March 16, 2017

What to Do If Forgot Windows 10 Administrator Password

If forgot Windows 10 administrator password, how can you access computer and run programs with admin privileges? Here three options could help you.
  • 1. Change the way to log into Windows 10
  • 2. Reset or remove Windows 10 administrator forgotten password
  • 3. Create new administrator without Windows 10 login 

Option 1: Change the way to login Windows 10

Besides the forgotten administrator password, have you created other sign-in options for this administrator, such as PIN and Picture password? If the answer is yes, don’t hesitate to choose the sign-in options and access computer with them.

login windows 10 with administrator sign-in options

Besides the administrator you have forgotten password, is there built-in administrator, other local administrator or Microsoft account on Windows 10 login screen? If there is, try to login Windows 10 with them, which will also give you administrative privileges.

sign in windows 10 with another account

Even though you have none of them, it doesn’t matter. You still have the chance to reset forgotten Windows 10 administrator password or create new administrator without login.

Option 2: Reset or remove Windows 10 administrator password after forgot

If you forgot administrator password in Windows 10, a link "Reset password" would appear under password input box after wrong password entering. This link would guide users to reset forgotten Windows 10 administrator password with reset disk created previously. Surely, if no reset disk has been created for this administrator before, you should find other ways to reset forgotten Windows 10 password instead.

reset password after windows 10 administrator password forgot

1. Click the link Reset password and insert pre-created password reset disk.

2. Click Next button on pop-up Password Reset Wizard dialog.

reset windows 10 administrator password with disk

3. Select password recovery disc and click Next button.

4. Reset a new password for administrator and tap on Next and Finish button.

After that, exit password reset disk, and you can type new administrator password on login screen to sign in computer. This is the easiest way that Microsoft provides us to reset Windows 10 password after locked out of computer. But not all of us have realized the importance of the problem until they also find Windows administrator password forgot on their own computer.

At this time, I think we just could create a password reset disk with third-party software. For example, iSunshare Windows Password Genius could burn such a disc on any available Windows computer, Mac, or Android phone and this recovery disc could reset any forgotten Windows password.

Follow Windows Password Genius user guide to reset Windows 10 administrator password.

reset windows 10 administrator password without disk

Option 3: Create new administrator without Windows 10 login

If you have tried Windows Password Genius Advanced, you would find there is also an option "Add User" that could easily create new administrator with default password. It is recommended to create new administrator when locked out of Windows computer.

Moreover, you can try Windows 10 installation disc to create new administrator with command. Why?

1. When Windows 10 boots from system installation disc, we can run command prompt with combination key Shift + F10, where we can switch the location of cmd.exe and utilman.exe, or replace utilman.exe with cmd.exe.

change the meaning of ease of access icon

2. Boot Windows 10 normally then and on login screen, we can click the icon "Ease of access" (utilman.exe). So command prompt could be run instead of utility manager to reset Windows 10 password or create new administrator with net user command.

create new windows 10 administrator without login

Command to reset Windows 10 administrator password:
net user <administrator> <new password>

Command to create new Windows 10 administrator:
net user <username> /add
net localgroup administrators <username> /add

About details, please see the topic about creating Windows 10 new administrator without login. As long as you follow above three options, there would be no worry even Windows 10 administrator password forgot.

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