October 28, 2013

How to Clear BIOS Password on Dell Computer

I have a server Dell 1950 needed to be reinstalled with Windows system. And when I start the server again to set up bios, I found BIOS is encrypted with password. How to do? - A question from computer forum.

Generally, if our computer is usual compatible machine, maybe we just need to remove the battery or clear RTC. But for Dell computer, no matter your computer is taken with RTC or not, there is a PSWD jumper, also called password jumper. Only removing computer battery or clearing RTC would not relieve BIOS password.

So now let’s see how to clear BIOS password on Dell computer with following introduction.

At first, we have to consider PSWD. Because different PSWD has different needle, generally there are two or three needles, the way to clear BIOS password would be different according to PSWD.

Situation One: When PSWD is Two Needle

  1. Find out PSWD, and remove power line until main board led turn off.
  2. Remove jumper cap on PSWD, start Dell computer and you will hear the sound of drop. And BIOS password is removed or cleared.
  3. Shut down Dell computer and take back jumper cap to PSWD
  4. Restart computer, and you don’t need to enter BIOS password when you want to access BIOS setting screen. 

Situation Two: When PSWD is Three Needle

  1. Find PSWD, and remove power line until main board led turn off.
  2. Move jumper cap of PSWD from 1-2 needle to 2-3 needle, and start computer. You will hear sound of drop.
  3. Shut down computer and retrieve jumper cap of PSWD to 1-2 needle.
  4. Restart computer. Everything is OK.

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