November 5, 2013

How to Reset Windows Vista Password without CD or Reset Disk

When you forgot Windows Vista password and no installation CD image and password reset disk are available, how should you do to reset forgotten Windows password?

From the beginning of Windows password recovery, password reset disk and convenient installation CD are computer users’ favorite tools to recover forgotten or lost Windows login or admin password. But now, you don’t have them longer. As soon as you are complaining about this, you have to thank for this chance, which makes you find another more effective ways to reset Windows Vista password Windows password recovery tool

Now, in this passage, we mainly talk about two tools for Windows Vista password recovery.
1. Offline NT Password Registry Editor - Old and Freeware Program
2. Windows Password Genius - Easy and Effective Program

1. Offline NT Password and Registry Editor – Old and Freeware Program

Offline NT Password and Registry is a utility to reset password of any user that has a valid local account on Windows system from NT3.5 to Win7, including Windows Vista. You do not need to know the old password to set a new one. It works offline, that is, you have to shut down your computer and boot off a CD or USB disk to do the password reset.  

Just get password reset CD/USB boot disk – Offline Windows Password and Registry Editor 

Step 2: Insert the CD and convince your BIOS that should boot from it.
You will see Windows Vista computer boots and outputs a lot of kernel messages about your hardware and such.
Step 3: Select disk where the Windows installation is.
Here we only have one partition, so we just press Enter to select it.
select windows partition

Step 4: Select PATH and registry files.

select path and registry files

The registry is usually system32/config under WINDOWS or WINNT directory, depending on the windows version (and it may be changed during installation).
If the correct partition has been selected, the default prompt will be adjusted to match if it can find one of the usual variants.

And the select which part of registry to load, use predefined choices or list the files with space as delimiter.
select part of registry

Choice 1 is for password edit, most used. So now just press Enter to select it.

Step 5: Password or registry edit.
After we choose password reset, chntpw runs and its main interactive menu appears.
chntpw main interactive menu
Just select 1 to edit user data and passwords. But you can also do other things.
And then that will list user info and passwords. Choose user you want to reset its password and go on.

About details on how Chntpw disk reset Windows password, please turn to:

2. Windows Password Genius – Easy and Effective Program

Does the first program help you? If not, go to see how this easy and effective program works. Compared to Offline NT Password and Registry, Windows Password Genius with user-friendly interface, becomes easier for Windows Vista user to use, and whose concise function design makes operation effective.
Step 1: Get Windows Password Genius to install on your available computer.
There are four versions of Windows Password Genius for you to choose. Except raid version, other three versions apply to Windows Vista computer. Now download Windows Password Genius Professional. 

Step 2: Burn a Windows Password Reset Disk.
When it runs normally, insert bootable USB drive into an available computer. And then choose media type – USB. At last, click "Begin burning" to create password reset disk. A few seconds later, a message "Successfully burning" will tell you password reset disk has been created.

Step 3: Set Windows Vista Computer Boot from USB.
Plug USB reset disk into Vista computer first. Restart the target computer and get into BIOS settings. Some BIOS shows a boot device select menu if you press ESC, F8, F11 or F12 or something like that during the self-test. Some even tell you on the screen what to press.  

Step 4: Reset Windows Vista Forgotten Password.

If it boots from USB reset disk, you should see this:

select windows and user
Select Windows Vista and user you have forgotten password.  Click "Reset Password" and "Yes" to make sure remove its password.

reset windows vista forgotten password
The last step is to reboot locked Windows Vista computer, and exit USB drive during start-up. Now you will see you don’t need to type any password to login Windows Vista.

Which one can help you in short time? Which one could reset Windows password even you have no knowledge about computer? Make a try, and you will know.

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