September 4, 2013

Windows Server 2003 Reset Local Administrator Password Effectively

“I am using windows server 2003 enterprise edition. I forgot the windows Administrator log in password. It is only one user in my system. How to reset the password or how to log in? Is there other than option of OS format because important software and data are there? I want it.”
“It works as domain controller. Please give me an available tip for resetting Windows server 2003 administrator password without data loss. Thanks!”

This is a question from Microsoft forums. Now let me tell you how to reset Windows server local admin password effectively with Windows Password Genius and password reset disk. 

Option 1: Windows Server 2003 Reset Local Administrator Password with Windows Password Genius

  Use Windows Password Genius Advanced to reset Windows server 2003 local forgotten password. Download and install it on available computer. Run it and insert bootable USB device into computer to begin creating a password reset disk. Just choose USB device and click “Begin burning” to wait for password reset disk creation. After reset disk is created successfully, exit it and use it to reset Windows server forgotten password. 

Set Windows server boot from USB reset disk. And Windows Password Genius Advanced runs few seconds later. Make sure Windows system is right, and choose the administrator you forgot password. Click “Reset Password”. The domain admin password will be reset as “iSunshare@2012”. Or you can add new local user for Windows server 2003. Next, click “Reboot” to restart Windows server and login with new password. 

windows server 2003 password reset

Option 2: Reset Windows Server 2003 Admin Password with Reset Disk

Password reset disk is general for Windows password recovery or reset, no matter your computer is server or client. And no matter what kind of password it is, it can be used to reset Windows password

When you login with incorrect logon password, there is a message prompts you that Reset Password. Click the link to go on. 
Insert your password reset disk into locked server. And choose it to following the password reset wizard to reset Windows server administrator password.

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