October 29, 2013

BIOS Setup Utility on HP Desktops Security

Through BIOS Setup utility learning, you can find what version BIOS is and how to use BIOS Setup utility for HP desktops security.

At first, we can find version for BIOS. Turn on the computer and immediately press immediately press the F10 key repeatedly until a BIOS Setup screen opens.
If nothing happens, press the F1 key repeatedly. On the Main tab, find the BIOS version. Now let’s see what information BIOS stores and what BIOS Setup can do. Why do we say BIOS Setup make efforts on HP desktops security? After read the following, you will get the answer.

What configuration information BIOS Stores?

  • The addresses of devices (hard disk drives, for example), that are attached to the computer.
  • The startup sequence of the computer.
  • The amount of system and extended memory.

What BIOS Setup Utility Can Do?

One: BIOS Setup utility can change important BIOS settings for computer.

Basic Input/Output System (BIOS) is a program that controls communication between all input and output devices on the computer (such as disk drives, display, keyboard, mouse, and printer).
A battery on the motherboard keeps the settings from being lost when the system is turned off.

On the BIOS Setup utility screen has five different tabs along the top, Main, Advanced, Power, Boot and Exit. The previous four options can be used to change BIOS settings.
Main tap: allocates resources for hardware components.
Advanced tap:  configures advanced features available through the chipset.
Power tap:  configures power management features.
Boot tap:  a very important tap in BIOS Setup utility screen, selects boot options and power supply controls.
Exit tap:  saves or discards changes to Setup program options.

Tip: If you want to remove BIOS password, remove battery from motherboard is an available way. Or use SpareKey is powerful method for HP computer user to remove forgotten BIOS password.
How SpareKey works? You can go to Reset HP Elitebook Password.

Two:  Reloading the BIOS Default Settings:                

Use one of the following sections to reload the factory BIOS settings to the default setup:

BIOS version 6 or less:

  1. Press the F5 function key.
  2. Select Yes or OK.
  3. Press the Enter key.
  4. Press the F10 function key.
  5. Select Yes or OK to save the defaults.

 You can also complete the following steps to reload the factory BIOS settings using the menu:

  1. In the BIOS Setup utility, select the Exit tab.
  2. Select Load Setup Defaults.
  3. The system prompts you to load the optimized setup defaults. Select Yes or OK and press the Enter key.
  4. Select Exit Saving Changes.
  5. Press Esc and then press Enter to exit Setup.

BIOS version 7 or greater:
  • In the BIOS Setup utility, select the File tab.
  • Select Apply Defaults and Exit.
The default settings are restored, the BIOS setup utility closes, and the computer boots into Windows.

So how do you think BIOS Setup utility now? Isn’t it very important? As the entrance to HP computer hard disk and link to output devices on computer, at the same time, BIOS Setup utility manages four kinds of password for computer, such as supervisor user password, user password, bios password and hdd password.  Therefore, you can imagine how important it is for HP computer security.


For more information about how to set BIOS password on HP computer, please turn to:

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