September 13, 2013

What to Do if Forgot Windows 8 Admin Password

Forgot the administrator password used to login in to Windows 8, how to do?  As is known, besides local account, PIN code, Picture password and Microsoft account are available to login Windows 8 too. So what to do if forgot Windows 8 admin password?
  1. Change Windows 8 Logon Way
  2. Reset Windows 8 Forgotten Password with Reset Disk
  3. Create Password Reset Disk to Reset Windows 8 Forgotten Password

1. Change Windows 8 Logon Way

According to the above introduction, when you forgot local admin Windows 8 password, you still can login Windows 8 with PIN code, Picture password and Microsoft account.
On the Windows logon screen, after you type incorrect password, all the logon ways list under password input box. Choose one logon way according to what you have created.  

1.1 Login Windows 8 with PIN code and Reset Forgotten Windows 8 Password

Step 1: Sign in Windows 8 with PIN code
When you forgot your local account password in the login page, sign-in options is provided for you to choose. Click the Sign-in options, there are all logon options. Choose PIN, and input 4-digit code in the box. Then you can sign in to your computer successfully. 

Step 2: Press Windows +X, and click on Command Prompt (Admin) and Yes.

Step 3: On the Command Prompt, type in: Net User <user name> <new password> and press Enter to reset a new password for Windows 8.

Command Prompt screen appears, input the words like the words in the red box, user name is iSunshare, new password is 12345, and then press Enter to complete the Windows password reset process.

1.2 Login Windows 8 with Picture Password and Change Windows 8 Local Admin Password

Picture password is an image with three specify gestures. Maybe it is easy to remember than characters password. After you type incorrect password for Windows 8 logon, under the password box, other logon ways including picture password will list there. Select picture password to login, and access Windows 8 successfully. Navigate to Settings - Change PC Settings - Users, choose change Windows 8 local admin password. Enter new password for it and save it.

1.3 Windows 8 Logon with Microsoft Account

If your computer has set up to sign in to Windows 8 with Microsoft account, and you can login Windows with it, and create a PIN that any user who has a password must enter it when waking this PC, and then login with PIN code, reset password with Command Prompt.

However, if all the above Windows 8 logon ways have not prepared, what should you do if forgot Windows admin password?

2. Reset Windows 8 Forgotten Password with Reset Disk

Actually, when we login Windows 8 with wrong admin password, there is another tip for us to reset Windows password. But password reset disk is necessary. On the Windows 8 login screen, click “Reset Password” to reset Windows 8 password with reset disk. 
Insert password reset disk you have prepared into Windows 8, reset Windows 8 password following operation wizard. 

But if you don’t have both other logon ways and password reset disk, how should you do now?

3. Create Password Reset Disk to Reset Windows 8 Forgotten Password

The effective Windows Password Genius Advanced will let you create a Windows password reset disk easily and successfully.

Step 1: Just download and install it on an accessible computer. Prepare a bootable USB flash drive and burn password reset disk into it with Windows Password Genius Advanced.

Step 2: Exit password USB disk and plug it into your Windows 8 computer. Set computer boot from USB to run Windows Password Genius program. Select Windows 8 admin account and click "Reset Password" to reset administrator password.

Step 3: Exit USB and reboot Windows 8. Now Windows 8 computer can start usually without password.

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