset" in the search box to find "Create a password reset disk" option. Next, we just need to follow password reset disk creation wizard to create one.

When you have had one Windows 8 password reset disk, and after you type wrong login password, there will be a message prompting you to "Reset Password" with password reset disk on logon screen.

Click the link on Windows 8 logon screen, and then click "Next". Insert password reset disk into HP laptop and choose it as password key disk. Click "Next" to go on resetting Windows 8 password following password reset wizard.

The above is one kind of password reset disk used for Windows admin password reset. Besides, there is other way to create one reset disk not on locked HP laptop. It is used when we have not prepared password reset disk, but we have been locked out of computer. That is a tool, Windows Password Genius Advanced.

Install and run it on another available computer with any operational system. And then find a bootable USB drive and insert it into this computer.  Click "Begin burning" to burn a password reset disk into USB drive.

After you have gotten one bootable USB reset disk, plug it into locked HP laptop. Press F9 to boot HP laptop from USB directly when you start laptop.
After laptop successfully boots from USB, you will see Windows Password Genius Advanced runs automatically. In the program screen, there are two options you have chosen, Windows and user. And then click “Reset Password” to remove user’s password.

2. Reset Windows 8 Admin Password with Other Ways

The above has introduced how to reset HP laptop admin lost password with reset disk. If you don’t want to use them, installation CD or repair disc also can reset Windows password. Compared with reset disk, they are a little difficult.

Or you can take it to computer repair shop, but the computer repairman usually restores your laptop to early backup point or reinstalls Windows system.

As we know, all the methods are available for Windows 8 lost admin password reset, but important data will probably lost or be damaged at the same time. If you don't want computer data lost or damaged, password reset disk is a better way.  

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