October 22, 2013

How to Reset HP Windows 7 Admin Forgot Password

I forgot HP computer Windows 7 logon password. How to reset it? I couldn’t remember whether I have another available administrator. And I have not realized whether password reset disk could help to reset Windows 7 password. So I have not created one when HP computer is available.

Forgot HP computer Windows 7 admin password? This article introduces three ways to reset Windows 7 password around creating password reset disk. Through this passage, you will find password reset disk is so important for Windows password reset.

Answer 1: Recover Windows 7 Password with Offline NT Password Registry Editor

If you have not created a password reset disk, Offline NT Password Registry Editor can help you to create one on another computer but works for locked HP computer. But maybe it is a little difficult to operate because it is based on text console.

  • Get Offline NT Password Registry Editor and use a CD-ROM or USB to create a password reset disk.
  • Insert bootable USB disk or live CD into HP computer and boot from it.
  • As long as HP computer boot from bootable disk successfully, follow the instruction to finish Windows 7 password reset is not so hard.

Answer 2: Reset Windows 7 Password with Ophcrack

It is also a freeware for Windows 7 password reset like Offline NT Password Registry Editor.

 1. Download Ophcrack Vista free live cd
Ophcrack Vista free live cd only applies to Windows password combined with less than 5 numbers. If you want to recover longer password with characters, you have to choose more advanced Windows Password Genius tool.

2. Boot your computer from the CD from Ophcrack live cd
Insert Ophcrack live cd into your computer; Restart computer and click DEL or F2 or other boot keys that Windows system setup into BIOS setting option. Select CD-ROM as the first boot disk. And then save the changes and restart your computer again.

3. Recover Windows 7 password
You will see Ophcrack runs and find Windows 7 password automatically for you. Then the password will be found and in a list. But if your password contains any characters, the Windows 7 password would not be found.
Now you can get into Windows 7 with found password.

Answer 3: Recover Windows 7 Password with Windows Password Genius

Besides the below two ways to create password reset disk, Windows Password Genius can easily create one too.

  • Get iSunshare Windows Password Genius and install it on available Windows computer, Mac, or Android phone.
  • Prepare bootable USB device to create a password reset disk
  • After successfully creating a password reset disk, exit it and plug it into HP computer.
  • Set HP computer boot from USB.
  • Recover Windows 7 password.

Actually, Windows 7 password will be removed and be blank lately. Choose account and click "Reset Password" to remove Windows 7 password. Besides this, "Add User" is admitted too. Click "Reboot" to restart HP computer Windows 7 successfully.

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