October 25, 2013

HP Password Reset and Recovery | Lost Windows Password

This passage mainly talks about reset or recover Windows password for HP computer, client or usual or raid server.
According to so many articles having introduced several ways for HP password reset when you have lost or forgotten Windows password, now we are intended to make a summary based on these articles.

First, see what are these articles are. List them following from client to server.

 1. HP Password Reset on Client Computer:

      1-1   Windows Vista/Windows 7

      1-2   Windows 8


 2. HP Password Reset on Server Computer:

      2-1   Windows Server 2012

      2-2   HP Raid Server

From the ways introduced in these articles, we can make a conclusion about methods for HP password reset.
  1. Another Administrator
  2. Windows Password Reset Disk
    There are two ways to create Windows password reset disk.
  3. Windows Password Recovery Tool
    Ophcrack, Windows Password Genius
  4. Installation CD
  5. System Repair Disc
    Introduced in  Access Locked HP/Dell/Acer/Lenovo Laptop with System Repair Disc
  6. Offline NT Password Registry Editor
    Written in How to Reset HP Windows 7 Admin Forgot Password

Specially, for HP bios password reset, HP SpareKey gives a hand.

For Raid Server, Windows Password Genius Raid reset HP server password.


HP Windows password recovery videos:

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