January 6, 2020

How Do I Get Rid Of Someone Else’s Apple ID on My iPhone without Password?

“Considering the budget, I got a second-hand iPhone 8 online. However, I found that the original Apple ID is still associated with the iPhone so that I cannot update apps on the app store. How do I get rid of someone else’s Apple ID that is not mine?”
get rid of someone else's Apple ID on my iPhone without passcode

Yes, when you update the app and it asks for the password for the previous Apple ID account, there must be an App that is downloaded with that person’s Apple ID. And it is obvious that the person does not remove all apps and data from your iPhone.  In this situation, you are not in full control of the iPhone. What you need to do is remove the Apple ID from the iPhone without the previous owner’s password. You can try the method below.

How to Remove Apple ID from iPhone without Password after Restore

What you need is a tool named as iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius. This software is capable of removing Apple ID easily within simple clicks. To use iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius, you do not need any special technical skills. What will happen if you use iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius to get rid of someone else’s Apple ID? All the data in the iPhone will be erased and you can activate the iPhone with a different Apple ID or create a new iCloud account to enjoy all Apple services. Of course, it is convenient for you to purchase and download games and apps from the iTunes store because there is only your Apple ID linked to the iPhone.

Step 1: After launching iSunshare iPhone Passcode Genius, you can select the Remove Apple ID mode.

select Remove Apple ID

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the computer. Then enter the screen passcode and click “Trust” option on the iPhone.

enter screen passcode and trust your computer

Step 3: Click “Start” to remove Apple ID. If the Find My iPhone feature is already disabled on the iPhone, the program will start removing the Apple ID immediately.

remove Apple ID without Find My iPhone on

If Find My iPhone is on, you need to reset all setting on iPhone. Then the software will help you to remove the Apple ID instantly.

remove Apple ID with Find My iPhone on

Step 4: Just in a moment, you will get the iPhone associated Apple ID removed successfully.

Remove Apple ID successfully

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