April 23, 2019

Solved--Windows 10 System Clone without Reinstallation

“I upgrade my computer from Windows 7 to Windows 10 a few months ago with the help of my friends. Now the computer runs slowly and I want to replace the old hard drive disk to a better solid state drive. I bought the SSD online but I am hesitated to install it. I am unable to install the Windows 10 by myself and I don’t want to trouble my friend again. What’s more important, I do not want to lose the settings of my Windows 10 operation system. Is there any easy way to clone Windows 10 system from HDD to SSD without reinstallation and no data loss? I really need it!” 

clone Windows system partition to SSD with CloneGo

It is true that we need to clone Windows 10 from HDD to SSD sometimes as to save time and efforts. For example, move Windows 10 from your desktop computer to a new laptop and replace the old HDD with SSD. But most people have no idea about how to make the Windows 10 system clone completely. Due to this reason, we would introduce iSunshare CloneGo—the powerful but easy to use Windows cloning software here as well as show you how to clone Windows 10 system from HDD to SSD within few steps. 

Steps to do Windows 10 System Clone with iSunshare CloneGo 

iSunshare CloneGo is the third-party Windows cloning software which is qualified for system and partition copy and backup. Everyone can free download this program to copy/clone Windows 10 OS easily with no data loss.

CloneGo free download

Step 1: Make your SSD connected with your desktop or laptop computer. Meanwhile, initialize the SSD and add more volumes.

Step 2: Open iSunshare CloneGo and click Copy. The current system partition and your SSD partition will be automatically deleted by the program and get listed on the interface with details. 

click Copy to view all partitions info in CloneGo

Step 3: Choose the Windows 10 OS partition as the source target and choose a volume from SSD with enough space to store the Windows 10 system data. 

choose source system partition and SSD destination partition

Step 4: Click Start and get a text box saying that this operation will format the destination target. You should click OK when the SSD partition is new with no data.

Start Windows system clone process

The software will help you clone Windows 10 system automatically. When the process ended, you can try to reboot your computer from the SSD. Believe it or not, CloneGo is efficient in hard drive upgrade, system backup, and data transfer. It has the external Backup and Restore features for the Windows system and data. Everyone can try it now for free!

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April 16, 2019

[Free and Safe] How to Clone A Hard Drive in Windows 10/7 to SSD

How does your computer work? Does it meet with your increasing the working requirement? If you feel it is out of date and want to upgrade the hard drive to a new and larger one, how can you deal with the software and data in it? How can you make the new hard drive works smoothly with all the same configurations and settings? You can find an easy and safe solution here.

clone hard drive to SSD

From my point of view, the novices are eager for a safe and convenient way to transfer the Windows 10/7 OS and partition to SSD. So am I! Some people may choose to simply install the new SSD instead of the original hard drive. As a result, they need to reinstall Windows OS and all other tools again, which will waste much time to do the annoying operations for novices. As a matter of fact, I found the much safer, faster and more convenient way to do an exactly hard drive clone to SSD. You just need the free Windows cloning softwareiSunshare CloneGo and a larger SSD.

CloneGO free download

iSunshare CloneGo is free Windows cloning software that is perfect for users to clone hard drive in Windows 10/7. You need to pay attention that this software only copies one partition to another partition so that you need to clone the hard drive partition-to-partition. Do not worry, you just need to do simple clicks and wait for the process end. There is also an extra feature of CloneGo, you can use this program to perform Windows 10/7 system or partition backup and restore operations. Let’s take the system partition as an example and see how to clone one partition from hard drive to SSD now!

How to clone one partition from hard drive to SSD?

To Clone an old hard drive to SSD, iSunshare CloneGo is one of the best and free choices because of its intuitive interface and powerful functions.

1.       Launch CloneGo Windows cloning software and click Copy. And then select the C drive partition to be the source target.

select partition to copy

2.       Select the destination target to store the data from C drive partition.

set partition from SSD as destination target

l  The destination target should be the partition of SSD. It must be 10% larger than the source target.
l  You should initialize the SSD if it is new and add the same volumes so that it can be kept data as the same as your hard drive.
l  If there is any data in the SSD, backup it in advance.

3.       Click Start and you will get the format pop-up box. Click OK and the partition clone process begins.

start the hard drive clone to SSD process

After the clone process end, you can go to clone other partitions from hard drive to SSD. You should keep in mind that the copy process will format the destination partition so that you cannot choose the same partition for each clone process. When you finish the hard drive clone, you can restart the computer and keep pressing Del key to enter UEFI Bios settings. Then set the computer to boot from SSD. You can now have a check whether the SSD with copied system and partition can work normally or not!

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April 1, 2019

How to Backup Windows 10/8/7 Computer Partition to A New Hard Drive

Case 1Can I clone system partition to a new drive?

I bought a new SSD and want to upgrade my computer. I added it to my computer a week ago and now I want to clone system partition to SSD. But the problem is if I just copy-and-paste all programs and files, the computer cannot be booted from the SSD. So I want to know if there is partition clone software that can help me to clone the entire system partition.”

Case 2: How can I backup computer partition quickly?

In my working computer, I placed all the needed software and files in a partition. And now the company is going to get a new computer for us. How can I backup or move the working data into a hard drive or transfer it into my new computer? They are so important in my working!”

Case 3: The partition has little space, what can I do for the pictures and videos files?

“As you know, we all have the unforgettable memories. All the photos and videos that can remind me of the happy times are stored on my laptop. I collected them together in one partition. But as time went by, there are little space in the partition and my computer run slowly. I want to back up the partition to my USB mass storage device. How can I do it effectively?”

 Backup Windows 10/8/7 Computer Partition to A New Hard Drive

Are you having a similar issue as the above-mentioned problems? If you want to clone or backup the computer partition to another hard drive, SSD/ HDD or even the USB mass storage devices, just relax and follow the solutions here to clone the partition.

First, download the free partition backup software

To make the partition data clone process easy for you, we highly recommend you a free partition backup softwareiSunshare CloneGo, which can help you to clone/backup the Windows OS and partition with simple clicks. You can download and install it on your PC and enjoy the 7-days free usage for all functions.

Second how to backup Windows computer partition to a new hard drive

No matter you are using the Windows 10/8/7 system on a computer, no matter you are going to backup system partition or other partition, iSunshare CloneGo can help you to do that without any data loss or damage.

Step 1: Run iSunshare CloneGo and enable the Copy feature. You can see in the right menus that all the partitions are listed here. The partitions in different hard drive will be named differently. For example, here, C, D, E, and F partition are in the dynamic disk.

copy feature in CloneGo

Step 2: Select the source target. It can be the system partition or other partition where all your data are in. We selected the F data partition here from the dynamic disk.

select the source partition

Step 3: Select the destination target. It should be any partition in the new hard drive. We selected H as the destination target. And you can know from the list information that H and I partition belongs to another hard drive: HD 0.

select the destination partition from SSD

Step 4: Click the Start button to begin the clone process, and then click the OK button to make sure you know about the format of destination partition.

click Start and OK button

Step 5: After this, the selected partition will be copied as fast as possible. You can view the copy process and get successful tips when it is done.

copy process

After that, if you clone the system partition, you can restart the computer and boot it from the new SSD. If you just backup the data partition, you can go directly to the destination partition to have a check of the data.