October 7, 2013

Windows 8 Forgot Login Password on Lenovo Laptop

Forgot Windows 8 login password on Lenovo laptop? Let me tell you how to solve this problem or reset forgotten Windows password

First, you can think of whether there is other logon way available. For example, PIN code, picture password and Microsoft account are useful to login into Windows 8 computer.
Tips: Four Ways to Create Windows 8 Password and How to Use

Second, think about if password reset disk has been prepared. If the answer is yes, insert it into your Lenovo laptop and click “Reset Password” link on logon screen to reset Windows password with disk.
Tips: Two ways to create Windows password reset disk

When the above direct and easy ways couldn’t help you, the following methods will help you instead.

First of all, try to create a password reset disk with Windows Password Genius Advanced on another available computer. 

create a windows password reset disk

Download and install Windows password recovery tool on another computer. Insert prepared USB drive into this computer. Run password recovery tool and click “Begin Burning” on the second step. Naturally, password recovery disk will be burned into USB device.  Until message prompts you that “Burning Successfully”, exit USB device and get ready to reset Windows 8 password.

Next, plug USB reset disk into Lenovo laptop and boot it from USB. 

Just hold on pressing F12 when you start Lenovo laptop. It will automatically boot from USB instead of hard disk. When laptop boots from USB reset disk successfully, Windows password recovery tool will run in WinPE environment.   

reset windows 8 password

The last key step, select Windows system and user account to complete reset Windows 8 password.

Make sure Windows system right, and then choose login account you forgot password. Click “Reset Password”, and its password will be removed instantly. As you hope, add new account for Windows 8 is available too. After all the works finished, exit USB and click “Reboot” to restart laptop naturally from hard disk. Windows logon screen will don’t ask you to type password longer.

Besides, system recovery disk is available on Windows 8 password reset. After trying all these methods, believe one of them will help you. 

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