May 21, 2014

How to Make Windows 7 Security Settings on UAC

Most of us probably have confronted with such situation. That is no matter which kind of user account we login Windows with, system administrator or local standard user, UAC prompting message always pops up when we prepare to install software on Windows 7 or change Windows system settings.

Actually, it protects our computer sometimes, but sometimes it disturbs operations on Windows 7 computer. So some impatient computer users may want to close UAC for convenience directly. However, it is really suitable to close UAC at our will?

It is surely not and it is not necessary. Because compared to Windows Vista, the UAC on Windows 7 has made a progress on work principles and level settings. With the active defense function provided by Windows 7 UAC, malicious software can be forbidden running automatically in the Windows system background. And we can make simple settings on Windows 7 UAC to let it work according to our intention, and protect Windows system at the same time.

Now, let’s see how to make Windows 7 security settings on UAC step by step.
Step 1: Create Windows User Account on UAC
Step 2: Set Password for User Account on UAC
Step 3: Monitor Computer Usage with Parental Controls

Step 1: Create Windows User Account on UAC

Open Control Panel – Add or remove user accounts, and a dialog pops up. Click “Create a new account”. Type a name for user account and choose an account type. At last, click “Create Account” button.

Step 2: Set Password for Windows 7 User Account

Click the Standard User to open User Account control window, and select “Create a password”. Type new password twice for this user account, and click “Create password” button.
Set password for every account on Windows with this method. And then when we login Windows every time, password would be needed to type in.
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Step 3: Monitor Computer Usage with Parental Controls

Open Control Panel – User Accounts and Family Safety, and click “Parental Controls”. Select Standard User, and system would prompt you that set password for administrator if you have never set for them. If you have set administrator password, it would directly enter Parental Controls window.

Turn on Parental Controls for this account. Select “On, enforce current settings” and make Windows settings by clicking “Time limits”, “Allow and block specific programs”.

Click “Time limits” to open Time Restrictions window, here you could set time when this standard user can or can’t use computer. At last, click “OK” to complete user time restrictions settings.

Click “Allow and block specific programs”, to open Application Restrictions. There are two options for selection. Generally, select “* can only use the programs I allow”. And tap the programs in the box that you want to set available for this user account. If the programs you want to set available are not listed, click “Browse” to add them to this list first and then choose them. At last, click “OK” to finish setting application restrictions.
From then on, when this user accesses to Windows 7 and want to run the blocked programs, system will prompt user that “Parental Controls has forbidden this program”. At this time, if this user wants to get privileges to run this program again, please click the button “Please Ask Administrator for Privileges” and type administrator password to run it.
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Besides the usual settings on Windows UAC, there are much more UAC options for Windows 7 security, such as “Change User Account Settings” and settings for making UAC filter Windows system file and work for applications only.

1. Change User Account Control Settings:
There are four levels on user account control settings. You can move the slider to one of the levels, in order to choose appropriate control settings.
  • Always notify me when
  • Default – Notify me only when programs try to make changes to m computer:
  • Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer (do not dim my desktop)
  • Never notify me when: It is not suggested.

2. Set UAC only work for applications:
Search “Secpol.msc” in the menu search box in computer, to open Local Security Policy – Security Options. Look for “User Account Control: Behavior of the elevation prompt for administrators in Admin Approval Mode” in the right side of window.
Double click it and six modes are provided. Select one from drop-down box under “Local Security Setting” according to your intention. To speak of, the “Prompt for consent for non- Windows binaries” could filter Windows system file and make UAC only work for applications.

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