November 17, 2013

How to Encrypt a File or Folder with Easy Ways

Maybe you could find several different kinds of encrypted methods for files, but whether they are helpful for you or easy to use, you don’t know that. And it is hard to promise that. Actually, too many encryption methods are not necessary for us. What we need is easy-to-use and effective encryption ways. Now the following will show some easy ways with or without encryption software, which apply to both computer expert and newcomers.

Choice 1: Some Simple Ways to Encrypt Files without Software

Method 1: Keep You File or Folder Hidden

Right-click parameters of file or folder, and set its parameter as Hidden. And then navigate to Control Panel, open Folder Option and click View button to choose don’t show hidden file or folder. As a result, you could not see this file or folder again until you cancel these settings.

Method 2: Name Suffix Encryption

Change the extension name of the file or folder after they are compressed. But you have to remember what kind of the file is. This method can be used when you use method 1.

Method 3: Compress File or Folder as *.winrar Encrypted Compressed Folder

Right-click the file or folder you prepare to compress, and then Add to compressed file. Choose Advanced – Set Password – Enter Password, and then make sure it. Keep other options default settings.

Method 4: Lock File with Notepad

1. Make sure which file you want to lock, for example, D:\pics. Now create new notepad and type following text:
ren pics pics.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D}
pics is the name of your file, and save it as loc.bat in the same directory like file. 

2. And then open another new notepad and type similar text like the following:
ren pics.{21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D} pics
Save it as key.bat in the same directory too.
Tips: Actually, the notepad could be named optionally. But the suffix should be .bat.

How to lock and unlock file?
1. Click loc.bat, file will be locked.
2. Click key.bat, the file will be unlocked and you can handle it.

Choice 2: Encrypt File with Software

Software 1: WinZip

WinZip is the most popular compression and decompression software, providing simple encryption function at the same time.
  1. First, create new compressed file without any content.
  2. Add file you want to compress to it.
  3. Choose Password command in Option, and password setting window will pop up.
  4. Type password you need to set in text box. When you type password, if you hope password not be seen, please select “Mask Password”.

Software 2: WinRAR

Maybe WinRAR is more popular than WinZip. So it is necessary to learn how to use WinRAR to compress and encrypted file or folder. Encryption of WinRAR can go on with graphical interfaces and command. Click Ctrl + P or choose Password command in Option menu. A dialog Type Default Password pops up, so just type your password now to encrypt file.

  1.  If the "Show Password" option is forbidden, you have to type password twice to make sure the accuracy of password.
  2.  If you have set "Encrypt File Name Option", WinRAR will not only encrypt data, but also encrypt all the sensitive area of the package including file name, size, parameters, annotation and other data. Therefore, it provides us higher safety level. Both password and file list could not be seen in the package encrypted with command. And this option is more significant when it compresses file as *rar file. If you decrypt file with default password or compress file into *.zip file, it will be ignored. 
Now file or folder has been encrypted or compressed and encrypted. As you can see, password is not used usually to encrypt file unless you encrypt file with software. But if you use software to compress and encrypt file or folder, and forget password, how should you do to decryption file?

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