September 9, 2013

How to Reset Admin Password on PC Windows 7

Lost Windows 7 admin password on PC? Don’t be afraid of. Now this passage is intended to solve this problem. How to reset an admin password on PC Windows 7?

  • Solution 1: Reset Windows 7 Admin Password with Administrator
  • Solution 2: Reset Admin Password on Windows 7 with Disk

Solution 1: Reset Windows 7 Admin Password with another Administrator

As we all know, there are three kinds of account for Windows client, guest, standard account and administrator. Administrator has the highest authority on computer and Windows operation. And it is forbidden default and without password. So generally we create admin account to use computer more conveniently and forget there is still administrator we never use. At this time, we can log in to Windows 7 with administrator. 

Enter Control Panel - User Accounts and Family Safety - User Accounts, choose the account you want to change or remove its password. Click “Change your password”, type “New password” and “Confirm new password”. Or click “Remove your password” and “Remove Password” to make sure.

Solution 2: Reset Admin Password on Windows 7 with Disk

1. Reset Admin Password with Windows 7 Password Reset Disk

The password reset disk can be created when you can access Windows 7 or locked out of Windows 7. 

If the password reset disk has been created when you can access Windows 7, just when you are prepare to login Windows 7, type incorrect password. Click “Reset Password” to go on Windows 7 password reset.

If your password reset disk is burned by Windows Password Genius, insert password reset disk into locked Windows 7 PC. Set PC boot from password reset disk so as to run Windows Password Genius program to reset Windows 7 password. In WinPE environment, you can see the program lists all the accounts for Windows 7. Select admin account and click “Reset Password”.

2. Reset Windows Admin Password with Bootable Disk

The bootable disk can be Windows 7 installation CD, or bootable disk created by other software, such as Offline NT password registry editor.

2.1 Reset Windows 7 Admin Password with Installation CD

2.2 Reset Windows 7 Password with Offline NT password registry editor
<1> Get Offline NT Password Registry Editor and use it to create a live cd or bootable USB disk.
<2> Set your PC boot with the USB
<3> Follow the Windows 7 password reset instruction to finish the operation when password reset program starts.

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