December 10, 2013

How to Recover Your Windows 8/7 Product Key on Lenovo Laptop

I have ever installed Windows 7 and Windows 8 on my Lenovo laptop, and now I want to reinstall them because I want to get fresh Windows system. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find Windows 7 and Windows 8 product key on my computer or other places. How can I find Windows 8/7 product key easily and quickly?

The easiest way probably is to recover Windows 8/7 product key with product key finder. Product key finder tool reads Windows registry file and load Windows cd-key from it. With product key finder, forgotten or lost product keys could be found out instantly. While if you find keys by yourself, more time would probably be wasted or Windows product key could not be found at last. But with Product Key Finder tool, the installation or activation keys of programs Microsoft Office, IE, SQL Server etc would be found too. 

Start to recover Windows product key on Lenovo laptop following the below steps and introduction.

Step 1: Download and install iSunshare product key finder.

Search “iSunshare product key finder” in the Google search box. You would find it appearing in the first place of results. Open it and download product key finder trial version.

Double-click to install it on your Lenovo laptop. But we have to notice that the trial version only finds part of product key for Windows 8/7. If we want to see all of product keys, full version is necessary.

download isunshare product key finder

Step 2: Run it and recover product key

Run product key finder on Lenovo laptop, click “Start Recovery” to recover product key for Windows 8/7 and other programs.

Few seconds later, all the product keys will be listed in the software window, including Windows 8/7. But only part of them will be found if you use product key finder trial version.

find windows 8 or 7 product key

Step 3: Save Windows 8/7 product key

After Windows and other software product keys are found, you can click “Save to File” or “Save” button to make a backup for them. Keep it stored safely and you will find it afterwards when you want it.

Taking Product Key Finder, Only with three steps, actually two steps, you will find out product key for Windows 8/7 and other programs.

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