December 26, 2018

How to unlock an excel spreadsheet when forgot password

I had a problem on opening the password-protected Excel workbook recently. I asked the person who built the Excel for the password but he failed to remember it. My document is in Excel 2010 so that I search online about how to unlock an Excel spreadsheet. In the following, I will tell you my test in details.

how to unlock Excel

Test 1: Try to unlock the Excel with VBA mode

Just as the screenshots, I found the specific steps to open Excel file without the password. It said that you could enter the VBA mode to copy the code for password recovery. But I failed at the first step.

unlock Excel with VBA mode

When I opened my Excel spreadsheet, there was only a box asking me to enter the password. There was nothing when I entered Alt + F11. If I closed the file and did the operation again, I could open the Visual Basic Editor. However, there is nothing I need and I am unable to open the locked Excel. I gave up this way and summed up the reason: the failure may cause by the multiple sheets in my Excel document.

enter Excel password

Test 2: Recover the password with iSunshare Excel Password Genius

I know this Excel password recovery software from a forum. As I failed in the VBA mode which is recommended by most sites, I decided to try iSunshare Excel Password Genius. I had some doubts about whether it can recover my Excel password and whether it will damage my data. Considering this factor, I did not purchase the full version at once.

As they provide the free version that can recover the password within three characters, I downloaded it on my computer. At the same time, I created another password-protected Excel which I know the password. According to the tutorial, I added the encrypted Excel file and chose the password recovery method—Normal. As this is my first time and I know the password, I just set the details with the confirmation to All digits option. These can be done in minutes.

recover Excel forgotten password with Excel Password Genius

At last, I clicked the Start button and wondered whether it could give me the right password. To my surprise, I got the password result within minutes. Of course, I opened it directly to verify whether there was data loss. Luckily, nothing has been changed.

get the recovered password

You can guess what I do next. I purchased the full version in $19.95 without hesitation and get my complex password for the Excel workbook which I forgot the password. Attention, for this password recovery, it needs more time than the one I tested.

Test 3: Remove Excel password

I noticed that iSunshare also developed the Excel Password Remover that can help to remove the forgotten password within one click. Therefore, I think it would be a better way if it could help me remove Excel 2010 password. But I was told that it could only support MS Excel 97/2000/2003/XP. Hope it can be improved in the future.

December 3, 2018

How to recover iTunes backup password from PC

For iPhone users, iTunes backup is an important way for them to store photos, music and other data. And most of us will set a password to protect the iTunes backup data from stealing. It is super easy for you to get access to the backup with password. However, when you forgot iTunes backup password, the iPhone backup locked you out of the data you need, how to recover iTunesbackup password from PC? Most of us know that there is no way such as Apple online customer service to retrieve the password. In a situation like this, we summed up two methods here which is proved effective by other users.

Method 1: Test all possible passwords

In this situation, when we get the incorrect password message, what comes to our mind at the first time is to test all possible passwords we may use. For that there are a bulk of passwords using in our daily life, we may mix them up, you can write down the most frequently passwords you use and input it one by one to guess the right password. You can try:
how to recover iTunes password from PC

l  Your iCloud password or the Windows login password.
l  Your birthday or the Memorial Day.
l  The simple combination of digits and alphabets, such as abc123.
l  The social media login password or your phone number.
l  Ask your best friends or family to provide some passwords they know

Method 2: Use iTunes backup password recovery tool (Windows/Mac)

If you fail to think of the iTunes backup password, in order to help you out of the trouble, you should try the iTunes backup password recovery tool to begin the automatically guessing process. At this time, considering all aspects of the software, such as compatibility and price, most of the websites recommend iSunshare iTunes Password Genius, which is the most trust-worthy tool within the industry. There are two versions of this iTunes backup password recovery tool: Windows and Mac. In addition, the software is developed with four password recovery methods for user options. You can free download the iSunshare iTunes Password Genius Mac  trial version to have a test.

Here, I will take the Mac version of this iTunes backup password recovery tool as an example to show you how to process the automatically password recovery steps.

Step 1: Install the software on your Mac and run it.
For Mac users, they are familiar to the software install process. After downloading, you can drag the icon to the application folder and then click it to run the program.

Step 2: Import the encrypted iTunes backup files.

When you run the software, you will see the Open File button on the first line under the navigation bar. Click it and you can choose the iTunes backup file of your iOS device. If the software cannot detect your iTunes backup file, the software enables you to import the file manually by clicking Add File button.

how to recover iTunes password from PC

Step 3: Make a decision on the password recovery type

iSunshare iTunes Password Genius for Mac offers users four types: Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary and Smart. Just take the Brute-force as an example, you should click the Brute-force type and then give clues on the range, length, dictionary and so on.

how to recover iTunes password from PC

Step 4: Begin the password recovery process and get the password

It is super easy to make the software find the iTunes backup password for you. Click the Start button and you just need to wait for the last result. Once it successfully gets your right password, it will show it to you at once. Of course, if you have something emergency to do, you can stop the process and when you run it next time, it will continue it automatically.

how to recover iTunes password from PC

Now, you will never be puzzle about the how to recover iTunes backup password from PC. Go and have a test by yourself now.  

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