October 31, 2013

What Matters Needed Attention if Reinstall Windows 7 after Forgot Password

When we forget Windows 7 login even admin password, most people probably ask for help from professors. However, most of professors always recommend computer user to reinstall Windows system. But they don’t tell users what they should pay attention to if they really want to reinstall Windows system rather than reset Windows 7 password with recovery software.

Matters Before Windows 7 Reinstallation:


1. Choose Windows 7 operational system carefully.

 Why? Because now Windows operational system displayed on Internet is consist of different kinds of software by different people. The difference between their software and even drive probably lead to computer unavailable after Windows 7 system reinstallation.

2. Make a backup of important data on your computer.

Reinstall Windows system means that clear data on disk C: and write new data on it. So please copy and save them on safe computer before Windows system reinstallation. Besides, if we have important data, make a backup of registry is necessary. If not, you don’t have to pay attention to it.

3. Choose appropriate drive to reinstall Windows system.

There are more risks for Windows system reinstallation if we don’t choose appropriate drive.
For example, you probably couldn’t access Windows to work because improper operation during Windows system installation or on disc.  
For computer user with basic computer knowledge, we recommend them reinstall Windows system with USB flash drive, because reinstall Windows system with USB could solve the abnormalities of the installation process.

Matters During Windows 7 Reinstallation:

  1. After format disk C: on computer, set a 100 M hide partition prepared for Windows 7 reinstallation.
  2. If this partition is not created before installation, we will meet errors during Windows 7 installation.
  3. On system settings, we could close both AHCI and Inte(R) c-state tech.
  4. About graphics driver installation, we had better not install it during Windows 7 system reinstallation. But to install graphics driver after we have installed Windows system. On the desktop options, check the driver type, and then install driver for it, so that graphics driver would not restart when we run player.
  5. On power settings, we have to choose energy-saving mode and select the option not shut down computer forever. As a result, Windows 7 system would not crash.
  6. On graphics driver settings screen, change performance of some option we don’t use usually to be lower.

If there are still some memory errors on your computer, please remember paying attention to the first matter mentioned above. Following these suggestions, believe your computer will run more quickly and effectively after system reinstallation.

After so much work for Windows 7 system reinstallation, forgotten password must have been removed. But it is still a little difficult for computer newbie. However, effective password software Windows 7 Password Genius gives another different experience to computer user. Just with two or three minutes, any computer user could reset Windows 7 password.

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