August 30, 2013

Reset Windows Server 2008 Forgotten Password with VB Script

  Series 4  - Windows Server Password Reset
The passage introduces how to reset Windows server 2008 forgotten password with VB script. In fact, besides administrator and Windows Password Genius Advanced or Raid, VB script can reset forgotten password for Windows server 2008, also applies to Windows server 2000/2003/2012.

What kind of Windows server password VB script can recover?

1. Forgotten local standard or admin account password
2. Domain administrator password on controller

What should you prepare?
1. WinPE live CD: the original file used to create WinPE boot disk
2. Another available computer: to be as boot disk creation utility
3. Bootable USB or CD/DVD device: as WinPE boot disk store utility

How to Do with Windows Server 2008 Password Forgotten Problem with VB Script?


Step 1. When you get a WinPE Live CD, insert bootable USB into available computer to create WinPE boot disk.
UltraISO is the software that can help you burn WinPE Live CD into USB. And then WinPE boot disk is created successfully. Exit WinPE USB boot disk from available computer.

Step 2. Insert WinPE boot disk into locked server and boot it from WinPE boot disk.

Step 3. After locked server boot from WinPE boot disk, write a VB script like the following. And the VB script file locates at the path: C:\\windows\\system32\\script.vbs
Set ObjUSer=
GetObject("WinNT://" & "." & "/Administrator, user")
objUser.SetPassword "HackPWD123"

Step 4. Edit windows server registry offline to make script launch when windows restarts up.
  \Group Policy\State\Machine\Scripts\Startup]

\Group Policy\State\Machine\Scripts\Startup\0\0]
"Script"="C:\\windows\\system32\\script.vbs"  // script file path

Step 5. Reboot server computer and script will run and reset a new password to administrator account.

Step 6. Login server and delete script and remove script boot key from registry.
Now, you have reset a new password for the account you have ever forgotten password. 

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August 27, 2013

Password Utility/Genius Work for Windows Server Password Recovery

                                                         Series 3 - Windows Server Password Reset

No matter Windows server lost or forgot local standard or admin account password, password utility/genius always can help reset Windows server password. Now let’s see how it works for Windows server password recovery.

1. Preparation

In order to guarantee Windows server password recovery finish successfully, available computer, USB or CD/DVD drive and password utility have to be prepared. Make sure there is no problem with them. Because if you don’t own them, Windows server password recovery could not be begin.
If you have prepared them and the next work, you can give to password utility/genius. 

2. Install Password Utility/Genius on available computer

Follow installation instruction about password genius, the utility will be installed successfully few seconds later. You can run it and choose Remove Windows administrator and user passwords to create Windows password reset disk. Here is the trial version of Password Genius Advanced.

choose option for windows server password recovery

Or if you have download Windows Password Genius, you can create password reset disk with it after installation. Or find ISO file in the program installation files, burn it into CD with UltraISO. 

3. Create Password Reset Disk with Password Utility.

After you choose Windows Password Genius, insert USB into computer, and click "Begin burning" to create password reset disk with USB device. When it completes password reset disk burning, a message "Burn successfully" will prompt you. Exit USB from available computer to prepare to recover Windows server password.



4. Recover Windows Server Password

Set Windows server boot from USB first, and then Windows Password Genius program will run.
On the program window, make sure your Windows server OS, Windows 2008 or 2012.
Choose account and "Reset Password". Reboot Windows server when the account password becomes to be blank.
Windows server password recovery with password utility/genius has been finished. How do you think of?

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3. Reset Windows Server 2008 Forgotten Password with VB Script 


August 25, 2013

How to Reset Windows Server 2008/2012 Domain Forgotten Admin Password

Series 2 - Windows Server Password Reset

Generally, when we forgot Windows server 2008/2012 password and if it is not admin password, we can easily reset it with domain admin account. However, if we lost or forgot Windows server admin password on domain controller, how to reset forgotten password?
In other passages, you may find many methods that could be used to reset Windows forgotten password, while most of them apply to only client Windows. For Windows server on domain controller, we have to operate carefully in order to protect so many important data on domain controller. An effective and secure method is what we need. Now let’s see how such a way reset Windows server forgotten admin password.

1. Find a Windows password recovery tool – iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced and download it.

2. Install and run it on another accessible computer. 

3. Prepare an USB device and insert it into computer to create a password reset disk.

4. Make sure and choose the USB device you have just inserted into. Click “Begin burning” and wait for password reset disk burning. 

5. Until “Burning successfully” pops up, click “OK” to confirm that password reset disk has been created successfully. 

6. Exit USB disk from accessible computer and plug it into locked domain controller.
7. Set Windows server boot from USB.

8. When Windows Password Genius Advanced program runs, choose the admin account you have forgotten password and click “Reset Password”. 

9. The password of admin account has been removed. You can sign in to Windows server 2008/2012 without password. 

From the operation introduced above, if you are careful, you will find we reset Windows server 2008/2012 password with password reset disk, it is merely created by third-party software. If you have created one when the domain controller can be accessed to, then you will not need any software to help you.

August 21, 2013

Access Locked HP/Dell/Acer/Lenovo Laptop with System Repair Disc

When you set a new password for the administrator account and no longer remember it, when you change a protected administrator account to a standard user account and are unable to log on to another administrator account, you can use system restore to reset passwords of users in Windows 7/8 by restore your computer to early point. Installation disk or system repair disc you have created will help you reset Windows password for locked HP/Dell/Acer/Lenovo laptop.

Access Windows 7 Laptop with System Repair Disc

Restart the laptop. Configure BIOS to boot from Pendrive/External Hard Disk.
A boot menu will appear. You will be able to see the boot option Windows 7 System Repair Disc.
Use arrow key on keyboard to select Windows 7 System Repair Disc and press Enter.

1) Set laptop boot from optical drive, insert Windows disk and restart laptop. When you see “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD”, press the space bar.

2) After the initial “Windows is loading files”, select language, time and keyboard preferences and click Next, and then select “Repair your computer”. It will do some searching and choose “System Restore”.

3) Before you start system restore, you must select the restore point. And you will be presented with one last chance before restore begins. Until you are sure everything is correct, click Next then finish.

4) When the System Restore checkup completes, you’ll get a “Confirm your Restore Point” window, click finish then yes to the next window. And you will need to restart the machine to complete the process.

5) When the laptop restarts, you must use the password that was available for the Restore Point that you went back to. After Windows restarts, you’ll get a “System Restore Completed Successfully” window, just click close to end the Windows 7 password reset.

6) After Windows system restore completes, many programs removed during the restore process need to be added back. Besides, you may need to reset personal settings that have been changed.

Reset  Windows 8 Computer Password with System Repair Disc

(1) Insert the Windows 8 installation disk into your locked Win 8 computer and restart your PC.
(2) Choose the language settings, click “Next”.
(3) Choose the recovery option, click “Next”.
Windows 8 system restore process is similar to Windows 7. So refer to Windows 7 password reset using system restore, reset Windows 8 password with system repair disc is not a hard thing.
As we can see, system repair disc does help to access the locked laptop, even though we probably lose some personal settings or programs on our PC. If you don't prepare to drop any files or programs on your computer, Windows Password Genius may be your better choice. 

Reset Windows 10 Forgotten Password by Reset Disk

If you log in with a Microsoft account, you can go to the Microsoft password reset page to create a new password. If you created a reset disk when your computer is accessible, you can easily reset your Windows 10 forgotten password.
1) Type a wrong password and click on Reset password when it shows you under the box.
2) Insert your reset disk to your locked computer.
3) Follow the Password Reset Wizard to create a new password or remove it.
Unfortunately, most people don't have a reset disk at all. In this occasion, you can refer to the following article to get into your computer.
Reset Windows 10 Local/Microsoft Account Password If Forgot
At last, don't forget to create a reset disk after re-access your computer. Just navigate to User Accounts > User Accounts > Create a password reset disk in Control Panel window.
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4. Windows 8 Admin Password Forgotten on ThinkPad Laptop

August 18, 2013

Windows 8 Admin Password Forgotten on ThinkPad Laptop

Windows 8 admin password forgoton ThinkPad laptop? How to log on to ThinkPad laptop with Windows 8 again?

The ThinkPad laptop installed with Windows 8 is popular for us because of its high quality. When we are enjoying the computing life with ThinkPad laptop, sometimes a lot of problems appear in front of us, Windows 8 login password forgotten included in them. Here we will give you a full detail of the solution. 
  1. Another Admin Account Log on to ThinkPad Windows 8
  2. Recover ThinkPad Windows 8 Password with Reset Disk
  3. Reset ThinkPad Forgotten Windows 8 Password in Safe Mode

Solution 1: Another Admin Account Log on to ThinkPad Windows 8.

Admin accounts could be created during Windows 8 OS installation or after you access Windows 8. So there may be not only one admin account you have. Log on to Windows 8 with another administrator is a convenient way to reset other forgotten password.

On the Windows login screen, press Ctrl + Alt + Del to switch user. Type Windows 8 login password and press Enter to log on to ThinkPad laptop.

After you successfully access Windows 8, follows the route, you can change the forgotten password.
Settings – Change PC settings – Users – Change local password

Solution 2: Recover ThinkPad Windows 8 Password with Reset Disk

Reset disk had better have been prepared before ThinkPad Windows 8 password forgotten. It is the convenient and easy way if another account doesn’t work. If you don’t have password reset disk before, Windows Password Genius Advanced can be used to create new one instantly.

When you get password reset disk ready, type incorrect password on the Windows login screen. A message “Reset Password” will prompt you to reset password with reset disk. Click the link and insert your reset disk device into ThinkPad laptop. Choose the device you plug into laptop and press Next. Click Next and type current user account password on Forgotten Password Wizard.  
Tips: How to create password reset disk before and after laptop locked.

Solution 3: Reset ThinkPad Forgotten Windows Password in Safe Mode

From the above introduction, Windows 8 OS has a built-in administrator account without password that is created during Windows installation, and disable by default. We need to enable that account before forgetting other admin account password. Otherwise,  your built-in administrator account won’t appear in the screen. 

Step 1: Start your computer and press “Shift + F8″ while the computer boots up. Scroll down to “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” with the arrow keys on the keyboard and press “Enter.” Your computer starts in Safe Mode with Command Prompt. 

Step 2: Select the Administrator account that appear in the screen, then enter command prompt. Type: net user <name> 123 and press Enter (<name> is the account name which password you need to reset, 123 is the new password), it will show you a message that the command completed successfully. 

Step 3:  Restart your computer, then you can log in as <name> with the password 123. You can go to Control Panel to change your account password if necessary.

If you try the above solutions and they don’t work, Windows Password Genius Advanced can still help you reset Windows 8 forgotten password without disk. First, create a password reset disk with it. Second, reset ThinkPad Windows 8 password with bootable password reset disk.

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