October 28, 2013

How to Set and Cancel BIOS Password for DELL Laptop

BIOS password has two meanings; one is password for entering BIOS when you start your computer, the other includes all kinds of password set in BIOS.

Here we talk about the first BIOS password. How to set and cancel BIOS password on old and new BIOS?

1. Old BIOS Password Setup and Cancellation

Step 1: Press Alt + P to enter 7th page of BIOS

There are Primary Password and Admin Password with Disable default.
The power-on password is Primary Password and BIOS password is Admin Password. Hard – disk drive password is Disable default too.

Step 2: Set up and Cancel Primary Password

Choose Primary Password, press arrow key to change Disable to be edited. And then type password, press Enter. The system will prompt you Verify the password, so you have to type password again. Now primary password has been set up successfully.

If you want to modify or cancel primary password you have just set, press arrow key and then type old password and then type new password twice to modify it. Or press Enter twice directly to cancel password.

After you set up primary password, restart Dell laptop and Windows system will start in gray background screen. Type password and Enter, remember don’t type other characters.

Step 3: Admin Password Set up and Cancellation

Admin Password has to be set up before Primary Password. And the password setup method is the same.

 So when you want to set up Admin Password and you have set up primary password, you have to cancel primary password first.
After you finish setting Admin Password, there are two extra options, Configure Setup (Disabled) and Configure Passwords (Enabled).

If you want to cancel Admin Password, it is necessary to cancel Configure Setup.  Choose Configure Setup Disable parameter first and then press arrow key to enter old Admin Password directly.
Now you can modify or cancel admin password. Type old admin password and press Enter. New password input prompt pops up.  Press Enter twice if you want to cancel password.

2. New BIOS Password Setup and Cancellation

There are no precedence relationship between Admin Password and System Password for new BIOS.
Start Dell laptop and press F2 to enter BIOS. Find out Security and you can set up password you want to set.
When you want to cancel password, type old password first and then press Enter twice after you see password prompt.

Besides these, when we mean BIOS password is password set up on BIOS, how to set them?

There are four kinds of password set on BIOS, supervisor password, user password, hdd password and password on boot. Generally, we don’t need to set hdd password. Supervisor password, also called super user password, and user password can be like supervisor password. Password on boot asks for setting up supervisor password or user password. And if you start your Dell laptop usually and it asks you to type password when entering system, what you should type is user password.

How to Set BIOS Password?

Method 1:
Enter BIOS, set “SUPERVISOR PASSWORD” or “USER PASSWORD”, and then open BIOS FEATURES SETUP, set “Security Option” as “Setup”. Save these changes and exit. Now, if you start Dell computer and press Del or F2 entering BIOS setting screen, it will ask you to type password, which is BIOS password. But you don’t need to sign into Windows system with password.

Method 2:
Set “SUPERVISOR PASSWORD” or “USER PASSWORD”, but set “Security Option” as “System”. Save and exit. If you do so, you have to type password when you enter both BIOS and Windows OS.

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