May 26, 2014

How to Recover Locked Office Document Password

If Office document is locked, how can you recover Office document password and unlock it? For example, your Microsoft Word open password, write password or protection password, MS Excel open password or write password etc is lost, how could you do?

So now, in order to share ideas with people who encounter such problem, we summarize two methods to recover locked Office document password in this passage. Find one matching password recovery tool only working for one kind of Office file, such as Word or Excel. Or look for Office Password Genius to recover all kinds of locked Office file password.
  • Method 1: Find Appropriate Password Recovery Tool for All Kind of Office File
  • Method 2: Recover Office File Password with Office Password Genius

Method 1: Find Appropriate Password Recovery Tool for All Kinds of Office File 

For example, if your MS Word file is locked, download and install MS Word Password Genius on your computer to run. Or if MS Excel data is locked, crack Excel password with Excel Password Genius. There is always one matching password recovery tool for every kind of Office file. Their operations are similar, even though they are different recovery tools, the principles of them are the same. Therefore, let's take Microsoft Excel unlocked with Excel Password Genius as example.

Step 1: Install and run Excel Password Genius on your computer.
Tips: There are two versions of Excel Password Genius. Trial version, only could recover password less than 3 characters. So if the password is simple enough less than 3 characters, you could get trial version to crack Excel worksheet password. But if your Excel password is very complex or long, please select Excel Password Genius full version.

Step 2: Click Open button to import locked Excel file.
Click Open button on menu, browse locked Excel file our computer and import it into software.

Step 3: Choose password recovery type and recover Excel password.
Select one appropriate recovery type. And set parameter for it. At last, click Start button to recover Excel password. And instantly, a new window would pop up with Excel file open password.

Other kinds of Office file password recovery tools, such as Word Password Genius, are similar to recover Excel password like above.

Method 2: Recover Office File Password with Office Password Genius 

Not like Excel Password Genius, Office Password Genius is one recovery tool bundle for all kinds of Office files on your computer.

Step 1: Install Office Password Genius on computer where locked Office files are.

Step 2: Open locked Office file with the Office password recovery tool.
Click Open button on menu, and browse locked Office file on your computer and then import it.

Step 3: Set password recovery type to recover Office file password best.
According to Office password characters and select one appropriate password recovery type. And then click Start button. Instantly, password would pop up in new window.

After you get forgotten or lost Office password, locked Office file has been cracked. Now you can choose to save Office password or open locked Office file you ever look forward to doing that.

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May 21, 2014

How to Make Windows 7 Security Settings on UAC

Most of us probably have confronted with such situation. That is no matter which kind of user account we login Windows with, system administrator or local standard user, UAC prompting message always pops up when we prepare to install software on Windows 7 or change Windows system settings.

Actually, it protects our computer sometimes, but sometimes it disturbs operations on Windows 7 computer. So some impatient computer users may want to close UAC for convenience directly. However, it is really suitable to close UAC at our will?

It is surely not and it is not necessary. Because compared to Windows Vista, the UAC on Windows 7 has made a progress on work principles and level settings. With the active defense function provided by Windows 7 UAC, malicious software can be forbidden running automatically in the Windows system background. And we can make simple settings on Windows 7 UAC to let it work according to our intention, and protect Windows system at the same time.

Now, let’s see how to make Windows 7 security settings on UAC step by step.
Step 1: Create Windows User Account on UAC
Step 2: Set Password for User Account on UAC
Step 3: Monitor Computer Usage with Parental Controls

Step 1: Create Windows User Account on UAC

Open Control Panel – Add or remove user accounts, and a dialog pops up. Click “Create a new account”. Type a name for user account and choose an account type. At last, click “Create Account” button.

Step 2: Set Password for Windows 7 User Account

Click the Standard User to open User Account control window, and select “Create a password”. Type new password twice for this user account, and click “Create password” button.
Set password for every account on Windows with this method. And then when we login Windows every time, password would be needed to type in.
Tips: How to Set Windows 7 Password

Step 3: Monitor Computer Usage with Parental Controls

Open Control Panel – User Accounts and Family Safety, and click “Parental Controls”. Select Standard User, and system would prompt you that set password for administrator if you have never set for them. If you have set administrator password, it would directly enter Parental Controls window.

Turn on Parental Controls for this account. Select “On, enforce current settings” and make Windows settings by clicking “Time limits”, “Allow and block specific programs”.

Click “Time limits” to open Time Restrictions window, here you could set time when this standard user can or can’t use computer. At last, click “OK” to complete user time restrictions settings.

Click “Allow and block specific programs”, to open Application Restrictions. There are two options for selection. Generally, select “* can only use the programs I allow”. And tap the programs in the box that you want to set available for this user account. If the programs you want to set available are not listed, click “Browse” to add them to this list first and then choose them. At last, click “OK” to finish setting application restrictions.
From then on, when this user accesses to Windows 7 and want to run the blocked programs, system will prompt user that “Parental Controls has forbidden this program”. At this time, if this user wants to get privileges to run this program again, please click the button “Please Ask Administrator for Privileges” and type administrator password to run it.
Tips: How to Lock Apps on PC with Windows 7

Besides the usual settings on Windows UAC, there are much more UAC options for Windows 7 security, such as “Change User Account Settings” and settings for making UAC filter Windows system file and work for applications only.

1. Change User Account Control Settings:
There are four levels on user account control settings. You can move the slider to one of the levels, in order to choose appropriate control settings.
  • Always notify me when
  • Default – Notify me only when programs try to make changes to m computer:
  • Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer (do not dim my desktop)
  • Never notify me when: It is not suggested.

2. Set UAC only work for applications:
Search “Secpol.msc” in the menu search box in computer, to open Local Security Policy – Security Options. Look for “User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode” in the right side of window.
Double click it and six modes are provided. Select one from drop-down box under “Local Security Setting” according to your intention. To speak of, the “Prompt for consent for non- Windows binaries” could filter Windows system file and make UAC only work for applications.

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May 19, 2014

Microsoft Surface Pro or Pro 2 Owner and User Password Reset

How to reset Microsoft user and owner password on Microsoft Surface Pro or Pro 2? Please see this passage to learn how to do when you forgot Microsoft Surface user or owner password.

Because of privileges difference between user and owner, we discuss reset user and owner password dividedly on Surface Pro or Pro 2.

Section 1: How to Reset Microsoft User Password

If you have only forgotten user password, there would be more many ways available for Microsoft user password reset. For example, reset Microsoft user password with administrator password or PIN code.

On Windows logon screen, after you try to type incorrect password to login Microsoft Surface pro, click arrow on the left side of user avatar. And select other user with admin privileges to login. Or click "Sign-in options" and select PIN code, type it and press Enter.

And then we can reset Windows 8/8.1 pro user password with following:

Way 1: Turn to Control Panel - User Accounts - Manager another account, select user account, and set a new password for it.

Way 2: Press Windows + X to run Command Prompt, and type net user <user name> <user password>. And press Enter.

Way 3: Press Windows + R composite keys to open Run dialog, type lusrmgr.msc and press Enter. Open Local Users and Groups on Windows 8.1 Pro. Select "Users" in the left pane, and right click the local user account that you want to change password or reset password for, and click Set Password and then click "Proceed". Type in a new password twice to change Windows 8.1 logon password. Or leave all password fields empty and click "OK".

Way 4: Or press Shift + F8 to access Windows 8 in Safe Mode with admin account, and then reset Windows 8 password with Command Prompt.

Section 2: How to Reset Microsoft Owner Password

Way 1: Reset Microsoft Owner Password with Microsoft Account

Microsoft account is a special logon way for Windows 8. If you use Microsoft account as your Windows 8.1 credentials, you could access Windows 8 with Microsoft account online. 

Directly go to the Microsoft account settings online from another computer. If you can remember Microsoft password, sign into your Microsoft Account Summary page and then click Change password. Type in your current password and type in a new password twice, and click "Save".

Way 2: Reset Microsoft Owner Password with Reset Disk

If password reset disk has been created before, you would find "Reset Password" button on Windows owner logon screen. Click it and insert password reset disk into computer, you could follow "Password Reset Wizard" to do step by step.

If password reset disk has not been created before, you couldn’t reset Windows 8 password with reset disk directly. But you can create one with Windows Password Genius Advanced on another available computer.

After password reset disk is successfully burned into bootable USB drive, insert it into locked Surface pro and set Surface boot from USB device. Run Windows Password Genius Advanced program in locked Surface pro, select administrator and click "Reset Password".

Tips: How to Reset Surface Password with Windows Password Genius Advanced

Windows Password Genius Advanced not only resets Windows 8 password for Surface or other laptop, but also works for server computer password reset.

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May 13, 2014

Windows 8 Forgot Administrator Password on Microsoft Surface Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro administrator password forgot, how to reset Windows 8 password?

If it is local administrator password, you can ask Surface administrator for help. Or password hint remind you of forgotten password. Or reset Surface Pro laptop to factory settings. Or login Windows 8 with Microsoft account and reset forgotten administrator password online.

If it is domain administrator password, contact system administrator and then reset Windows password.

If it is just your personal PC and Surface Pro is not connected to a domain, and no Microsoft account, even you don’t want to factory reset Surface Pro, how should you do?

Effective password reset disk should be your first choice. If it has not been created when Surface Pro laptop is accessible, Windows Password Genius Advanced can help instead create one for Windows password reset.

1. Prepare Windows password reset disk creation tool.

Windows Password Genius Advanced, available computer and bootable USB drive.

2. Create Windows password reset disk. 

  • Run Windows Password Genius on available computer.
  • Insert bootable USB drive into computer.
  • Click Begin burning to burn password reset disk into USB drive.

3. Reset Surface Pro Windows 8 Administrator Password. 

  • Boot Surface Pro from password reset disk successfully.
    Tips: How to Boot Surface from USB Device
  • Select Windows system and administrator.
  • Click Reset Password to remove forgotten Windows 8 password.

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May 8, 2014

Remove Administrator Password with HBCD in Windows 7 Starter

I get a Dell laptop with Windows 7 Starter, but no password gotten to login into it. I wish to get full privileges to do everything on this laptop, so how to remove unknown administrator password in Windows 7?

Probably, you know CMD or other ways that could reset Windows 7 administrator password when you can access to computer.  But now any user password for Windows 7 login is not known, it would become different.  So take free and powerful Hiren’s BootCD to help you.

Hiren’s BootCD is a powerful tool, which looks small but contains a number of diagnostic programs such as data recovery tools, MBR tools, BIOS tools etc. And there is Password/Key Tools program that could reset administrator password on generic brand laptops or bypass Windows login password.

Follow the steps to remove Windows 7 administrator password with HBCD:

1. Download Hiren’s BootCD from here:

2. Burn it into bootable CD ROM.
Burn media is chosen according to your PC, laptop or notebook situations.

3. Insert Hiren’s BootCD into your Windows 7 computer. And set computer boot from it.

You would see these programs for Windows password reset or remove. 
  • Offline NT/2000/XP/Vista/Vista/7 Password Changer: Windows Password Reset 
  • Kon-Boot: Windows (any/blank password) and Linux (kon-usr) Login without a password
When you click “More” on Hiren’s BootCD screen, you would see more other programs contained in it.

Now we intend to reset Windows 7 password, so choose Offline NT/2000/XP/Vista/Vista/7 Password Changer or Kon-Boot, and press Enter.

Reset Windows 7 Administrator Password with Offline Password Changer

Select Offline Password Changer and press Enter again to boot password recovery program. There are several steps to go through if you prepare to reset Windows password with it.

  • Step 1: Disk selection with optional loading of disk drivers
  • Step 2: PATH select, where the Windows systems files stored
  • Step 3: File select, what parts of registry we need
  • Step 4: Then finally the password change or registry edit itself
    If changes were made, write them back to disk.

Step 1:  Select disk where the Windows installation is - Select [1]

Step 2: Select PATH and registry files - Press Enter and Select [1]

Step 3: Select “Password reset” and press Enter

Step 4: Select “Edit user data and passwords”

Step 5: Type administrator name and press Enter

Step 6: Select “Clear (blank) user password”.
Administrator password will be successfully cleared to be blank. 

Remove Windows 7 Logon Password with Kon-Boot 

Kon-Boot is one tool which could boot from BIOS and change contents of Windows kernel and let you login Windows system without password temporarily. And when you restart computer next time, original password will be asked again to access Windows.

1. Select Kon-Boot and press Enter to run it.
You would see a white screen will pop up.

2. Press any key and a black screen will popup showing the process of hooking BIOS functions.

After a few more seconds the computer will start to boot normally.

3. When Windows logon screen appears, simply type anything is the password box, or leave the password field blank.

It is easy and good way to bypass Windows password to logon. But it is known that not every computer’s BIOS will allow Kon-Boot to work, but the majority will be fine if the operating system is compatible.

What it can work for: 32 bit version of Windows 7/XP/Vista and Windows server 2000/2003/2008.
What free Kon-Boot couldn’t work for?
  1. It doesn’t work with 64-bit Windows.
  2. It is not compatible with any versions of Windows 8.
These two password recovery tools in HBCD surely could solve could solve Windows 7 logon problem. But it maybe look a little more difficult for computer novice. Every step to reset Windows password is described with only words in program, so we need to read them carefully and then make a decision. Compared to them, Windows Password Genius provides more user-friendly interface and fewer steps to reset all of Windows system password for all the generic computers.

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