September 5, 2013

Forgot Windows Server 2012 Domain Admin Password - Reset in 2 Minutes

"I forgot Windows Server 2012 domain admin password. How should I do to reset Windows 2012 password as soon as possible with high efficiency? I don’t know a lot about computers. So the method or way to reset Windows server 2012 password had better be easy to be taken into practice."
forgot windows server 2012 domain admin password

This is a question from a HP computer user. In order to find solutions for HP Windows server 2012 domain admin password reset, I just read a passage about reset Windows server 2012 password with Microsoft tools. Surely this method works when you could complete Windows server password reset with command prompt and virtual machine. If not, we should consider other more effective and easy ways, such as Windows password recovery tool.

Now let me tell you how to reset Windows server 2012 password with Windows Password Genius Advanced. With the following introduction, you still could compare these two methods, estimate which one is more effective and suitable for you. And then choose it to reset forgotten domain server admin password. 

  1. Search “Windows Password Genius” on Internet and download it on an accessible computer.
  2. Install and run it automatically. And prepare bootable USB device or CD/DVD-ROM.
  3. Insert USB into accessible computer and double-click Windows Password Genius to run.
  4. Choose USB as media type and click “Begin burning” button to create a password reset disk.
  5. When you see a message “Burning successfully”, click "OK" and exit USB disk.
  6. Plug USB reset disk into locked HP server. Power on HP server and press F12 to boot it from USB device. 
  7. Few seconds later, Windows Password Genius will automatically run in the WinPE environment. 
  8. Make sure "Windows system" is Windows server 2012 and choose administrator account you have forgotten password. 
  9. After you choose account, click “Reset Password” to reset Windows server 2012 domain admin password to “iSunshare@2012”. Or click “Add User” to create new account for Windows server 2012 logon.
So far, you could find Windows server 2012 forgotten password has been reset in about 2 minutes. Besides this, new administrator for Windows server could be created when HP computer is locked.

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