September 24, 2013

Reset Windows 7 Admin Password Forgotten in Easy Ways

As we know, when we forgot admin password on Windows 7 computer, it will bring danger to data stored on computer. But most of us couldn’t realize the importance of the preparation for Windows logon password forgotten, even more about how to reset Windows 7 admin password. So now I share some easy ways that can solve it.

1. Password Reset Disk Work for Windows 7 Forgotten Admin Password

If you have a password reset disk, and everything becomes easy. Click “Reset Password” link on logon screen after you type wrong password. Just follow wizard and Windows 7 password reset could go on and finish successfully.

2. Another Administrator Change Windows 7 Password with Two Ways 

An account with administrator privilege could login laptop and change everything on computer, including change, remove forgotten admin password surely. So when you couldn’t access computer with account forgot password, switch user and sign in to Windows 7 with another administrator.
When you enter Windows 7 laptop successfully, there are two ways for you to choose for Windows 7 password reset. One is change or remove forgotten admin password through Control Panel; the other is reset forgotten Windows 7 admin password with Command Prompt.

2.1 Change or Remove Admin Password through Control Panel

Navigate to Control Panel - User Accounts and Family Safety, choose Add or remove user account. Select account you want to remove or change its password, and click “Remove Password” to make sure.

Remove Windows 7 Forgotten Admin Password

2.2 Reset Forgotten Windows 7 Admin Password with Command Prompt

Similarly, after sign into Windows 7 laptop, open command prompt.
Step 1. Open an elevated command prompt.
Step 2. In the elevated command prompt, type the command below and press Enter.
NOTE: Substitute UserName in the command below with the actual user name of the user account on the computer that you want to change the password for. Substitute NewPassword in the command below with the password you want for this user account.
net user UserName NewPassword
For example: My user account's name is iSunshare and I want to change the password to 12345, so I would type this below exactly and press Enter.
net user iSunshare 12345
Step 3. If successfully changed, then you can close the elevated command prompt.

Reset Administrator Password with Command Prompt

3. Windows 7 Password Recovery Utility Make Password Recovery Easy

For all the versions of Windows OS and password forgotten problem, Windows password recovery utility is the most universal method like password reset disk. The reason is that it is used to create reset disk first. And below operations are mainly to let locked computer boot from reset disk. Remove Windows 7 password with it.

Remove Windows 7 Admin Password by Click "Reset Password"

Besides these easy ways, you also can repair Windows 7 with system disk or ask for help from other people, or take it to computer repair shop. However, the methods will cost you much time and money. So try to form a habit of creating password reset disk or use Windows 7 Password Genius to burn one. 

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