May 19, 2014

Microsoft Surface Pro or Pro 2 Owner and User Password Reset

How to reset Microsoft user and owner password on Microsoft Surface Pro or Pro 2? Please see this passage to learn how to do when you forgot Microsoft Surface user or owner password.

Because of privileges difference between user and owner, we discuss reset user and owner password dividedly on Surface Pro or Pro 2.

Section 1: How to Reset Microsoft User Password

If you have only forgotten user password, there would be more many ways available for Microsoft user password reset. For example, reset Microsoft user password with administrator password or PIN code.

On Windows logon screen, after you try to type incorrect password to login Microsoft Surface pro, click arrow on the left side of user avatar. And select other user with admin privileges to login. Or click "Sign-in options" and select PIN code, type it and press Enter.

And then we can reset Windows 8/8.1 pro user password with following:

Way 1: Turn to Control Panel - User Accounts - Manager another account, select user account, and set a new password for it.

Way 2: Press Windows + X to run Command Prompt, and type net user <user name> <user password>. And press Enter.

Way 3: Press Windows + R composite keys to open Run dialog, type lusrmgr.msc and press Enter. Open Local Users and Groups on Windows 8.1 Pro. Select "Users" in the left pane, and right click the local user account that you want to change password or reset password for, and click Set Password and then click "Proceed". Type in a new password twice to change Windows 8.1 logon password. Or leave all password fields empty and click "OK".

Way 4: Or press Shift + F8 to access Windows 8 in Safe Mode with admin account, and then reset Windows 8 password with Command Prompt.

Section 2: How to Reset Microsoft Owner Password

Way 1: Reset Microsoft Owner Password with Microsoft Account

Microsoft account is a special logon way for Windows 8. If you use Microsoft account as your Windows 8.1 credentials, you could access Windows 8 with Microsoft account online. 

Directly go to the Microsoft account settings online from another computer. If you can remember Microsoft password, sign into your Microsoft Account Summary page and then click Change password. Type in your current password and type in a new password twice, and click "Save".

Way 2: Reset Microsoft Owner Password with Reset Disk

If password reset disk has been created before, you would find "Reset Password" button on Windows owner logon screen. Click it and insert password reset disk into computer, you could follow "Password Reset Wizard" to do step by step.

If password reset disk has not been created before, you couldn’t reset Windows 8 password with reset disk directly. But you can create one with Windows Password Genius Advanced on another available computer.

After password reset disk is successfully burned into bootable USB drive, insert it into locked Surface pro and set Surface boot from USB device. Run Windows Password Genius Advanced program in locked Surface pro, select administrator and click "Reset Password".

Tips: How to Reset Surface Password with Windows Password Genius Advanced

Windows Password Genius Advanced not only resets Windows 8 password for Surface or other laptop, but also works for server computer password reset.

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