December 26, 2018

How to unlock an excel spreadsheet when forgot password

I had a problem on opening the password-protected Excel workbook recently. I asked the person who built the Excel for the password but he failed to remember it. My document is in Excel 2010 so that I search online about how to unlock an Excel spreadsheet. In the following, I will tell you my test in details.

how to unlock Excel

Test 1: Try to unlock the Excel with VBA mode

Just as the screenshots, I found the specific steps to open Excel file without the password. It said that you could enter the VBA mode to copy the code for password recovery. But I failed at the first step.

unlock Excel with VBA mode

When I opened my Excel spreadsheet, there was only a box asking me to enter the password. There was nothing when I entered Alt + F11. If I closed the file and did the operation again, I could open the Visual Basic Editor. However, there is nothing I need and I am unable to open the locked Excel. I gave up this way and summed up the reason: the failure may cause by the multiple sheets in my Excel document.

enter Excel password

Test 2: Recover the password with iSunshare Excel Password Genius

I know this Excel password recovery software from a forum. As I failed in the VBA mode which is recommended by most sites, I decided to try iSunshare Excel Password Genius. I had some doubts about whether it can recover my Excel password and whether it will damage my data. Considering this factor, I did not purchase the full version at once.

As they provide the free version that can recover the password within three characters, I downloaded it on my computer. At the same time, I created another password-protected Excel which I know the password. According to the tutorial, I added the encrypted Excel file and chose the password recovery method—Normal. As this is my first time and I know the password, I just set the details with the confirmation to All digits option. These can be done in minutes.

recover Excel forgotten password with Excel Password Genius

At last, I clicked the Start button and wondered whether it could give me the right password. To my surprise, I got the password result within minutes. Of course, I opened it directly to verify whether there was data loss. Luckily, nothing has been changed.

get the recovered password

You can guess what I do next. I purchased the full version in $19.95 without hesitation and get my complex password for the Excel workbook which I forgot the password. Attention, for this password recovery, it needs more time than the one I tested.

Test 3: Remove Excel password

I noticed that iSunshare also developed the Excel Password Remover that can help to remove the forgotten password within one click. Therefore, I think it would be a better way if it could help me remove Excel 2010 password. But I was told that it could only support MS Excel 97/2000/2003/XP. Hope it can be improved in the future.

December 3, 2018

How to recover iTunes backup password from PC

For iPhone users, iTunes backup is an important way for them to store photos, music and other data. And most of us will set a password to protect the iTunes backup data from stealing. It is super easy for you to get access to the backup with password. However, when you forgot iTunes backup password, the iPhone backup locked you out of the data you need, how to recover iTunesbackup password from PC? Most of us know that there is no way such as Apple online customer service to retrieve the password. In a situation like this, we summed up two methods here which is proved effective by other users.

Method 1: Test all possible passwords

In this situation, when we get the incorrect password message, what comes to our mind at the first time is to test all possible passwords we may use. For that there are a bulk of passwords using in our daily life, we may mix them up, you can write down the most frequently passwords you use and input it one by one to guess the right password. You can try:
how to recover iTunes password from PC

l  Your iCloud password or the Windows login password.
l  Your birthday or the Memorial Day.
l  The simple combination of digits and alphabets, such as abc123.
l  The social media login password or your phone number.
l  Ask your best friends or family to provide some passwords they know

Method 2: Use iTunes backup password recovery tool (Windows/Mac)

If you fail to think of the iTunes backup password, in order to help you out of the trouble, you should try the iTunes backup password recovery tool to begin the automatically guessing process. At this time, considering all aspects of the software, such as compatibility and price, most of the websites recommend iSunshare iTunes Password Genius, which is the most trust-worthy tool within the industry. There are two versions of this iTunes backup password recovery tool: Windows and Mac. In addition, the software is developed with four password recovery methods for user options. You can free download the iSunshare iTunes Password Genius Mac  trial version to have a test.

Here, I will take the Mac version of this iTunes backup password recovery tool as an example to show you how to process the automatically password recovery steps.

Step 1: Install the software on your Mac and run it.
For Mac users, they are familiar to the software install process. After downloading, you can drag the icon to the application folder and then click it to run the program.

Step 2: Import the encrypted iTunes backup files.

When you run the software, you will see the Open File button on the first line under the navigation bar. Click it and you can choose the iTunes backup file of your iOS device. If the software cannot detect your iTunes backup file, the software enables you to import the file manually by clicking Add File button.

how to recover iTunes password from PC

Step 3: Make a decision on the password recovery type

iSunshare iTunes Password Genius for Mac offers users four types: Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart. Just take the Brute-force as an example, you should click the Brute-force type and then give clues on the range, length, dictionary and so on.

how to recover iTunes password from PC

Step 4: Begin the password recovery process and get the password

It is super easy to make the software find the iTunes backup password for you. Click the Start button and you just need to wait for the last result. Once it successfully gets your right password, it will show it to you at once. Of course, if you have something emergency to do, you can stop the process and when you run it next time, it will continue it automatically.

how to recover iTunes password from PC

Now, you will never be puzzle about the how to recover iTunes backup password from PC. Go and have a test by yourself now.  

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November 28, 2018

how to back up your iPhone through iTunes

Everyone will have the precious memory which is stored in the iPhone. When you see the photos, videos or messages, something unforgettable will come to your mind. Yet, there is no doubt that the iPhone has the large storage for the files. But I think all your data should be treated as much. It is necessary to backup iPhone data through iTunes. You should keep it as a habit to protect your important data.

Learn the definition of backup

Here comes to the question: what’s a backup? By definition, a backup for your iPhone will include everything: iPhone settings, app data and organization, iMessages, photos, videos and more. For iPhone users, they can back up the data through iCloud and iTunes. If you get used to backup data via iCloud, you can reach the data stored in the iCloud at anywhere only if you connect the iPhone with Wi-Fi. For the iTunes backup, it is possible to access with the help of a computer in that all data is kept safely on your Mac or PC.

backup iphone through itunes

Steps to make a backup using iTunes on iPhone

You can turn on the automatically back up following this way: access iTunes > Device icon > Summary > This computer > Encrypt [device] backup. You need to create the password for backup protection. And then click Done to accomplish the setting.

If you want to back up the iPhone manually via iTunes, here are the tutorials.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to the computer. You can use the Mac or Windows PC.
Step 2: Run iTunes and you will find there is Device icon close to the category dropdown menu. Click it and choose Summary from the sidebar.
Step 3: Under the Manually Back Up and Restore, you will find the option Back Up Now. Click it and you will get the Done option to end this setting.

backup iphone through itunes

Extra tips: Forgot iTunes backup password, what can I do?

As we know that there will be a password set to protect the iTunes backup, you cannot access to the iTunes and reach the important data if you forgot the password. And there is no way to retrieve the iTunes backup password unless you utilize the third party software. iSunshare iTunes Password Genius is one of such iTunes backup password recovery software that can help to recover iTunes backup password. You just need to import the encrypted files and set the password recovery method, the software can automatically find your password.

iTunes backup password recovery software

All in all, it just cost you minutes to backup the iPhone through iTunes. But you can benefit a lot for a long time. Go and back up the impressive photos, videos, and messages now.

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November 14, 2018

Solved--my laptop is locked how I unlock it

Help! I am in terrible trouble. My HP laptop is locked how I unlock it. I failed to figure out the correct password. I need to login the laptop to get my preparation for the final exam! Is there any way I can unlock it without the password?”

In this situation, the users forgot the Windows login password and made the laptop locked. Here we carried out three methods which can help solved this issues.

Method 1: Unlock HP laptop with third party software

In this situation, we do not know which Windows system the HP laptop is installed. Therefore, the users can remove Windows password with the Windows password remove software. iSunshare WindowsPassword Genius is one of the such software that makes password remove easily.

How iSunshare Windows Password Genius can help unlock HP laptop?

Here, you should firstly prepare a USB and an accessible laptop for the password reset disk creation. It is also important to make the USB with enough capacity to store the software.

1.      Download the program on another accessible laptop and install it.
2.      Run the software and choose USB as the media type. Star the process of burning the password reset disk.
3.      Restart the locked laptop and press the boot key F9 all the time until it shows you the boot menu. Choose to boot the computer from USB device.
4.      Now you can see the iSunshare Windows Password Genius interface and choose the windows and users account. You need to click the Reset button and make the password empty. In this way, you remove the original password. Lastly, reboot the laptop so that you can enter without password to prepare your final examination.

remove HP laptop password

Method 2: Unlock HP laptop with a password reset disk

I doubt that when your laptop is locked, you are all in mess without knowing how to do. Actually, perhaps you have created a password reset disk before. At this time, you should calm down and find where the reset disk is. You can use it to reset the Windows password at once.

1.      Connect the disk with the locked laptop and restart it.
2.      When it asks you to enter the password, you can enter the wrong password for several times. In the end, you will get a notice on Reset Password.
3.      Follow the steps on Password Reset Wizard to reset the HP laptop password. The Password Reset Wizard will guide you to successfully reset the password.

reset HP laptop password

Of course, there are many other ways to reset or remove HP laptop Windows login password, such as factory reset. Considering that the users still need to the data to prepare the final exam, we do not recommend this way in that it will cost the loss of all computer data.

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October 31, 2018

Should I update to iOS 12 and how to do it?

After iOS 12 came into mobile market, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR is being the hot topic. From Apple newsroom, we know that iOS 12.1 will be available at the end of October. Now, we have the question: as iOS12 is released with powerful functions, why iOS 12.1 comes in such a short time? Does it mean that iOS 12 has something to be improved? And as the iPhone and iPad users, should I update to iOS 12 and how to do it?

Reasons—you should update to iOS 12

1.      Delightful experience in speed

The reason why many people desire to use iPhone or iPad is for its fast and responsive performance. As the developers have fixed most common iOS 11 bugs in iOS 12, it is up to 70% faster when you swipe to camera and 50% faster for keyboard display. When you launch app under heavy workload, it is up to 2x faster. Update to iOS 12, you can enjoy the unbelievable faster and more responsive experience in speed.

2.      Group FaceTime and Memoji & Animoji usage

Now, it is possible to group Facetime for up to 32 people at once with the dynamic UI. Moreover, you can use the vivid Memoji which you make it with your own personality in FaceTime to express yourself. There are also four new Animoji which can be used for FaceTime call. All these changes make FaceTime more useful and funny.

iOS 12 update

3.      Screen Time control

Sometimes, we will addict to the iPhone and iPad so that we forget everything we need to do as the using experience is extremely fantastic. The Screen Time function helps us know more about our activities on the device, such as the time spending on Facebook and the time playing games. In order to manage the limited time, you can set the control on how much time you should spend on certain apps. This feature also supports Family Sharing. In other words, you can take the Screen Time control of your kids’ device, such as setting limits on his time spending in the games. I think the parents will think highly of this function.

4.      Intelligent Siri for better life

With the new update, Siri becomes more intelligent so that it can recommend you to add custom shortcuts even using the third-party apps. For example, if you get used to enjoy a cup of coffee in Starbucks in the afternoon, Siri will learn your routine and give your suggestion on when to place your order from the Lock Screen. It is said that you can also make shortcuts work with your voice. Besides, Siri can help you do more to make your life better, such as find out the password for you in minutes.

5.      Smart control for the notifications

You will get annoyed when receiving constant notifications from the apps. In iOS 12, the notifications can be grouped together based on app or topic. You can also set Quiet notifications which will never bother you. Besides, the intelligent Siri can also give your suggestions about the alerts according to your interaction with them.

iOS 12 update

6.       Backup your password automatically

As we apply the unique and complicated password to every app and website to protect the information, it is common for us to forget the login password. But in iOS 12, you can get all passwords automatically created and saved in Safari and in apps. In this way, you will never worry about the password forgotten issues.

How do I update to iOS 12?

Step 1: Check whether your device is compatible with iOS 12 or not

If your device can run on iOS 11, it can also run on iOS 12. For the iPhone, iPad and iPod devices that support iOS 12, you can have a check according to the list comes from Apple official website.

iOS 12 update

Step 2: Create a backup for your data

In case of the data loss, you can your iDevice data to iCloud or iTunes. It is important to do the backup before your iOS update every time. As for the iCloud backup, you can login your account and click Back Up. For the iTunes backup, you need to run iTunes on computer and connect iDevice with it. Tap File>Devices>Backup and then wait for the backup finish.

Step 3: Update to iOS 12

There are two methods you can update your iDevices to iOS 12. One is to update them to iOS 12 wirelessly; the other is to update manually with iTunes. For the first method, you need to connect the Internet via Wi-Fi and make your iDevice full of power. Then choose Settings > General > Software Update> Download and Install > Install. If asked, enter your passcode.

iOS 12 update

As to the second method, you should download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer. After setting your iDevice connected with the computer, open iTunes and select your iDevice, choose Summary > Check for Update > Download and Update. At last, enter your passcode for your iOS device and wait for the end of update patiently.

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September 23, 2018

The Ultimate Guide to Create New Virtual Machine in Hyper-V Manager

Since Windows 8 released, Microsoft lets us create new virtual machine in Hyper-V manager to run multiple operating systems. Hyper-V is a virtualization production that based on hypervisor technology. After a long period of confusion, I discover the easiest way to set up VM in Hyper-V Windows 10.

How to Create New Virtual Machine in Hyper-V Manager Windows 10

Different from VirtualBox and VMware Workstation, Hyper-V is a Windows built-in feature that requires your computer supports virtualization technology. Besides, Hyper-V is suitable for all 64-bits versions in Windows 8 and later except for Windows Home edition.

Step 1: Enable virtualization in BIOS.

1. Hit hotkey, for instance, Delete to access BIOS settings;
2. Go to Security > System Security > Virtualization Technology and select Enable.

Step 2: Enable Hyper-V in Control Panel.

1. Type Turn Windows features on or off in the Windows search bar and hit Enter on the result;

2. Check the box of Hyper-V and tap on OK. Restart your computer to take effect.

Step 3: Create New Virtual Machine in Hyper-V Manager

1. Type Hyper-V in the search bar and select from the result.

2. Click on Action > New > Virtual Machine;

2. Follow the New Virtual Machine Wizard to create new VM in Hyper-V Manager. When asked about Installation Options, select Install an operating system from a bootable CD/DVD-ROM then locate to the ISO file.

If you want to create virtual machine with PowerShell, you can refer to How to Create a Virtual Machine with Hyper-V/ PowerShell in Windows 10.

September 17, 2018

3 Ways to Find Back Your Lost iTunes Password Easily

With so many accounts and passwords online, are you able to figure out the signing up iTunes password and the related details? We both will feel confused when we failed in the login page as if the password is bound to be right in our mind. Thus, there is no doubt that many people search for the password recovery methods to get back their iTunes account or reset its password.

3 Ways to Find Back Your Lost iTunes Password Easily

Here we will share the 3 ways to find back your lost or forgotten iTunes password. After reading this article, you will know how easy it is to reset iTunes password and access your account as well as recover your original account.

Top 1: Reset forgotten iTunes password with Apple online service

Apple website ( offers the after-sales services for you to reset the forgotten password. You can quickly get back your account with the Gmail or a set of security question.

i.              Go to the Apple ID account page and find the option of “forgot Apple ID or password.”

forget iTunes password

ii.              Enter your iTunes account and click Continue to go ahead.

forget iTunes password

iii.              Select the way you want to unlock account. You can choose the email method or security questions.

unlock iTunes

iv.              Reset your iTunes password :

1.      If you choose to unlock your account via the email, you will get an email with the directions to reset the iTunes password. You just need to check the email account and click the “Reset your Apple ID” link in the email to access the reset page. You just need to follow the steps to set the new password to update your account.

reset iTunes password

2.      If you prefer to reset the password through the security question, the website will ask you to give answers to a series of questions. When all of your answers accord with the account details, it will lead you to reset the new password.

reset iTunes password

Top 2: Take advantage of Apple’s Two-step Verification to get back your account

This method only suits to the people who have set up the two-step verification in this website: . You just need to visit the website and enter the Recovery key which is provided when you enabled two-step verification. Then, you can choose a reliable device which Apple will send it the verification code. And you need to enter the verification code on the website and click “Next”. Finally, you will be brought to set a new password for your account.

reset iTunes password

Top 3: Ask Apple Support for help

If you failed to reset the password because your email is invalid and the answers to the security question are uncorrected, as well as you did not set the Two-Step verification, what can you do to find back your account? To recover iTunes Passcode, the most direct way in this situation is ask for Apple customer support to help you. You just need to visit this page:  and choose your country to retrieve the contact number of Apple support. In this way, you can reflect your problems to their CS agent which will help you to solve the issues until your get back your account.

reset iTunes password

Useful tip: how do I find out my iTunes backup password?

What do we mean by iTunes backup password? It is the password you set up to protect the iTunes backup data. When you lost iTunes backuppassword, you can access iTunes center but unable to recover the backup data. iSunshare iTunes Password Genius is highly recommend to you as it can help you to recover iTunes backup password without data loss and helps you to restore contacts, calendars, notes and etc., with iTunes backup.

l  Free download the software and launch it after installation. Click “Open” button to add the encrypted iTunes backup file.
l  Select the password recovery method: Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart.
l  Set the corresponding recovery details
l  Click “Start” to begin the recovery process. And you will get the password after few minutes.

recover iTunes backup password

So, do you know how to unlock iTunes account and recover iTunes backup password now? It is easy if you make efforts to find out the solutions. Hope you are out of the problems now!

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September 7, 2018

Locked out of Laptop Windows 10, What is the Best Way to Reset Login Password?

"Help! I locked myself out of my laptop, how can I re-access it without deleting my photos or movies? " Even though we can see many walkarounds written on the internet for such questions, but for computer newbies, Such questions still sticky. So let's see, what is the best way to reset login password after locked out of laptop Windows 10?

Option 1: Fix "Locked out of Laptop Windows 10" with Reset Disk 

The reset disk, which must create when laptop is accessible Windows 10. If you have one, it must be the most convenient way to get into laptop after locked out of Windows 10.

Step 1: Click the "Reset password" link.

Step 2: Then the Password Reset Wizard window would pop up, follow the wizard to create a new password for the locked laptop Windows 10.

Option 2: Repair "Locked out of Laptop Windows 10" by Installation Disc

Go to Microsoft website to download Windows USB DVD Download Tool to another accessible PC.

Step 1: After copy the Windows 10 ISO file to a blank USB/ DVD drive, you can plug it into your locked laptop.

Step 2: Set it to boot from the installation disc in the BIOS.

Step 3: In the installation screen, hit Shift + F10. The command prompt window will show you.

Step 4: Type the following commands to copy utilman.exe and replace utilman.exe with cmd.exe.

  • move d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\
  • copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

Step 5: Input "wpeutil reboot" to restart.
Step 6: Click the ease of access icon and run "net user <username> <password>". Now your password has reset.

Step 7: Reboot laptop from Windows 10 installation disc again. Execute "copy c:\utilman.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe" to put the cmd.exe back.

Option 3: Utilize Recovery Tool to Reset Password after Locked out of Laptop Windows 10

Here comes the third option, a super easy and comprehensive software that can reset user's password or create a new local admin account with new password after locked out of laptop in Windows 10. That is iSunshare Windows Password Genius, it can reset forgotten passwords for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP, and Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003. What's more, it allows users to create a password reset disk on Windows computer, Mac, or an Android phone. Just take it easy, it won't damage your files.

Step 1: Download iSunshare Windows Password Genius to a Windows PC, Mac, or Android and create a Windows password reset disk.

Step 2: Start or restart your laptop and get into BIOS settings. Set the Windows password reset disk as the first boot option.

Step 3: You will see a screen like the image below. Select the Windows and users that you want to reset your password. Tap on Reset password to reset it. Click on Reboot to re-access your laptop.


The reset disk is the easiest way to reset login password; however, it must be pre-created when laptop is accessible. Furthermore, most people don't realize the importance of the reset disk. When it comes to installation disc, it is a little bit complicated, especially for newbies. Even though you are familiar with computers, you still have to know the location of utilman.exe and cmd.exe to run the commands. On the whole, reset password with iSunshare Windows password is the best way after locked out of laptop. There would be a version suitable for you.

September 5, 2018

How to Restore Lenovo ThinkPad to Factory Settings without CD - Guide for Windows 7, 8, 10

Lenovo ThinkPad is the most widely used laptop in business. The same as other computers, it provides some easy ways for users to wipe system operation if you get a blank/blue screen. So, there is no need to reinstall Windows or send ThinkPad back to the factory. Here are two way to restore Lenovo ThinkPad to factory settings without CD in Windows 7, 8, 10.

Note: Backup everything you can to other places especially drive C to avoid data loss.

Restore Lenovo ThinkPad to Factory Settings without CD by OneKey Recovery

When Lenovo ThinkPad laptop is not accessible, you can restore it with OneKey Recovery.

Step 1: Shut down Lenovo ThinkPad laptop then click on Novo button. Generally, the Novo button may near the power-button or in the left side of the laptop.

Step 2: In the Novo Boot Menu dialog, select System Recovery.

Step 3: When the OneKey Recovery window appears on the screen, select restore from initial backup or user's backup. Wait until it restores to factory reset completely, you can re-configure the settings.

Restore Lenovo ThinkPad to Factory Settings if it is accessible

If you can still access the desktop normally, you can restore Lenovo ThinkPad to factory settings via
Windows built-in features if without CD.

Reset Lenovo ThinkPad to Factory Settings without CD Windows 7

Step 1: Boot or reboot Lenovo ThinkPad laptop, hit F8 in the meantime to get into the Advanced Boot Options.

Step 2: Select Repair Your Computer. In the System Recovery Options window, click on System Restore and then follow the wizard to restore Lenovo ThinkPad to factory settings.

Reset Lenovo ThinkPad to Factory Settings without CD Windows 8

Step 1: Move your mouse to the right margin and click on Settings > Change PC Settings.

Step 2: Under the General tab, click on Get started.

Step 3: In the Reset your PC window, click Next to restore Lenovo ThinkPad to factory settings.

Reset Lenovo ThinkPad to Factory Settings without CD Windows 10

Step 1: Click on Start > Settings> Update & Security > Recovery > Get started.

Step 2: Select Fully clean the drive.