October 11, 2013

Unlock Windows 8 Computer or Bypass Login Password Forgot

While you are confused with Windows 8 login even administrator password forgotten, believe that you can change or recover forgotten password with another administrator. However, if the lost password belonging to the only account with administrative privilege, how should you do?

Even though this happens, it’s not necessary to reinstall Windows 8, because you will lose all data on your computer. Thus try to bypass login password or unlock Windows 8 computer is worth.

First Section: How to Bypass Login Password Forgotten?

Here share modify registry to bypass Windows 8 logon password.

Step 1: Click "Win + R" to open "Run" dialog, input "regedit" command and click "OK" to enter registry setting surface of Windows 8

Step 2: Modify HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon

Right-click and create a new string value, rename value name as AutoAdminlogon

Step 3: Find DefaultUserName, set it as the default user name to sign in Windows. And create string value DefaultPassword, set the value as the password of the default Windows login user.

Second Section: How to Unlock Windows 8 Computer?

Unlock Windows 8 Computer with Windows Password Genius

1. Prepare Windows Password Genius Advanced tool.
Trial version download site:

2. Install and run it on another Windows computer, Mac, or Android phone.

3. Plug bootable USB into the accessible device and burn password reset disk into it.
  • On software screen, choose USB media as burn device. And then click "Begin Burning" to start creating password reset disk.  
  • When you see "Burning Successfully", it means that you have gotten a password reset disk for Windows password recovery.
  • Exit it from computer and insert it into locked Windows 8 computer.

4. Boot Locked Windows 8 Computer from USB Drive
According to your computer type and Windows OS version, boot settings are different. Generally, press "Del" for desktop and hot key for laptop.

5. Remove Windows 8 Password to Unlock Computer

When Windows Password Genius Advanced program runs in your computer, choose Windows 8 as system and select the administrator. If your computer is only installed with Windows 8 operational system, let it be default. And then click "Reset Password". Actually, administrator password has been removed to be blank. While all these works are made sure completed, press "Reboot" to restart computer. 

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