November 8, 2013

How to Bypass Password for Acer Laptop Windows 7 | Forgot Windows 7 Password

Forgot Acer laptop Windows 7 password for login, how can I bypass it to access Windows 7 Acer laptop?

Four methods are provided here for you to bypass Windows 7 laptop forgotten password.

Method 1: Bypass Windows 7 Password via Administrator Account

User Account Management panel offers friendly UI to manage user account profile, which is easier to accept by computer beginners.

Step 1: Open User Account Management through this path.
Control Panel\User Accounts and Family Safety\User Accounts\Manage Accounts

Step 2: Click the user account you want to change its password, and then a sub panel "Change an Account" is opened.

Step 3: Click "Remove the password" on the left of panel.

remove windows 7 password

Step 4: When "Remove Password" panel opens, and click "Remove Password" button again to complete the password resetting operation.

Method 2: Bypass Windows 7 Forgotten Password with CMD

With Net User command, you can bypass windows 7 user password easily if you can log on windows 7 with another user who has administrator privilege. Net User command is also used in windows 8/Vista/XP and Windows server 2000/2003/2008. Now, you can reset a user password in two steps below:

Step 1: Launch Command Prompt:
Start -> In search box, type in: cmd.exe -> Right click cmd.exe on search result -> Run as administrator.
Tips:  If you are login windows with administrator user, you can run cmd.exe directly without "Run as administrator".

reset windows 7 forgotten admin password

Step 2: On Command Prompt, type in: Net user <user name> <new password>.
Tips: Replace <user name> with user name, and replace <new password> with password. When get message "Command completed successfully", it means the password has been reset successfully.

Method 3: Bypass Windows 7 Laptop Password in Safe Mode

When Windows 7 was installed, a built-in account named administrator was created at the same time. The Administrator account has a blank password until you create a new password for it. So it is easier and safer to bypass Windows 7 login password in Safe Mode when forgot Windows 7 admin password. Now we try to login Windows 7 with administrator account.

Step 1: Boot or reboot your Windows 7 pc.
Step 2: Press F8 repeatedly until the Windows Advanced Options Menu screen appears.
Step 3: Select "Safe Mode" in the coming screen, and then Press Enter.
Step 4: Log in with "Administrator" account until you see login screen. Click "Start > open the control panel > users accounts", and reset any user password. Now, you have bypassed Windows 7 administrator password.

reset windows 7 admin password in safe mode

If the administrator account is inactive or set the password, we cannot use the above methods to bypass windows 7 forgotten password. We should use Method 4.

Method 4: Bypass Acer Laptop Password through Windows Password Recovery Disk

Windows password recovery disk can be created before you forgot Windows 7 login or admin password for Acer laptop. But if you have not created one, Windows Password Genius can help you to burn it into bootable USB drive or CD/DVD ROM.

1. Download and install Windows Password Genius on your another available computer. When it is installed successfully, run it and insert bootable USB drive into it. 

2. Choose USB as media type and click “Begin burning” to burn a Windows password recovery disk. If it is burned into USB successfully, a message will prompt you. And then exit USB from available computer.

Now Windows password recovery disk has been created with password recovery tool, the following operations are to set laptop boot from it and remove forgotten Windows 7 password when you are locked out of Acer laptop.

3. Take USB reset disk plugging into Acer laptop, and then boot it from USB. Press F12 when you start Acer laptop and enter Boot Option Menu. And then choose USB to boot Acer laptop.
4. Remove Forgotten Windows 7 password for Acer laptop
When you see Windows Password Genius runs, it means just need another step to finish Windows 7 password reset. That is to click “Reset Password”. And Windows forgotten 7 password will be blank.

recover windows 7 password with recovery tool

Reboot Acer laptop and exit USB, and you can sign into Windows 7 laptop bypassing password.

Now, do you still feel that bypass Windows 7 password is difficult and no way to solve it? Try these methods, and you will change your opinions.

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