January 4, 2017

How to Change or Remove Excel Sheet Password Protection

If your excel sheet has been protected with a password, whether you can change or remove it?

As we know, worksheet password can be changed or removed easily by anyone who knows the current password.

1. Remove Worksheet protection password with "Unprotect Sheet" command:

1-1 Open your excel workbook that contains excel sheet you need to remove protection.

1-2 Click the sheet tab in workbook and tap on "Review > Changes > Unprotect Sheet".

1-3 Enter password in "Unprotect Sheet" dialog and click OK to confirm sheet protection password removal.

2. Change Worksheet protection password with "Protect Sheet" command:

2-1 Select the sheet in workbook and click "Review > Protect Sheet" command in Changes group.

2-2 In "Protect Sheet" dialog, check the options you want to allow all users of this worksheet to do. Then type a new password to protect sheet and click OK.

2-3 Retype the password in Confirm Password dialog and click OK. 

But if you don’t know or have forgotten excel sheet password, how can you remove and change?

As is known, if you forget or lose password, Microsoft can’t retrieve it for you. So the methods "Unprotect Sheet" command talked about above would not help to remove excel worksheet password protection.

What we can do only is to find an effective method that can unprotect excel sheet without password. So that excel sheet protection would be removed automatically. Here I just want to share you powerful software, iSunshare Workbook Unprotect Genius, which could easily remove sheet protection password with one click.

Remove excel sheet protection password with software:

Step 1: After launching Workbook Unprotect Genius full version on computer, click "Open" button to import protected excel file (including the excel sheet you want to remove password).

Tips: Please make sure the excel file should be .xlsx format. If not, convert excel file to this format at first.

Step 2: Click Remove Password button and excel sheet protection password is removed.

And then if you want to change the excel sheet protection password, just make full use of Protect Sheet command in Excel Review > Changes tab.

Note: It is worth mentioning that this software also could remove workbook protection password and read-only password at the same time. 

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