February 6, 2017

Forgot Windows 10 Login Password and Have No Disk

Forgot Windows 10 login password and there is no password reset disk, how can you recover or remove Windows 10 forgotten password to sign in computer?

If Windows 10 login account is Microsoft account, it really doesn't matter whether you have a password reset disk or not. Microsoft has provided service for Windows 8/8.1/10 users to reset the Microsoft account password without any other help.

But if Windows 10 is set for login with local user account, you should consider this problem sincerely. As we know, password reset disk is the common and free way to reset forgotten Windows password.

However, it doesn't mean you have the only way to get password reset disk. Suppose you really have not created such windows password reset disk on available computer for Windows 10 login user, don’t be anxious. Now lots of programs have taken this into consideration and could make a password recovery disk on another computer when your PC or laptop is locked.

Create Windows 10 Password Reset Disk with iSunshare Program

Step 1: Get iSunshare program Windows Password Genius Advanced.

It had better be full version, so you can successfully remove Windows 10 login password.

Step 2: Install and run the program on an accessible Windows computer.
Note: Windows Password Genius also supported to create reset disk in Mac or Android phone.

Step 3: Plug prepared bootable USB flash drive into the computer.

Step 4: Select media type USB device on iSunshare program.

select media type to create reset disk

Step 5: Choose USB flash drive from drop-down list next to Begin burning button.

select plugged disk burning device

Step 6: Click on Begin burning and Yes to create a USB password reset disk for Windows 10.

After burning successfully, click OK and get out of USB flash drive from accessible computer.

create windows 10 password reset disk successfully

Note: This password reset disk would not only remove windows 10 local user password, but also reset Windows 10 Microsoft account password at the same time.

How to use the password reset disk for Windows 10 login password reset or remove?

1. Insert password reset disk into locked Windows 10 computer.

3. When iSunshare program runs on locked computer, and lists all the login users and their password status, select the login user you need to reset or remove password, and click on Reset Password button.

select windows 10 login user

4. Click Yes on pop-up dialog when you are asked "Do you want to set this user password to blank?" Then Windows 10 login password is removed.

confirm to remove windows 10 login password

Also you can select Microsoft account and reset its password. Or click "Add User" to create new administrator for Windows 10 logon.

5. Now click "Reboot" button and click Yes tab on following dialog. Before computer successfully restarts, please exit password reset disk. Otherwise, you would need to remove Windows 10 login password again.

reboot to make password remove effective

Besides password reset disk, actually you can find other methods that also could help to reset Windows 10 login password as long as the sign-in account is local user.

1. Built-in administrator, other administrator or local user with admin rights
2. Other sign-in options for this login user, such as PIN code, picture password etc
3. Windows 10 installation disc and command prompt

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